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Parkway Estates - Burnsville

Parkway Estates - Burnsville

Touchups in Stairwells/Lobbies/Atriums - Hallways IN PROGRESS

Friday, March 9th: Happy Friday once again Parkway Estates.  It has been another productive week onsite and the atriums/entry lobbies have now been completed in all three buildings. The residents how have not only survived the stairwell closures, but they've also survived parking restrictions as the plows have come through and cleaned up the parking lots! All part of community life, right! 

With the stairwells and atriums largely completed, we'll now shift gears into the residence hallways with the 1505 building coming first. The fellas began painting the 5th floor ceilings, then they will sand the currently stained doors/frames, prime the fdoors, prime the wall conduit, then apply the finish coat to the doors/frames. Lastly, they will roll out the walls after all the millwork has been completed. 

 Beginning on Tuesday, March 13th, work will commence on the 5th/4th/3rd/1st floors in the 1505 building where the above sequence will be followed. Our continued thanks to the residents for their ongoing cooperation. 

 Parkway Atrium Panorama

The crew works diligently to paint the railings in the 1501 atrium. 

Parkway Emer

Emer rolls out the entry lobby walls in the 1501 building.  

Parkway Hallway Door Frame Caulk

When previously stained doors get enameled, caulking the seams ensure a smooth, uniform finish. 

Friday, March 2nd: Happy Friday Parkway Estates. You are probably to hear that work on the stairwells is winding down (pun intended) and we've shifted gears into your entry atriums and mail lobbies. If you weren't impressed enough by the transformation of the stairwells, perhaps you are now sufficiently amazed at our high wire act as we scale 40 ft ladders to get to the very top of your atrium walls. Such feats of bravery have not been seen since Philippe Petit scaled a tight rope between the twin towers back in 1974. 

As work in the atrium continues, hallway painting will likely commence the week of March 5th. Yes, that's next week already! As we get to the hallway, we will painting residence doors which will require cooperation from residents. Thanks everybody! See you next week!


Let's all go to the see the updates to the paint scheme...and to see the Ringling Brothers High Wire Act

 Parkway 40 Foot Ladder

Tuesday, February 27th: At press time, the outside temp is 25 degrees and on the rise. Yes, you are reading that correctly. We are cautiously optimistic that we are exiting the deep freeze of Minnesota winter and spring is on the rise. So, too will be the ladders as we get set to paint your entry atriums. The crews onsite will be transitioning from your stairwells into the atriums by the middle of the week and we want to thank all the residents for their cooperation as they traversed the building while the painters worked diligently to complete the stairwells. 

What you can expect the rest of this week is a thorough walk-through of the stairwells where all touchups will be addressed and we will button things up nicely. We are loving the new colors! As the crews transition into the atriums, we kindly ask that you exercise caution as there will be tall ladders leaning against walls. Not only will this ensure the safety of the painters, it will also prevent you from getting 7 years bad luck. 

 Parkway Stair Disrepair

The stairwells before...

Parkway Stairwell Prep

Stairwells during....

Parkway Stair Underside

Stairwells after....

Parkway Stair Fresh New Color

Elevator or stairs? Let's take the stairs!!!! 

Thursday, February 22nd: Suffice it to say, the first 3.5 days at Parkway Estates has been productive! The crew will have completed 3 stairwells by day's end today, and 3 additional stairwells are in progress. We are projecting that all 9 stairwells will be completed by the end of next week and you will be free to move about the cabin. Here's the current breakdown:

1505: North Stairwell completed by end of day on Thursday. Prep in progress in center stairway.

1501: East stairway completed by end of day on Thursday. Center stairwell completed. West Stairway in progress. 

1505: Center stairway in progress.


Tuesday, February 20th: With the wintry mix behind us, and the crew settling into a bit of a groove at Parkway Estates, work continues on the stairways and they are getting a more on trend color scheme with the ceiling going to Eider White, the walls going to Magnetic Gray, and the metal surfaces going to Iron Ore, three of the more popular Sherwin Williams colors. 

Please note the following: Work will begin on the West/Center stair treads in the 1501 Building on Wednesday. The only stairwell that will be open in the 1501 Building is the East Stairwell. On Thursday, the NORTH stairwell in the 1505 Building will be closed as the crews paint the stair treads. 

Parkway Corner Painting

Fueled by a hearty breakfast of the Original "Nook and Cranny" the guys leave no stone unturned as they update the stairwells at Parkway Estates.

Nooks and Crannies

Monday, February 19th: Happy Monday residents of Parkway Estates. Despite the gnarly weather conditions, the crew arrived safely onsite and we are off and running in the stairwells. 

Work is underway in the 1501 Building in the West and Center stairwells, and in the 1505 Building in the North Stairwell. 

We will be onsite painting your stairwells, atriums, and residence hallways over the course of the next 3 months or so. We want thank all the residents in advance for their cooperation. 

Stay tuned right here for ongoing project 

 Parkway Estates Malvin

Malvin tackles some wall repairs in the West Stairwell in the 1501 Building. 

Parkway Estates West Stairwell

A painting project is only as good as the initial prep steps! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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