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Coler Farms - Champlin

Coler Farms - Champlin

Friday: Carpentry IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for your painting project at Coler Farms in Champlin! We are looking forward to working with and for you!

 Coler Farms Site Map

Route Map @ Coler Farms


Friday, September 22nd: TGIF and Happy First Day of Fall, although with the 90 degree heat wave, Minnesota clearly did not get the memo. Regardless, we can all enjoy the warmer weather today and this weekend! 'Tis the season of The Renaissance Festival, Sever's Corn Maze and various apple orchards and pumpkin patches throughout the metro area if you're searching for weekend activities.

The crew is working at Building #8 on various carpentry. They're making their way around the same as did the painters. We anticipate to be onsite for another 2 weeks. 

Coler Farms divider wall caps carpentry

Divider wall cap is replaced. 

Coler Farms pillar replacement

Caulking the new pillar boards. 

Wednesday, September 20th: Good afternoon and Happy Hump Day! 

The crew at Coler Farms is continuing with carpentry work. They're following the same route as did the painting and are currently on the initial buildings. 

Coler Farms divider wall cap carpentry

Divider Wall caps are getting replaced and will then be painted. 

Coler Farms pillar carpentry

Brand new pillar posts. 

Tuesday, September 19th: Greetings residents of Coler Farms! It's been some time since we last posted, but your association has been approved for carpentry repaits.

The crew is back onsite and starting with carpentry repairs on door trim, pillars, and privacy wall caps. Thanks!

Friday, September 8th: TGIF! 

The crew has wrapped up the painting portion of your project. There is some carpentry remains and we are waiting on a decision. Stay posted for further updates. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 7th: Good afternoon! With the imminent threat of hurricane Irma to the U.S. and Florida, we are wishing the people of Florida quick and safe evacuations as well as safety to those already affected in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, and Cuba. 

The crew is onsite today completing the last of the painting that can be done without carpentry repairs. We're waiting to hear on the status of carpentry completion and will keep you posted on that status. 

Coler Farms wrapping up

Alex paints the front door frame @ Coler Farms. 

Tuesday, September 5th: Hello and Happy Tuesday! We hope you all had a great, long holiday weekend! The weather looks like a cooler week, but also a dry week, which is perfect for painting! 

weather 9 5

A cooler start to the week, but we're up to the 80s for the weekend! 

The crew is making their way around the route and working on the East side of Zealand Ave. N. They're about to the end of the route and will wrap up in the next day or two. 

Coler Farms tape of garage 3

Alex tapes of the garage door frame for painting. 

Coler Farms tape off garage frame

Déjà vu?? Santiago tapes of the garage door frame of his building. 

Friday, September 1st: Happy September! 

The crew will continue to make their way around Yukon Circle N and then down 121st Ave. They'll then be back onsite on Tuesday, 9/5.

We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend!  

Thursday, August 31st: And just like that we're closing out August and moving into September! 

It's a big day for Minnesota sports- Twins vs. White Sox @ 1:10pm, Gophers vs. Buffalo Buffs @ 6pm, and the Vikings vs. Dophins @ 7pm. Lots of cheering and hopefully celebrating ahead!

The crew is making their way around Yukon Circle N. in the NE corner of the map. They're continuing to paint door frames, garage frames, and divider wall caps. 

Coler Farms 8431 scrape

Hermes paints the divider wall cap on 8431. 

Coler Farms santiago 8434

Santiago paints the garage door frame on Building #13.

Wednesday, August 30th: Hello and happy hump day! We've made it mid-week!

The crew is working through building #10 and #11, which is around Yukon Circle North. They're continuing to paint front door frames, garage frames, and some divider wall caps where there isn't carpentry needed. 

Coler Farm alex paint 10

Alex paints sthe divider wall caps on Building 10. 

Coler Farm cristian paint divider wall cap

Cristian works on the divider caps on Building 11. 

Tuesday, August 29th: Good morning residents of Coler Farms!

The crew is back onsite after a few rain days later last week and over the weekend. They were at another site completing some touchups yesterday. As of today, they've completed painting up to Building #6. Today, they'll be painting on #7 and moving along the route. There has been quite a bit of carpentry that's come up while prepping and painting. Thus, moving forward the crew will be only painting front door frames and garage door frames until we figure out the carpentry scope and our plan of attack. Thanks! 

 Coler farm cristian paint door frame trim

Cristian paints the front door window trim. 

Coler Farm hermes paint garage door frame

Hermes tapes off and paints the garage door frame. 

Coler farms alex on 8

Alex paints the front door frame. 

Thursday, August 24th: Hello and happy first day of the MN Fair! Al Roker from the Today show helped to kick off this year's MN Fair. Check out the video of him, Andrew Zimmern, and Governer Al Franken showing off some of the fair's fan-favorites and some featured new foods at this year's event. 

Your project is officially underway! The crew is working on Building 1, in the NW corner of the association and they'll make their way West down 122nd Ave N, some what clockwise around the association.  

Coler farm cristian tape off garage frame

Cristian tapes off the garage door frame. 

Coler farms alex scrape divider wall

Alex scrapes and preps the divider wall before painting.

Thursday, August 17th: Hello and welcome to your official blog! We are eager to get things started in a week on Thursday, 8/24.

Your project consists of the prepping and finishing select areas, including: front door frames, entry pillars, garage door frames and patio divider wall caps. 

In preparation for our arrival, we ask that you please unlock your storm door so we have access to paint the door frame, thanks! This project will have minimal interference with your day-to-day routine and you can monitor project progress here on the blog as we'll post several updates a week. 

We're anticipating the entire project to take about 2-3 weeks, which may be affeected by weather. We'll keep you fully apprised here on the blog! Thanks we'll see you in a week. 


Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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