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The Chateau LeVeaux - Tofte

The Chateau LeVeaux - Tofte

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the painting project at Chateau LeVeaux in Tofte, MN! We are thrilled to be 'Up North' and a part of your project!



Wednesday, June 19th: Good morning! 

The Tofte crew has wrapped up and we wanted to share some of the 'After' photos --- we just love how updated the condo rentals look with some completed carpentry and a fresh coat of paint. 

Tofte complete

 The North Shore has never looked finer.

Tofte complete 4

Freshly painted and ready to host your vacation. 

Tofte complete 5

The sleek rentals are nestled right along the shoreline. 

Tofte complete 8

Those red adirondack chairs are calling to us!

Friday, June 14th: Good afternoon and TGIF! 

We've got some rainy weather today and the crew will be arriving later in the day. They'll be working through the weekend and hopefully finishing by Monday or Tuesday. We'll then complete a supervisor punch list walk through shortly thereafter to make sure we're all buttoned up and have completed the job to the client's satisfaction.

We'll post some pictures once they're back at it this weekend as the weather cooperates.

Thursday, June 6th: Good afternoon! 

The crew and the paint arrived onsite yesterday and with mostly sunny skies and weather in the mid-high 60’s, we will be gloriously working away and revitalizing this North Shore treasure. 

While we don’t have Mother Nature on the payroll, we anticipate that the project will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete and you can watch the transformation unfold right before your very eyes right here on the blog!

We want to thank Chip, Pete, Sharon, and all the fine folks of Chateau Leveaux for the unrivaled hospitality both in the estimating and project execution phases of the project. It hardly feels like work when you are taking in the beauty of the North Shore!

Stay tuned right here for ongoing updates!

Tofte prep and cover windows

 Prepping and covering windows, lights, etc before we start painting. 

Tofte paper plastic to cover

Prep means extensive covering of any and all areas where we don't want the paint to end up! 

Tofte painting building

Ladders up as we start the painting process. 

Tofte brush and roll

 Rolling on the paint!

Monday, June 3rd: Hello and welcome to the project blog for the painting project at Chateau LeVeaux. We are thrilled to be onsite! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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