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Wedgewood - Woodbury

Wedgewood - Woodbury

Monday: Painting IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for your painting project at Wedgewood in Woodbury! We are looking forward to being onsite with you! 

Wedgewood Woodbury Site Map

Wedgewood Site Map with designated building numbers

Wedgewood 6 26

Tentative Exterior Finishing Schedule- Updated 6/26


Instructions for Water Access during Pressure washing 

 Aerial Video of the association from our drone


Monday, June 26th: Hello and happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

We've updated the finishing schedule- buildings 9 & 10 are starting prep work today and then 11, 12, & 13 will start tomorrow 6/27. As a reminder, the last four buildings will be pressure washed on Wednesday. Thanks!

wedgewood soffits painting

Getting that clean finish with a brush on the soffits. 

Wedgewood spray garage door

Spraying all day. 

Wedgewood deck posts

Priming the deck posts. 

wedgewood garage trim

Prepping & Painting the garage door trim.

Friday, June 23rd: TGIF! Looking for something fun and free to do this weekend? The Twin Cities are going to be bustling with activities this weekend- Pride events, Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Farmer's Markets, and the Uptown Food Truck Festival, oh my! 

While you plan out your weekend, the crews are prepping and painting on building #5-8. They'll begin their prep work on the next set of buildings (#9-13) on Tuesday, 6/27. Looking ahead to next week, they'll also be pressure washing the last four buildings on Wednesday, 6/28. 

Have a great weekend! 

Wedgewood painting porch railings

Cutting those crisp edges. 

Wedgewood prep caulk

Caulking the edges

Wedgewood prep cover window

Prep steps in action- taping off the windows. 

Wedgewood Noe sprays siding

Noe sprays the siding. 

Thursday, June 22nd: Good morning residents of Wedgewood! The crew has started pressure washing the 10 next designated buildings and we have Jesse, our site supervisor on radar watch to check for any incoming rain. They're hoping the rain will pass around you and the crew can continue pressure washing and then prep and paint this afternoon. We'll keep you apprised of any weather updates as we get them. Thanks! 

Update- It turns out Jesse is no Dave Dahl... It's raining @ Wedgewood. They'll be calling it a day with the surfaces being too wet to paint.

Wedgewood PW 4 

It's a bird - It's a plane - It's our professional pressure washer...before the rain hit. 

Wedgewood PW phase 2

Ariel sprays the siding and soffits. 

Wednesday, June 21st: Good morning Wedgewood! We can't believe we didn't post about 'New Foods Reveal Day @ the State Fair' yesterday. The coveted and drool-worthly list was released yesterday and you know what that means? It's time to start training for the heavy lifting and heavy eating that will consume our being from August 24th - September 4th. See for yourself...and just a warning, I wouldn't look on an empty stomach! 

Wedgewood - Progress Video

Per our schedule, we'll be starting buildings #5-8. With the rain delay yesterday and not being able to paint in full force, we'll begin prepping on 6 &7 and potentially start 8 in the afternoon. We'll begin prep on 5 tomorrow. Lastly, as a reminder for the pressure washing tomorrow (#9-18) please set up your hose so we can utilize your water to pressure wash your building. Thanks! 

Wedgewood spot priming

Spot primed and ready for paint. 

Wedgewood prep steps

Prep steps: caulk, tape, cover, and prime. 

Wedgewood paint soffits

The soffits get painted. 

Wedgewood Noe spray

Noe sprays the chimney stack. 

Tuesday, June 20th: Rain over at the Roell Painting Office in Eden Prairie as well... it should clear up this morning and we may have crew members onsite this afternoon depending on how quickly things can dry out to complete some prep steps- caulking and scraping. 

As a head's up- we will have the last 4 buildings pressure washed next Wednesday, 6/28. Also, on Thursday & Friday of this week buildings #9 - #18 will be pressure washed. We'll follow the same protocol to use the coupler provided to attach to the end of your garden hose- make sure it's fitting is tight and turned to OFF position, run the hose out through the garage, close the garage, and turn the water on. This will ensure the crew uses your water only when they are washing you unit. Please watch the video above for further explanation. Thanks! 


Monday, June 19th: We're back to the grind with another work week started. We hope you all had a great weekend and Father's Day! 

Aaaand they're off! The crews have started prepping and painting the first 4 buildings in your association. They'll continue through the week and likely start the prep and painting of building 5-8 on Wednesday. 

Wedgewood ever tape edges

Ever preps for a perfect edge. 

Wedgewood prep tape windows

Covering windows @ Wedgewood. 

Wedgewood prep tape

Prepping and taping the edges. 

Wedgewood taping and prepping

3 crew members on deck prepping and taping your buildings. 

Thursday, June 15th: Good morning residents of Wedgewood! Today is the day, we are starting your project with pressure washing. Please see below for instructions to attach the valve and set up your hose so we can gain water access to wash your building. There is also a video posted above : )

These instructions will apply to the first 8 buildings for the pressure washing today and tomorrow. 

Welcome Video for your painting project at Wedgewood in Woodbury

Wedgewood pressure wash2

Aaand they're off!

Wedgewood pressure wash

When that morning light hits just right. 

Update: For the pressure washing beginning tomorrow with Buildings 1-8, here are instructions to use the coupler we've provided. On the day your buildings is set to be pressure washed, attach the coupler to the end of your garden hose and ensure it is in the OFF position. Run your hose from the spigot through your garage and outside of the garage door. Once the hose is outside, close your garage door on top of the hose and lastly turn on the water. Please make sure the fitting is tight in your garage as the water will be on throughout the day- we want to ensure there are no leaks. The crew will use your water for that day only and turn off the valve when they are finished. 

Once complete, please return your hose to your garage and place the valve back where you found it so we can recycle them for other homes in your neighborhood. Thanks for your participation and cooperation! 

Wednesday, June 14th: Good afternoon! The crew is set to start tomorrow with pressure washing the first 8 buildings- see the site map above for designation. We've also updated the Finishing Schedule above to account for the next group of buildings to be pressure washed on Thursday 6/22-Friday 6/23. We've added Buildings 17&18 to this group.

Thanks so much and we're looking forward to getting started tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 13th: Hello Wedgewood! We hope you're having a good week thus far and are staying cool in this heat! 

We are a go for starting your project on Thursday with pressure washing of the first 8 Buildings and this will continue on Friday to finish the first 8 Buildings. We'll be posting notices on the next 8 Buildings to alert homeowners of pressure washing that will begin next week on Thursday, 6/22 and continue on Friday, 6/23. The same procedure is followed and we kindly ask you to remove all personal belongings from the outside of your home/deck and turn on your exterior water spigots. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation and we'll see you onsite on Thursday! 

Wednesday, June 7th: Greetings and welcome to your project blog! We will be getting things underway next week with pressure washing. We will be onsite Thursday, 6/15 and Friday, 6/16 to wash the exteriors of Buildings 1-8. Please see our site map above that designates building numbers. We'll be starting at the north end of the association. If you haven't done so already, please turn on your exterior water spigot and remove all personal belongings from the outside of your home/deck. Once the substrates have had time to dry, the crew will be back to start prepping and painting the exterior of your home, beginning with the first four buildings. We are projecting that this will begin on Monday, June 19th. 

Continue to check back, right here on the blog for further updates regarding the project, any weather delays- if they occur, as well as pressure washing and start dates for the remaining buildings. We'll also be posting progress pictures and we'll try and have some fun along the way as well! 

 We're looking forward to starting your project next week! 

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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