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Bush Terrace - Minneapolis

Bush Terrace - Minneapolis

Project Complete



Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the painting project at Bush Terrace! We are looking forward to being onsite with you!

Bush Terrace Map

Bush Terrace - Site Map

Buildings Projected Start Date
1 & 2 Tuesday, February 19
3 & 4 Monday, February 25
5 & 6 Wednesday, February 27
7 & 8 Monday, March 4

Projected Schedule



Thursday, March 21st: Good morning!

It's a great day --- we are one step closer to the weekend, the high temperature is going to break the fifty degree mark, and the "Madness" has begun! It's that time of year folks, 68 teams have earned their entry into the tournament which starts today! Get your brackets completed before the 10 seed Gophers tip off at 11:15am (CT) versus the 7 seed Louisville Cardinals. By the time games are complete on Sunday, 16 teams will remain. Looking forward to showcasing Minneaplis as the Final Four comes to town Saturday, April 6th and then the Championship game on Monday, April 8th. 

The crew is completing touch ups in the next day or two and then we'll be on our way! We just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the board, your manager, and all the residents for allowing us to refresh your space; it has been our pleasure working with and for you! 

Have a great rest of the year!

Thursday, March 7th: Good afternoon residents of Bush Terrace! 

The crews have wrapped in your hallways and stairwells and are now tackling the prep and painting of the common areas. Again, please be mindful of the wet paint when traversing through these areas. 

Our supervisor Jesse was also onsite today and performed a walk thorugh of completed areas. He has marked areas needing some touch ups with blue tape. Please do not remove the tape, as the crews use this to see areas that need 'brushing up.' Thanks!

Bush Terrace touch ups

The Blue Tape Guy was here!

Wednesday, March 6th: Good morning! 

We have some great news, despite some pending snow this weekend, the crews will be wrapping up your hallways and stairwells today!

The crews will be wrapping their painting in Buildings 7 & 8 today. We'll also begin in the common areas - laundry rooms, hallways, and lounge areas soon. Thanks!

Bush terrace door frames 1

Giving the door frames some TLC and a fresh coat of paint.

Bush terrace 8 door frames

Window frames are getting the special treatment today too!

Tuesday, March 5th: Greetings!

Another day and the crew is back onsite in Buildings 7 & 8. They are simultaneously working in the hallways and stairwells and we're appreciative of all the residents who are taking cation in these areas in regards to the wet paint- thanks! We have a few more days onsite to complete these buildings and then we'll begin prepping and painting in common areas.

bush terrace 8 stairwell walls

The stairwell in Building 8 is underway!

Bush terrace 8 cutting edges

Cutting in with a brush to get those crisp lines. 

Bush terrace stairwell walls

 Santiago rolls on the paint in the stairwell.

Monday, March 4th: Hello and good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and are staying warm as we have bit of a chill moving through! 

The Parade of Homes started this Saturday and will run through March 31st. The homes are open to tour on Thursdays through Sundays from 12pm - 6pm. We're honored to be a part of new construction home #122 in Plymouth with Jyland Construction Management. Roell Painting is responsible for all of the trim, wall, and ceiling painting throughout the home. Grab a guide book from any Holiday gas station and check out this beautiful home!

The crews are starting on the last two buildings today, #7 & 8. We'll begin again with prep work and then make our way through the hallways and stairwells. Mid-week, we'll begin prepping and painting in the common areas - laundry rooms, hallways and lounge areas. Thanks! 

Bush terrace 7 painting walls 1st floor

 Hermes is getting started on the walls of the first floor in Building 7.

Bush terrace 7 william cut lines

Williams makes those crisp cut lines at the ceilin/wall joints. 

Friday, March 1st: Not only is it Friday, it's also the start of a new month!! We are so ready to welcome March and put the snow of February behind us... though it seems Mother Nature has a repeat agenda for March as well!march

The crews are completing their work in the 5 & 6 Buildings today and then we'll return on Monday to begin prep and painting in the 7 & 8 Buildings. Have a great weekend!

bush terrace 5 wall painting

Classic Hermes and a "Friday Thumbs Up!"

Bush terrace 5 prep and sand walls

Sanding the walls in preparation for painting.

Thursday, February 28th: This is it folks... tomorrow is a new month and hopefully the turn of some warmer weather! This month has been recorded as the 4th snowiest month in MN! Let's close this chapter and get on with spring already, right?!

The crews are prepping and painting in Buildings 3, 5, and 6. We'll be tackling the common areas of each building near the end of the project, so if it seems areas are incomplete - don't fret, we're aware and will complete them next week!

