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Steeplechase HOA - Eagan 2018 ~ Painting Project

Steeplechase HOA - Eagan 2018 ~ Painting Project

Project Beginning - Tuesday, September 18th - Pressure Washing Buildings #1 & #2

Greetings residents of Steeplechase in Eagan. We are thrilled to be back onsite with you this summer! 

Steeplechase Map 2018

Site Map & Order of Completion



Welcome Video @ Steeplechase 

Tuesday, September 11th: Good morning residents of Steeplechase and welcome to your project blog for this summer's painting project. Thank you for having us back; we're looking forward to working with and for you again this year!

Slated for this year's project is the prep and painting of 4 of your buildings, 4844-4850, 1438-1442, 1452-1458, and 4906-4910. Included areas are your siding, fascia, garage doors/frames, front doors/frames, rear deck skirts/pillars, shutters, and decorative gable vents. 

We'll begin by pressure washing Buildings 1 & 2 only on Tuesday, September 18th, which we ask you to please close your windows during the washing. After the substrates have had time to dry, we'll begin prepping and painting. Posted above is a route map, highlighting the order in which we'll complete the painting. We'll be posting subsequent notices in advance of pressure washing Buildings #3 and #4. Thanks!

Stay tuned here on the blog for progress updates, project photos, and any changes in the schedule that may come up! 


Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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