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CW Lofts- Minneapolis

CW Lofts- Minneapolis

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at CW Lofts in Minneapolis! We are excited to be onsite and get things going next mid-week next week 1/23.


Friday, February 17th: Happy Friday indeed! As we roll into the weekend, the much anticipated heat wave has us shedding our winter layers in exchange for sunglasses. We hope you can all get outside to enjoy this gorgeous weather! 

The crew has finished up albeit their touch ups list which will be completed in the near future. It's been our pleasure working with and for you at CW Lofts. We've loved sprucing up your building and hope you enjoy the freshly painted historic Cream of Wheat Building. 

Have a great weekend!

 weekend 2 17

Heat Wave!! Now get out there and enjoy this weather!

Monday, February 13th:  Perhaps our eyes our deceiving us but when we looked at the thermostat over lunch today, it read 43 degrees. Must be an anomoly. Surely the weather will revert back to it's regular February tendencies by week's end. Wait a minute...58 degrees by the weekend?!?! 

While we are all certainly excited for an early spring, we've still got work to do inside! We are on the home stretch @ CW Lofts as the fellas work throughout the first floor to wrap things up. HUGE THANKS to Wayne for meeting again this morning to get all the colors "dialed in" and thank you to all the residents that have taken a moment to recognize the good and hard work of the crew. It's been a fun project to work on! 

We will be wrapping up the majority of the work on Tuesday, then likely returning Friday of this week to take care of the outstanding touchups. 

 Isaac CW Lofts Purple

You can't make this stuff up...As Isaac traverses the halls with blue tape, his purple Gingham shirt matches Coquina on the 3rd Floor! 

Friday, February 10th: Happy Friday ya'll! The weekend is right around the corner and we've been blessed with sunshine and 40 degree temperatures! It looks as though this coveted weather will stick through the weekend too. If you're looking to get out and about check out the 'Chilly Open' in Wayzata today and tomorrow. The Wayzata Chamber presents this unique frozen golf event on Lake Minnetonka to celebrate our winter season. The weekend is packed with events for all ages, including the three 9-hole golf courses on the Lake, ice skating, snow kiting, snow-ga (yoga), chili cook-off, live music and more! Check out their events page for all the deets on this true-Minnesotan event. 

The crew at CW Lofts in holding steady on the first floor and will likely finish up early next week. 

Cw lofts migue

Miguel paints in 'Quilted Gold' on this 'Gold Star Day.'

Thursday, February 9th: Happy National Pizza Day! We're not usually ones to post about "days," but how can you go wrong with pizza?! Our Social Media Queen hails from Chicago so the top of her pizza-list includes Lou Malnati's and Giordano's and lucky for Minnesotans, you can give Giordano's a try at the Uptown or Richfield locations. Also, some local spots and national chains are offering specials on their pizzas in honor of today's celebrations. Now we know what we're having for dinner : ) 

Pizza meme

Pizza is top-notch...any way you slice it. 

We've got a bit more ground to cover on the 1st floor, thus the crew remains painting on the 1st level. 

CW first floor old colorJPG

Prepping the walls for the new color. 

CW first floor new color gold

Out with the green and in with "Quilt Gold."

Wednesday, February 8th: Good afternoon residents of CW Lofts! We hope you're staying warm on this chilly day. Here's a little mid-week pick-me-up from JT. Be careful though, it's a pretty catchy tune. Justin Timberlake was featured in this month's The Hollywood Reporter. He is interviewed about his new life and role as a father and how watching his son grow up has made him reflect on his own childhood. Remember, he was discovered at age 10 on "Star Search" and then starred on "The New Mickey Mouse Club?" He mentions how your perspective can be altered when you're viewing through another lens. How can you not like the guy?! 

"Can't fight the feeling" is nominated for both a Grammy and an Oscar. Turn it up and kick those winter blues. 

Our crew is continuing on the 1st floor. They're painting the white portion of the walls throughout today. 

CW lofts 1st floor white walls

Alvaro and Cesar tape off the glass windows. 

