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Bridges @ Arbor Lakes - Maple Grove

Bridges @ Arbor Lakes - Maple Grove

Walk through with project manager complete; Final walk through with property manager Wed 9/28

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Bridges at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove. We are thrilled to be onsite with you! 


Bridges Arbor Route

If you live in Buildings #1-3 (Phase 1), pressure washing starts on Monday, August 8th. For Buildings #4/5, a separate series of notices will be posted onsite later in the project.

Friday, September 23rd: Our project manager, Isaac completed his walk through today and the final walk through with the property manager will be next week, Wednesday 9/28. We want to thank you all for your cooperation and participation throughout this project. We really appreciate it! 

Friday, September 16th: Happy Friday everyone! It's a big weekend for football in Minnesota. The Border Battle showcasing the Vikings vs. Packers for the regular season home opener at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday night! Our office was divided in sporting their team apparel today. It should be a great game!

The crew is working on the steps of the last building. 

Bridges steps

Monday, September 12th: Good morning residents of Bridges at Arbor Lakes. We hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had this weekend! Our crew is working on finishing up Building #5 today and tomorrow. They're completing the stairs and window frames. 


Taped and prepped on the stairs. 

Friday, September 9th: So the bad news is that 3/4 painting days this week were also rain days and a ton didn't get accomplished, but the good news is the weekend and next week's forecast is sunny, cooler, and without rain! With that being said, our crew is continuing their work on the last building and hopes to be done by early next week. 

Have a great weekend and get out and enjoy the weather!!

Weather Forecast Sept 9th 16th

Wednesday, September 7th: Rain Delay

Tuesday, September 6th: Rain Delay

Friday, September 2nd: Happy Friday y'all! The crew is finishing up the 4th building today and will be working on the 5th today and tomorrow. We hope you have a great holiday weekend! 


Thursday, September 1st:  And just like that it's's to football, pumpkin spice everything, back to school, and cooler temps! 

Crews are continuing to work on building #4 and things are looking great. 

Bridges building 4

Building #4 cleans up pretty nicely! 

Tuesday, August 30th: The crew is working on Building #4 (8127-8140). We have about a week and a half left, as long as Mother Nature cooperates. Check out our video for the full update for today. 


Friday, August 26th: Happy Friday residents of Bridges at Arbor Lakes! Prep and painting is continuing today and tomorrow on the front side of Building #3 with the rear decks and pillars already complete. We'll be finishing this up and then onto Building #4 on Monday 8/29. 

Bridges Building 3 deck and pillars done

Rear elevations @ Building #3 looking good. 

Bridges building 3 front

The front elevations of Building #3 getting all prepped for paint. 

Tuesday, August 23rd: Our crews have been working to pressure wash the last two buildings in Phase 2. Painting will continue over the next few days to finish all surfaces of building #3. 

In other MN news, the Minnesota Fair starts this Thursday!! Who else is excited for Pronto Pups and cheese curds? I can almost smell the fried goodness now...linked for your mouth-watering pleasure is the list of new foods for 2016. Happy browsing! 

Bridges building 3

I spy with my little eye...2 Roell Painters working on deck elevations at Bridges. 

Monday, August 22nd: Good Morning residents of Bridges! We hope you all had a great weekend and now the cooler temps have gone and we're back to running Minnesota-hot. Our crew is finalizing elevations on Building #2 and will begin on the front elevation and rear decking of Building #3 today as well. 

Bridges Building 2 bump out

One of the window bump outs of Building #2 looking good with a fresh coat of paint. 

Friday, August 19th: As we're having some rain on and off, there will be some delay to due wet surface areas. As soon as we can, we'll get right back on track with finishing out Building #3 then onto Phase 2. The pressure washing portion of Phase 2 will be getting underway next week for Buildings #4 and #5.

Blue notices are being posted today, on those Buildings' garage frames giving you some more specifics on what is needed on your end. We'll be getting both buildings done on Tuesday 8/23 and Wednesday 8/24. 

That's all for now. We hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, August 18th: The crew at Bridges is continuing on Building #2, as weather conditions have had some buy-in on our painting progress. If Mother Nature cooperates and holds off on the potential rain we'll be moving onto Building #3 tomorrow. 

 Building 2

Tall, freshly painted, and handsome as ever at Bridges @ Arbor Lakes. 

Tuesday, August 16th: We are staying right on schedule and continuing our work on Building #2. The crew is continuing to work on both the front elevations and rear decks simultaneously. 

Bridges at Arbor Lakes Building 2 1

 Our crew easily balances a paint can and paint brush to cover all deck railing areas. 

Monday, August 15th: Good Afternoon residents of Bridges @ Arbor Lakes. We hope you all had a great weekend and got out to enjoy the beautiful weather! Building #1 is complete and the crew has moved on to Building #2. 


If I may borrow a line from National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction- "She's a beaut Clark". Building #1 is done and just glowing in the afternoon light. 

