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Chelsea Mews - Plymouth 2018 Painting Project

Chelsea Mews - Plymouth 2018 Painting Project

Pressure Washing IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the 2018 painting project at Chelsea Mews in Plymouth. We are looking forward to being back onsite!

Chelsea Mews 2018 Map

Site Map @ Chelsea Mews


Monday, August 13th: Hello and welcome to your project blog!

The crew is off and running at Chelsea Mews. They are pressure washing the first 2 buildings as your association today. They'll return mid week to begin their prep and painting on these buildings. 

Chelsea Mews PW

Ladders up to reach all areas for pressure washing. 

Chelsea Mews PW 2

Rinse and repeat on the deck boards.  

Chelsea mews ever pw

Ever pressure washes in advance of the prep and painting. 

Wednesday, August 8th: Good afternoon residents of Chelsea Mews! 

We hope you had a great year and we want to say we're grateful to be back onsite and completing another round of painting at your association. We are slated to paint select exterior areas: including siding, soffits, garage doors/frames, deck railings/spindles, deck skirts, and deck support pillars.

We'll be getting started on Monday, 8/20 with pressure washing. We'll be painting the buildings in 3 phases, and have grouped buildings together based on similar paint colors. We'll begin with the buildings colored blue to start. 

For pressure washing we kindly ask you to remove small items from the outside of your home/deck to allow the crew unobstructed access for washing and then also for painting, though it's not necessary to completely clear your deck of its contents. 

Once the pressure washing is complete and the areas have had time to dry, we'll be back onsite to begin our prep work and painting and we anticipate this to begin on Wednesday, 8/22 - weather permitting. 

We anticipate the finishing of each building to take about 7-10 working days. Please stay tuned here on the blog for project progress updates, pictures, and any delay should they come up. Thanks again and we're looking forward to getting things underway on Wednesday!

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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