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Silver Lake Village - St. Anthony

Silver Lake Village - St. Anthony

Monday: Painting IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the upcoming painting project @ Silver Lake Village! 

SLV map


Monday, June 26th: Good afternoon and happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

SLV spraying on lift

Spraying the window bump outs. 

SLV painting on decks

Painting the decks/patios. 

SLV reaching new heights

Up, Up, and Away. 

Friday, June 23rd: TGIF! Looking for something fun and free to do this weekend? The Twin Cities are going to be bustling with activities this weekend- Pride events, Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Farmer's Markets, and the Uptown Food Truck Festival, oh my! 

While you're making weekend plans, the crew at Silver Lake Village is holding steady on the south side elevation. 

SLV south elevations prep and painting

Prep and painting continues for the south side elevation. 

SLV south elevation in progress

The crew is back in business after the rain delay yesterday. 

Thursday, June 22nd:

Rain Delay 

Wednesday, June 21st: We can't believe we didn't post about 'New Foods Reveal Day @ the State Fair' yesterday. The coveted and drool-worthly list was released yesterday and you know what that means? It's time to start training for the heavy lifting and heavy eating that will consume our being from August 24th - September 4th. See for yourself...and just a warning, I wouldn't look on an empty stomach! 

The crew is working on the south side elevations with spraying and brush & rolling. 

SLV lower elevations 2

The crew utilizes the lift to paint the higher elevations, while the ladders are used below. 

Park Place lower elevations

Nothing but blue sky and and our hand working crew!

SLV lower elevations painting

Ladders and lifts, oh my! 

Tuesday, June 20th: Rain over at the Roell Painting Office in Eden Prairie as well... it should clear up this morning and we may have crew members onsite this afternoon completing some prep work- caulking and scraping. 


Monday, June 19th: Good afternoon residents of Silver Lake Village! We hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!

Aaand they're off! The crew is onsite and pressure washing the south elevation of Building #2. Once the pressure washing is complete and dry for that section, the crew will begin prepping and then painting that elevation. 

We've heard that the lift is quite loud. Our apologies for any frustration this may cause, yet there just isn't an alternative way to complete the project. We thank you for your understanding. 

SLV pressure wash 1

First step is to wash off any debris/dirt from the building. 

SLV pressure wash

We've brought out the big guns to wash the 4th floor substrates @ Silver Lake Village!

Friday, June 16th: Welcome to the blog for your upcoming painting project! After extensive repairs and caulking to your building last year, we are thrilled to be next in line to put a pretty bow on the exterior renovation project! Huge thanks to all the board, the onsite caretakers, and the management team for all of their involvement and efforts in getting all the t's crossed and the i's dotted to set us up to execute a successful project. 

We'll be starting the project with pressure washing the South Elevation of the Building #2 only, then we will follow that will prep and painting of that elevation only. As we near completion of the South Elevation, we will furnish more notices before shifting to the West Elevation, and follow the same sequence of washing then prep & painting. This will continue for the North and then East Elevations, respectively. 

As part of this year's project, we will be painting essentially the entire exterior of both of your buildings and we will be starting on the south side of the property (Building #2) and making our way clockwise around the exterior perimeter. After the exterior perimeter areas have been completed, we will make our way into the interior courtyard areas. 

As we near the end of the project it will require participation from homeowners as we will be completing areas that are enclosed within your screen porches. We will publish a projected completion schedule and will work with your onsite team to communicate that schedule to homeowners. This will be analogous to last year's caulking project.

We will also be completing the courtyard pergolas AND the rooftop pergolas and again, this will happen near the tail end of the project. 

Working hours for the project with be Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM, and we will be working on Saturdays as well to expedite the completion schedule.

We anticipate the project with take approximately 2 months to complete (weather permitting) and you can follow the progress of the project right here on the blog. 

Thanks so much for having us. We'll see you on Monday, 6/19! 







See below for Project Details from 2016

Silver Lake Village dates

Thursday, August 18th: Good afternoon residents of Silver Lake. It's been a bit since our last post, but fear not we are still here and are making our way to the courtyard for hardie board repairs. The 2550 entrance will be closed until 8/19 and the lift will be working on the rest of the entrances in a clockwise motion around the building. The courtyard area sidewalk on the east elevation will be shut down until 8/19. This schedule is all weather permitting, but know we'll keep you fully apprised if this is the case with subsequent schedule changes. All access from the interior of the units will be done 8/18. 

