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Beachside 1 - Minnetonka

Beachside 1 - Minnetonka

Project Beginning Thursday, 7/6

Greetings again residents of Beachside 1 in Minnetonka. We are thrilled to be onsite with you for the third consecutive year! 


Monday, June 26th: Good afternoon and welcome to the project blog for the 2017 painting project at  Beachside I. We are excited to be back onsite working with and for you again!

We'll begin this year's project with pressure washing the 'driveway side' of your buildings on Thursday, 7/6 through Saturday, 7/8. We ask that you remove any personal belongings/fragile items away from front stoops. The crew will follow the route listed above and begin at the south end of the association and move clockwise around the outer ring of buildings and then they will start the inner ring of buildings fromt the south end and again move clockwise. 

Once we've washed all of the buildings and they've had time to dry, we'll be back onsite to begin the prepping and painting. This will likely be Monday, July 10th. 

For this year's project, we'll be painting fireplace chase metal caps, front door overhangs, front doors/frams, kick plates, band boards above garages, shutters, front stoop side walls  & select wood windows. 

Lastly, if you have any areas from last year’s paining project (2016) that you feel need to be addressed or touched up, please reach out to Issac so we can remedy your concerns while we are onsite this year. Isaac- 612-518-0272. 





 Beachside 1 Route

Monday, August 22nd: Morning residents of Beachside 1! We hope you all had a great weekend. Our crew is finishing up the last building of Phase #3. Jesse, the onsite manager will be out in the next few days to do his final inspections and touch ups will be completed per his walk through. 

Beachside, you've been fantastic to work with and we've enjoyed being back onsite after 2 consecutive summers. We hope you enjoy the finished project and can enjoy your decks through the end of summer!  

Thursday, August 18th: Fear not, we're still here at Beachside and the great news is that we're completing the last building of Phase #3. As we are nearing the end of our project, we again want to thank all of you for your cooperation, patience, and hospitality. It has been our pleasure being onsite with you all. 

beachside 1 last building

Jorge works tirelessly to complete the last building- the finish line is in sight and we're out for the gold medal.

Thursday, August 11th: Morning residents of Beachside 1! We are continuing to move forward with pressure washing, allowing for ample dry times, then beginning prep and painting in Phase 3.

Stay tuned for futher updates!

Isaac does a Meet & Greet with Hermes, Project Manager @ Beachside 1

Beachside1 Santiago 8 8JPG

Santiago executing extreme precision as we close out painting for Phase 2. 


Monday, August 8th: Good morning Beachside! Well, 2 down, 1 to go! Pressure washing will get underway on Tuesday for Phase 3 and it will pretty much follow the same pattern as have Phase 1, and Phase 2. The crew will pressure wash, allow the substrates to dry, then will begin prepping and painting. You can follow the progress right here on the blog as the week progresses. Tuesday and Wednesday look to be quite warm, so dry times should be somewhat expedited. 

Thanks everybody! 


Monday, August 1st: Happy Monday residents of Beachside 1. For those of you living at addresses we've deemed as "Phase 1" the fellas are making progress and have completed about 60% of the painting. 

For those of you that live in "Phase 2" you probably saw blue notices posted on your garage door frames indicating that pressure washing was to commence today. Thank you for your cooperation in moving items away from your deck railings. We really appreciate it as it helps us work efficiently. 

Painting will continue in Phase 1 and should get underway in Phase 2 on Wednesday (weather permitting). As we've made our way around the decks in Phase 1, we have noticed some additional carpentry repair considerations. Those have been communicated to your onsite carpenter, Tim and will be completed on an as-needed basis. Thank you to both residents and the board for their help in identifying these areas. Have a great day everybody!

Friday, July 29th: Happy Friday Beachside. Hope this message finds you well. After some very constructive dialogue from the board, and a productive onsite meeting to discuss finish expectations, things are ON TRACK at Beachside. 

The crew has completed the decks on approximately 5 buildings and as you may notice when walking around onsite, the severity of coating failure/scraping varies significantly from deck to deck. 

With that being said, to ensure a lasting, aesthetically pleasing finish, prepping these areas correctly is vital. This is why we scrape all areas where there is loose/flaking/peeling paint with scraping tools, then we apply a specialty adhesion primer, followed by a topcoat of a self priming paint, Sherwin Williams Duration. 

When PrimeRx is applied, it actually is hard to see because it is somewhat transparent and has the consistency analogous to that of Elmer's School glue. But fear not...this primer is specially engineered to lock down edges/ridges to the underlying substrates. Then, when topcoated with "Duration," the end result is protective, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing finish. 

 Beachside 1 Railings

As you can see, the amount of scraping required on some decks at Beachside is significant. If you look closely, you can see the application of PrimeRx.


Tuesday, July 26th: Good morning Beachside. We hope your week is off to a great start! As you may have discerned, the boys were onsite over the weekend to begin this year's painting project, which starts with pressure washing. We did receive some feedback that some of the decking areas could have used a little better once-over and before any paint is applied to these areas, the crew will be supplementing the pressure washing efforts with hand-cleaning as needed to ensure the substrates are sufficiently prepped to receive paint and promote adhesion. After all, paint doesn't stick to dirt!!!! 

The crew will be starting back at the top of Beachside Drive/Smetana and will be following the route listed above. After we get things underway, we should have a better idea of how many buildings we will complete per day, which in turn will give us a better idea of how long the entire project will take. 

Stay tuned right here for ongoing updates. 

Wednesday, July 20th: Hello again Beachside! It's always nice to get invited back and after 2 consecutive summers of working together, we are thrilled to be joining you again this year to be tackling our biggest project together yet! This year we will be painting your porch/deck headers, your deck railings, deck support pillars, screen frames (where applicable), and the trim areas on the decking elevations on your home. 

For those of you that received notices on your garage door frames last night, you are part of "Phase 1" of the project. As you'll see on the map above, the project will consist of 3 phases. The initial component of the project will entail pressure washing, which will then be followed by painting obviously. We will be following the same route for painting as we are pressure washing, and homeowners will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of when we intend to pressure wash. Painting will follow shortly thereafter after the substrates have had time to dry. 

Stay tuned right here for project updates. We anticipate the project will take about 4-5 weeks to complete. 


Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-518-0272

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Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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