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Windward at Dancing Waters - Woodbury 2018

Windward at Dancing Waters - Woodbury 2018

Painting to resume Thursday, 8/16

Greetings and welcome to your official project blog for the painting project at Windward at Dancing Waters in Woodbury. We are thrilled to be back onsite this year! 



Friday, August 10th: Hello and TGIF! 

Just a quick reminder that we'll be washing the final building on Monday, 8/13. If you can please remove items from the exterior of your home for washing that would be appreciated! You may then return items to your deck as we'll complete the staining at the end of the project. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9th: Good afternoon!

The crew is continuing with prep, priming, and spraying the 10736 Building today. We will pressure wash the next building (10749) on Monday, August 13th - kindly remove items from the outside of your home/deck for pressure washing. Once the washing is complete, you may return items to your deck - we will post a subsequent notice as to when we'll stain your deck. Thanks for your cooperation!

Wednesday, August 8th: Hello!

The crew is prepping, priming, and spraying on the 2nd half of the 10736 Building. 

Windward 2 caulk and prep

Caulk, tape, and paper - getting prep done on the 10736 Building.

Winward 2 tape off soffits prep

Taping and covering on the 2nd half of the building. 

Winward 2 spray top color

Spraying on the top coat. 

Monday, August 6th: Good afternoon residents of Windward in Woodbury. We hope you all had a great weekend! 

The crew is resuming their painting on the 10736 Building today and will be painting the top coat on half of the building. They'll then prime and paint the 2nd portion. 

Friday, August 3rd: Rain, rain go away!

Yesterday the crew started to prime on the 2nd Building. They'll resume priming and then painting once the weather permits. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 2nd: Hello and good afternoon!

The crew is prepping and may start priming on the 2nd Building. 

WIndward 2 by 2 prep and coverJPG

Prep is underway on the 2nd Building at Windward. 

Windward building 2 cover windows

One window down...7 to go! Bring on the plastic and tape. 

Tuesday, July 31st: Good afternoon!

A brief update - the crew has finished washing Building #2 and is wrapping up on Building #1 today. They'll begin their prep and painting on Building #2 tomorrow. Thanks!

Friday, July 27th: Good morning and TGIF! 

A quick update for scheduling: the crew will be pressure washing the 2nd Building - 10736 on Monday, 7/30 and will then begin their prep and painting on this Building on Wednesday, 8/1. 

They are wrapping up the prep and painting of the 10734 Building today as well. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 25th: Hello! After a rain delay 'fake-out' the crew is back onsite and they've sprayed sections of the 1st building and are also painting the trim. 

Windward soffits and trim

And an assist to hold the ladder. 

Windward paint trim

Taking down the tape to paint the trim. 

Tuesday, July 24th: Good afternoon!

The crew is priming sections of the building today as well as starting to apply the color on the rear of the building. 

WW primer in process

A completed look at the primer.

WW primer

Primer in progress on the 10734  Building.

WW applying primer

Applying the primer from the top of the buildings down. 

Monday, July 23rd: Hello and happy Monday! 

With several rain days last week, the crew is back onsite and has continued with their prep work to the 10734 Building. They'll also begin priming later today as well. 

Windward 10734 prep 1

Taping and covering on the 10734 Building. 

Windward 10734 prep

Did we mention how crucial thorough prep is?

Thursday, July 19th: Good morning! The rainy weather has put a stop on starting your project today, however we will resume tomorrow given it has dried out enough. We'll keep you posted! Thanks! 

Friday, July 13th: Good afternoon residents of Windward in Woodbury! We are thrilled to be completing painting at your association again this year. It's always a good feeling to be back in a familiar neighborhood!

We'll be getting started on Monday, July 16th with pressure washing 1 of the 3 buildings (10734 Building)we'll be prepping and finishing this year/ Also, included in the washing are the decks. 

For pressure washing, we ask that you please remove all personal belongings from the outside of your home/deck. Once we've completed the washing you may return items to your deck as we'll be completing the staining at a later time- we'll provide notice in advance of this staining, which will again require you to remove items. 

Once the substrates have had time to dry, the crew will return to start prepping and painting the exterior of your building and then lastly stain your deck. We anticipate to start the prep and painting on Thursday, July 29th, weather permitting. 

As we did for last year's project, we'll be utilizing this project blog to commuicate progress, project details and scheduling, post photos, and alert you to any weather delays. 

Thanks so much for having us and we're looking forward to getting started next week!

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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