Reoll Painting

Isaac Vogel

Vice President/Principal

From the Great Plains of South Dakota, Isaac joined Roell Painting in a consultative capacity in 2007 and in 2012 came on board full time to oversee the sales and marketing efforts of the company. In addition to working closely with our broad portfolio of clients, his responsibilities also include new client acquisition, project management, and helping develop company strategy. When not working, Isaac enjoys spending time with his family including his wife of 9 years (Anna), his daughters Elsie (5) and Kate (4) and his son Sully (1).

In his free time, albeit limited, he sneaks in the occasional run, round of golf, or pickup basketball game. In April 2013, Isaac fulfilled a lifelong dream of running in the Boston Marathon. Thankfully, he and his wife were unharmed by the tragic events of the day and it, Isaac says, "will always serve as a reminder of how precious life is and to not take anything for granted."


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 isaac vogel

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