Bush terrace 6 first coat in hallway walls

The hallway walls in Building 6 get a fresh coat of paint!

Bush terrace 6 first coat on walls

Up & down, then repeat!

Wednesday, February 27th: Good morning! 

The crews are prepping in Building 6 and the stairs in Building 3. We'll also begin in Building 5 tomorrow. Thanks for your cooperation and patience as we are prepping and painting in your common areas. 

Bush terrace 3 stair prep

The Stairwell in Building 3 is getting prepped and ready for paint.

Bush terrace 3 stairs

Santiago prepped and tapes off the steps in the stairwell.

Tuesday, February 26th: Greetings!

The crews are continuing their prep work and painting in the 3rd & 4th Buildings - they're simultaneously working in the hallways as well as the stairwells. We'll also be starting the next set of buildings (5 & 6) in the next day or two so look for us there as well!

Bush terrace 4 2nd coat 1

Applying the 2nd coat onto the walls in Building 4.

Bush terrace 4 2nd coat

Rolling into Wednesday like...

Bush Terrace 3 prep walls tape

Building 3 is underway with prep work. 

Monday, February 2th: Hello and happy Monday! 

Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? Here's a link to a list of the winners from last nights awards. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper gave a remarkable performance of Shallow, Best Actor win by Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody, and Spike Lee's win for Best Original Screenplay of BlacKkKlansman and purple suit tribute to Prince. 

The crews are back onsite and prepping and painting in Buildings 3 & 4. They are covering areas in the stairwells and hallways.

Bush Terrace A prep and cover

Here we go again: paper, plastic and tape for prepping the stairwells!

Bush Terrace A obed prep stairwell

Team work on the ladder work!

Thursday, February 21st: Good afternoon! 

The crews are cruising at Bush Terrace! They are both wrapping up in your hallways and stairwells and will be back onsite tomorrow to complete a few hours of work. They'll be moving onto Buildings 3 & 4 at the beginning of next week as well as continuing onto 5 & 6. Thanks!

Bush terrace hermes on 3rd

Hermes gives Bush Terrace a thumbs up!

Bush terrace santiago in hallway

Santiago paints a section of wall in Building 1.

Bush terrace F paint door frames

Painting of the the doorframes in Building 2. 

Bush terrace F paint railings

Painting a coat on the stairwell hand railings. 

Wednsday, February 20th: Hello and welcome back to the Minne-snow-globe! 

We hope you're all staying safe and out of the snow storm! The crews are back to business in Buildings 1 & 2. They are applying the 2nd coat of paint in the hallways and then the 1st coat of paint in the stairwells. 

Bush terrace obed walls

Rolling it on in the hallways. 

Bush terrace obed walls 2nd

The 2nd coat is complete in this section of hallway - Looking good!

Bush terrace spray ceilings

Spraying the ceilings in Building 1.

Tuesday, February 19th: Greetings! The crews are underway at Bush Terrace and we are looking forward to sprucing up your hallway walls and stairwells. 

All of our projects begin the same way -- with thorough prep. This ensures paint ends up where it is supposed to and not on any other surface. The crews have completed prep work in the stairwells and hallways of Buildings 1 & 2. They'll also be applying the first coat of paint in the hallways on the walls and then to the stairwell ceilings. Then the crew will be applying the 2nd coat in the hallways and the 1st coat ion the stairwell walls. 

Bush terrace F prep and covering in the stairwell

Prepping and covering in the stairwells. 

Bush terrace F prep in stairwells

It's all in the prep - paper, plastic, and tape to cover areas and prep for paint.

Friday, February 15th: Hello and welcome to your project blog! 

For this winter's project we'll be prepping and painting in the hallways and stairwells of your eight buildings. The hallway painting includes the prep and painting of the walls, end windows, and entrance door frames. We will also be prepping and painting the stairwell of each building - including ceilings, walls, and railings in these areas. Lastly, we'll be painting in a few common areas - 3 laundry rooms, 2 lounge areas, common catwalk hallways on the main floor of each building and select "tan" doors/frames as directed by manager. 

We'll be painting two buildings at a time, as indicated in the map and schedule above and we anticipate each set of buildings to take about 5-7 days to complete. Once the crews get started and can better gauge their pace we'll update the projected start dates to reflect that information.

Also, as we're completing your project there will of course be wet paint, so we please advise you to exercise caution when traversing the hallways and stairwells - thanks in advance for your cooperation! 

Stay tuned here on the blog for frequent project updates, schedule changes if they come up, and progress photos. We hope you all have a great weekend and we're looking forward to getting started next week!


Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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