Tuesday, February 7th: We've heard the roads are pretty slick so drive carefully out there. Now with Superbowl 51 in the books, Minnesota is on the clock to prep for hosting next year's Superbowl. Our North Star State is being branded as the "Bold North" as the Superbowl moves to a chillier climate. The football has officially been passed from Houston to Minneapolis and we are excited to see what's in store for us as we prep for Superbowl 52. 

The crew at CW Lofts has made it to the first floor. They're prepping and painting throughout today. 

CW first floor

Prep work and then the guys are working from the top down in these taller hallways. 

CW wilmer

Alvaro reaches to the top.

Monday, February 6th: Smunday- When Mondays are more like Sundays. There has been chatter of making the Monday after Superbowl Sunday a holiday. Sadly, I don't think this will ever happen, although if you're a salaried employee of Heinz- you can relax and ease into your week with a day off today. A lot of 'firsts' for Superbowl 51- a performance from the roof, overtime, and overcoming a 25 point deficit. Aside from the actual game, many enjoyed Luke Bryan singing the National Anthem, Lady Gaga's epic halftime performance, and the wide range of commercials- some made us laugh, while others pulled at our heart strings. Congratulations to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on their 5th Superbowl victory. 

Check out some of the top commercials here. If you didn't see Lady Gaga's performance, here's a link.   

We'll leave this right here... JT will take your 'Monday Blues' away. 

No rest on this Superbowl Monday for the crew at CW Lofts. The guys are continuing their work on the 2nd floor and should finish up by tomorrow and then start prepping the 1st floor. 

 CW Lofts 2nd floor

No 'Smunday' @ CW Lofts. Cesar is sure to tape off a crisp line. 

Friday, February 3rd: Happy Friday ya'll! It's finally here, Superbowl 51 is kicking off Sunday at 5:30pm. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. And if the actual football game isn't your jam, the Superbowl is synonymous to gatherings, usually with some great food, top-of-the-line commercials, and a Halftime Performance by Lady Gaga that is sure to wow! Check out the most-anticipated commercials here, Lady Gaga's pre-performance interview, and 70 recipes sure to satisfy all cravings. 

The crew at CW Lofts is starting the 2nd floor today. They'll sand and prep the walls, tape, and begin painting. 

Cheers to the weekend!!

CW wall prep

Cesar and Alvaro prep the walls on the 2nd Floor.

CW wall prep on 2

Prepped and taped on 2.

CW walls on 2

And now the paint goes up. 

Thursday, February 2nd: Happy Groundhog Day! The famed Punxsutawney Phil, woke up, saw his shadow and crawled back into his hole. Though at 7:30 this morning when his prediction came, the snow was blowing and there was no sun in sight. So we're not sure where the shadow came from, but this annual tradition has predicted 6 more weeks of winter. 

The Pennsylvania Polka will surely put you in a good mood! 

In painting news, the crew is holding steady on the 3rd floor. They're painting the second coat on the walls today. The crew finished up the 4th floor today as well. 

CW lofts 3rd floor

What shadow? Cesar is unfazed by the groundhog's prediction of more winter. 

CW 4th floor complete

We are loving how bight and fresh the 4th floor looks!

Wednesday, February 1st: Happy February everyone!! We're off to a chilly start, but the sun is shining! Now we're all for the sunshine, but fingers crossed that tomorrow our beloved groundhog does not see his shadow and spring will come early! 

The crews are painting on the 4th and 3rd floors. Though the painters have moved down from the 5th floor, we kindly ask that you leave any blue tape up on the walls on that floor. The blue tape denotes touch ups that need to be completed. Thanks! 

Blue tape designating touch ups

The 'Blue Tape Guy' has paid a visit to the 5th floor. Please leave any tape you may see; it designates touch ups for the crew. 

CW Edgar 3rd floor

Edgar lays on the white paint. 

Mauricio applying new color on 4

Out with the yellow and in with Sherwin's 'Reflecting Pool.'

Tuesday, January 31st: Who's ready to close the page on January, our coldest month yet, and move onto some warmer weather (hopefully)? We'll see if Punxsutawney Phil will bring us an early spring or more winter on Thursday. If anyone is a Disney fan, the full Beauty and the Beast trailer has been released featuring Emma Watson in this live-action version of the animated classic. The trailer has my six-year-old self reminiscing of being 'Belle' and singing all of the songs. Check out the trailer here. The movie is set to open March 17th. 