Bridges Buiding 2 started

Painting is underway on the rear decking for Building #2.

Friday, August 12th: With the week coming to a close, Building #1 is also about finished. The last portion of the backside deckings and pillars are complete and we are prepping the front elevations for painting to commence today and finish up tomorrow.

We have a slight change in our project schedule- moving forward we will be working on the front elevations and the back decking areas simultaneously, with a crew too large to focus soley on one elevation we want to be as efficient as possible. Please see below for the updated schedule. 

We hope everyone has a great weekend and can enjoy the 'Gold Medal' weather we're going to have!

BridgesArborLakes pillars painted

The decking and pillars are looking great on the backside of Building #1.

BridgesArborLakes front prep2

On the front side, she's all taped and prepped for a paint job. 


Tuesday, August 10th: August in Minnesota and it is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! 

Now that the pressure washing in Phase 1 has been completed, the fellas are diligently working on the decking areas on Building #1. We project that to complete the rear elevation of a "rowhome" or Buidling Styles #1-3 above, it will take approximately 2 days. Starting on Building #2 however, the order will be reversed and the guys will complete the front elevations first, then will be completing the rear decking areas.

So, barring any weather delays, the projected schedule is as follows:


UPDATED: Bridges At Arbor Lakes Tentative Schedule (weather permitting)
Address  Working Dates
 #1 - 8102-8214 Main Street 8/10 - 8/12
 #2 - 8130-8144 Main Street  8/13 - 8/17 (not Sunday)
#3 - 12341 - 12383 82nd Ave  8/19 - 8/22
 #4 - 8127-8135   Pressure Washing: 8/30-8/31,    Paint: 8/22-8/26
#5 -  8101-8111   Pressure Washing: 8/30-8/31,    Paint: 8/29- 9/3

 Bridges Deck Progress 2

The rear decking areas are underway on Building #1 on Wednesday.

Bridges Deck Covering

When staining the pergolas, it's essential to thoroughly cover the deck floors to prevents drips/stains.

Monday, August 8th: And they're off! Pressure washing is underway at the Bridges at Arbor Lakes. The rowhome buildings should be completed by the end of the day and prep will get underway starting tomorrow. The mercury will be rising, which will expedite the drying time and guys will get going on the bumpouts and front trim areas. We will post separate notices when it comes time to stain your pergolas, so keep your eyes peeled right here on the blog. 


 Bridge Crew

Samuel, Carlos, and Jonas get pressure washing underway on Monday morning! 

Friday, August 5th: Greetings residents of Bridges at Arbor Lakes! Perhaps you've found your way to the blog by way of blue notices posted on your garage door frames. If that is the case, welcome! We've been granted the privilege of painting at your property this year and things will get underway with pressure washing on Monday, August 8th: 

There are 5 buildings that are part of this year's project and they are as follows: 

8102-8114 Main Street

8130-8144 Main Street

12341-12383 82nd Ave

8130-8140 Oakview Lane

8127-8135 Oakview Lane

Among the areas designated for completion are your soffits, window bumpouts, front door frames (including transom windows and sidelights), support pillars, XLD window trim, decorative wood brackets, wood deck railings, pergolas, garage door frames and deck skirts. 

The project will be performed in 2 phases, with the "Rowhomes" being pressure washed and painted first, followed shortly thereafter by painting/staining where applicable. 

 We anticipate that "Phase 1" of pressure washing will take approximately 1-2 days and after the areas have had time to dry, prep and painting will commence. 

As indicated on the notices posted onsite, "the aspect of the project that will require the most cooperation from you will be the staining of your deck pergolas. We kindly ask that when your pergola is scheduled for completion, you move the contents of your deck as needed for safe/unobstructed access to your pergola."

You can follow the progress right here on the blog as the project progresses and we thank everybody in advance for their cooperatio. 





Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments (3)

  • Elizabeth Schutte

    19 August 2016 at 16:38 | #

    Hi Isaac!
    Is there a chance you would or could share with me the name of the tan color you are using on the building? I love it, am painting my house this coming week and would love to consider it!!! ASAP????:)


  • Lora Ripberger

    08 August 2016 at 12:55 | #

    Hi Isaac - Above it states that we will need to clear our deck when "pergola is scheduled for completion". Notice says that there is a schedule on line but I can not find. Could you please point me to the location of the pergola staining? Thank you.


    • Isaac Vogel

      08 August 2016 at 17:32 | #

      Good morning and thanks for your inquiry. If you reference the map above, we've divided the project in 2 phases, the first of which is the "rowhomes" which are 8102-8114 Main Street, 8130-8144 Main Street, and 12341-12383 82nd Ave. This began with pressure washing these three buildings today, and we will begin prepping and painting this week. The pergolas will likely be completed last and you will received both physical notices onsite AND an updated schedule here on the blog when those are slated for completion.
      Any questions, you are welcome to call or write me directly.


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