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Opus 2 HOA - Minnetonka

Opus 2 HOA - Minnetonka

Painting to resume after chair rail installation

Greetings residents of Opus 2 Condominuims in Minnetonka! We are looking forward to working with you this fall! 


Welcome Video @ Opus 2


Friday, November 10th: Hello and Happy Friday!! 

To all our veterans - thank you. Thank you or everything you've done for our country. You're among the best our nation has to offer. God bless you anad your families, and happy Veteran's Day!

Veteran s day 2017

The crew at Opus 2 will be wrapping up and on their way around lunch time. Thanks so much for having us and we'll see you soon for the hallway painting portion of the project!

Thursday, November 9th: Good afternoon Opus 2!

Last night the Country Music Awards put on their 51st Award Show. Hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisely were up to their usual antics, but refrained from any polical jokes and instead, conveyed the message of family and banding together. There were numerous great performances and also a major blip from the Entertainer of the Year, Garth Brooks... let's just say our lips are sealed. 

The crew at Opus 2 is continuing with their wallpaper removal and we anticipate they'll finish with it tomorrow. The crew is also working to remove the accent trim pieces in your hallways. This will make way for the chair rail installation and then the hallway painting. 

Opus 2 before trim

'Before' of the trim accent pieces. 

Opus2 after trim removal

Now you see it, now you don't. 

Wednesday, November 8th: Greetings and Happy Hump Day! We've made it to mid-week!

Is anyone watching the Netflix craze 'Stranger Things?' Recently one of the young characters was sporting a Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt with a Brontosaurus featured on the front. It didn't take long for the museum's online shop to crash and for their in-store stock to be sold out. The Museum is excited to have TV characters that are interested in science and to put the Minnesota Science Museum on the map and they're assuring that plenty of purple sweatshirts are being printed. 

The Opus 2 crew is making their way through wallpaper removal on the 2nd floor. They're about halfway completed and are also removing some trim pieces on the 3rd floor. We anticipate to be done with the wallpaper removal and wall prep on Friday! 

Tuesday, November 7th: Hello residents of Opus 2! In case you missed the recent article- the Wall Street Journal recently named Minneapolis as one of the Top 10 Places to Travel in 2018. Though we may have been put on the map due to hosting the Superbowl come February, the article boasts our rising foodie scene with 13 James Beard 2017 Award finalists. Cheers to that, Minneapolis! 

The crew at Opus 2 is completing wallpaper removal on the 2nd and 1st floors today. They're also continuing to remove the wallpaper on the elevator lobby walls. 

Opus 2 grey primer

The crew is using grey primer on the alcoves to identity if there are further wall repairs needed. 

Opus 2 elevator lobby crew

More grey primer on the elevator lobby walls to identify wall repairs. 

Opus 2 all smiles

The crew is all smiles on this sunny Tuesday! 

Monday, November 6th: Good morning and Happy Monday residents of Opus 2! Welcome to your Project Page, here you can stay apprised of project progress, scheduling, and the general scope of work. 

The crews will first be completing wallpaper removal in the alcoves of your residence doors and also wallpaper removal of the elevator lobby walls. Your management is then reinstalling the wall sconces and a chair rail in the hallways. We'll then be back onsite to paint in the hallways above and below the chair rails. 

Today, the crew will be exclusively working on the 3rd floor completing wallpaper removal.Then tomorrow they'll move onto the 2nd and 1st floors to continue wallpaper removal, which we anticipate will be done by week's end. Our crew will then be back onsite to paint once the sconces and chair rails have been installed. We're coordinating closely with Dan, your onsite manager to collaborate on scheduling and to ensure an organized and seemless finish. 

Thanks again so much for having us and we are excited to be onsite!

Opus 2 color scheme

The updated color scheme- Ecru will be painted above the chair rail and Artifact will be painted below.

Opus wallpaper before

One of the door alcoves - pre removal. 

 Opus alcove wallpaper removal

The wallpaper is removed and the crew is sanding and patching the walls. 

Opus elevator lobby scrape and sand

The elevator lobbies are saying 'goodbye' to the wallpaper as well! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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