For your information a specialty teupen lift will arrive 8/22, so don't be alarmed when you see the 'transformer' looking lift onsite. With this special force, we'll complete hardie board repairs over the next few weeks. 

20160817 154817 1

Taking safety precautions to keep ya'll out of the 'danger zone' as our crew continues to complete hardie board repairs. 

Wednesday, August 3rd: We've made it to the middle of the week! Work in front of the 2407 Building should be complete. All safety precautions have been made; coordination with Doug to make sure ramp access is available to those who need it, signs are posted on entrance doors pertaining to road closures, and danger tape is on all perimeters.

The sealant removal and installation seems to be staying close to schedule. We would like to be entering units first thing next week so stay tuned! 


Silver Lake sealant removal and front door

Safety First: Everything is safe and sound at Silver Lake.

Silver Lake sealant removal and install2

Sealant removal and installation is complete. 


Friday, July 29th: Good morning Silver Lake Village. By now you may have noticed that there has been some siding removed on two corners of Building 2. Fear not! That is on purpose!!! In order to thoroughly and correctly assess some building envelope concerns, it was necessary to take a look under the hood so to speak. That happened on Tuesday and we are putting together cost estimates for correcting some of the Hardie issues/flashing issues and there will be subsequent meetings with the board to discuss next best steps. 

We will do our best to keep you fully updated right here on the blog and depending on the outcome of those meetings, there's a possibility that painting won't occur this year. Stay tuned. 

 Silver Lake Village Hardie Inspection

The Hardie removal on the SW corner of Building #2 is by design.

Wednesday, July 20th: Hello again Silver Lake Village. For the most part, things are progressing according to plan onsite and as we've been making our way around the building, we have discovered some additional caulking/hardie board considerations, and we've had additional dialogue with the board regarding next best steps. The good news is that in the midst of the consultation process and project thus far, we've had some very fruitful discussions around the best ways to preserve your building in the years to come.

We want to thank the board (again) for all the time they've committed to this process and it's clear to us that they are great advocates for all of you homeowners.  

It's likely that by next week, we'll be starting on the North side of Building #1, which will require some road obstruction permits from the city of St. Anthony. 

Stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates. 

Silver Lake Village Lifts

Aerial Lifts will be a familiar site at Silver Lake Village in the weeks to come.

Sunday, July 10th: Greetings residents of Silver Lake Village. Perhaps you recall seeing us earlier this year when we were granted the privilege of painting your hallway and stairwells. In the midst of that project, we were asked assess your exterior painting needs as well, and after a few months of assessment and discussion, we are getting set to get things underway this week.

From the outset, the board and management company have been committed to this undertaking the right way and we want to thank them for all of their due diligence, their great questions, and ultimately, the faith they've put in us to not only get your buildings spruced up, but to do so in a way that preserves them for several years to come. 

With that being said, this process will start with addressing your sealant needs. The caulk on your building is showing visible signs of detoriation and before we begin repainting the buildings, addressing the failed sealant is the first step. This process will begin this week and in order to get things underway, we will need to utilize aerial lifts. 

Though much of the project will have limited impact on your daily routines, there will be some logistical considerations that you'll need to be aware of. 

Work will begin this week on the the south elevation on Building #2 (38th Ave/Apache) and beginning on Tuesday, 7/12, parking will be closed on that side of the building, as booms will be parked there. We will be starting on the corner by the roundabout/walking path, and we will be making our way clockwise around the exterior perimeters of Buildings #2 and #1. We anticipate that the South Elevation of Building #2 will take approximately 8 days to complete and the projected schedule can be found above. 

The best place to stay apprised of the project progress will be right here on the blog. You will also be receiving subsequent notices regarding pertinent project details so keep your eyes peeled for those onsite. 

Later in the project, completion of some areas (patios specifically) will require access to those areas through the residences. Further instructions will be provided as we near that aspect of the project. 

We look forward to working with you and we anticipate that the project will take approximately 2 months to complete. 

We'll see you Wednesday! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-518-0272

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