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Centennial Green - Circle Pines

Centennial Green - Circle Pines

Painting Beginning, Wednesday 9/19 - Weather Pending

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the deck staining project at Centennial Green in Circle Pines. We are looking forward to being onsite! 

Centennial Green Route Map

Route Map @ Centennial Green



Thursday, September 13th: Hello!

It's a big weekend ahead for the Purple People Eaters --- the Border Battle vs. Green Bay is on Sunday! The guys in purple are headed to Lambeau to take on the cheese heads of WI. 

The crew is continuing to pressure wash along the route. They'll likely wrap up today, but  might have some to finish tomorrow. We'll then begin prep and painting next Wednesday. Thanks!

Centennial Pines PW 3

Full gear for pressure washing!

Wednesday, September 12th: 

Welcome Video

Welcome to your project! The crew has started to pressure wash your entry decking. They'll take a few days to make their way through all of the buildings. Once washed, we'll be back once the deck substrates have had time to dry out. We anticipate this to be a week from today, Wednesday, 9/19, but could be sooner will continued warm and dry weather. Stay tuned here on the blog for further updates to the schedule and project progress as we get underway. Thanks! 

Centennial Green pw decks

Pressure washing your entry decking.

Centennial Green Pw with revive

Hermes sprays the decks with a cleaning solution. 

Wednesday, September 5th: Greetings residents of Centennial Green and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming entry deck staining project. We'll be pressure washing and staining your entry decking- deck floor, skirt, railings, and stairs. 

This summer we'll be staining 57 of your resident entry decks and our project will begin on Wednesday, 9/12 with pressure washing the included decks - this will take a few days to complete. Then once the decks have dried out thoroughly, we'll return onsite to begin staining. 

For the pressure washing, we kindly ask that you remove all belongings and furniture from your decks. Once the washing is complete you may return your furniture as it will be a bit of time before the decks are dry and we return to begin staining. 

We anticipate the staining of select decks to begin on Wednesday, 9/19. We'll post a route map and an anticipated finishing shedule as we near closer to your project start. Stay tuned here on the blog for project updates, progress photos, and any changes to the schedule. 

Thanks so much in advance for your cooperation in moving deck furniture. And we'll see you next week! 

Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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