The crew on the 5th floor should be wrapping up today and might start their prep work on the 3rd floor. The crew on the 4th floor is continuing painting the walls and the elevator lobby. 

CW hallway prep

Wrapping up on the 5th floor. The walls are looking sharp! 

CW hallways take 2

Cesar takes extra care to tape the accent wall. 


Monday, January 30th: We hope you all had a great weekend! Fun fact: Serena Williams won the Women's Australian Open this weekend. She defeated her sister, Venus to win her 23rd Grand Slam singles title. This was also her 7th time winning an Australian Open title.

After a restful and relaxing weekend we are back to the grind at CW Lofts. The residence hallway painting is in full swing on both the 4th and 5th floors. 

CW 5 floor prep

Cesar tapes a mean and straight line. 

CW 4 floor prep

Deja vu: Prep continues on the 4th floor as well.

Friday, January 27th: Happy Friday folks! The sun is actually shining today and we're loving the extra shot of Vitamin D. Isaac and Danna, your property manager were onsite this morning getting the crew started on the 5th floor and to check in on progress. The guys should finish up the Community Room today and they'll also begin painting on the 5th floor- starting with the white walls. 

That's all for now; have a great weekend! 

CW crew

The 5th Floor Crew: Miguel, Alvaro, Cesar, Edgar & Wilmer.

CW danna painting

As much as we adore you, Danna, let's leave the painting to the pros : ) 

CW fransisco painting community room

Francisco Through The Looking Glass. 

Thursday, January 26th: Good afternoon! The sun is shining, well sort of and the weekend is in sight. For some icon-news, yesterday it was announced that the ever-loved Mary Tyler Moore passed away at 80 years old. She was an icon for numerous reasons, some which include portraying an independent career woman on her self-named show and for being a relatable and strong individual. She won 4 Emmys during their 4 season run of the show. Linked is an ABC News video with career and personal highlights. 

While we're all throwing our hats up in the air as tribute to Mary, the crew at CW lofts is all business. The team is continuing to paint the Community Room and should finish it up tomorrow. 

CW lofts comunity room i spy

I spy with my little eye...someone on a ladder. 

CW lofts community room prep

Prep & Painting in progress. 

Wednesday, January 25th: Happy hump day CW Lofts! Hopefully the snow didn't impact your day too much and the good news is that the heavy snowfall is over. There are only flurries predicted for tomorrow and Saturday and no below-freezing temps. So we have that going for us at least! 

The crew kicked off your project today with prepping and painting of the Community Room. The gameplan is still to start on the 5th floor on Friday, so stay tuned right here for further updates. 

cream of wheat

Seems fitting for today's snow adventure! 

Tuesday, January 24th:  Good morning residents of CW Lofts! Isaac our Job Supervisor was onsite this morning completing a walk through to go over the colors and painting for your building. We feel privileged to be painting at the historic Cream of Wheat Building. The building has been influenced by its modern architecture and both commercial and industrial uses. We are looking forward to working with and for you during this project. 

We'll be getting things underway tomorrow, Wednesday with prep and painting of the community/conference room. We anticipate this will be complete by the end of the day on Friday. On Friday, we'll also begin painting on the 5th floor. We're anticipating to complete a floor per week. We'll have 2 supervisors onsite during your project, Victor and Wilmer- pictured below. 

See you tomorrow!

CW lofts supervisors

You're in great hands with these two rockstars supervising @ CW Lofts. 

Wednesday, January 18th: Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the interior painting project at CW Lofts. We're looking forward to getting started next week. We want to thank Danna, Wayne, and Brian for getting the ball rolling and for facilitating a great start to the project. In general, the scope of the work includes: painting prep and painting of the community room, hallways, common areas, trash rooms, and stairwells. We anticipate the project will about 3 weeks to a month to complete. 

We welcome you to check back frequently as we'll update the blog several times a week to reflect progress made and post pictures of our crew onsite. We'll try and have a little fun along the way as well, while ultimately providing a chronology of our work. 

Thanks in advance for having us and we'll see you next week! 

 We promise our painting is better than Isaac's underwhelming beard growing skills : ) 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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