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Creek Place - Plymouth

Creek Place - Plymouth

Wednesday, February 24th - PROJECT COMPLETE

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Creek Place in Plymouth. We are so glad you found us! 

Wednesday, February 24th: After three days of terrific productivity, we're thrilled to report that the fellas have wrapped up work at Creek Place. Of course, no project is complete until you, the homeowner says so! It is standard operating procedure for us to perform a walkthrough where we identify, and of course, address any and all "touchups." 

Thank you again everybody for having us! 

 Creek Place 1st Floor Lobby

Creek Place Sweet Lavendar Accent

Creek Place 1st Floor Lobby 2

Creek Place Blue Macaroon Accent

Creek Place Sweet Lavendar Accent

Tuesday, February 23rd: From Blue Macaroon to Mythic Mauve, the work continues at Creek Place today! We can already feel the vibrancy increasing and hopefully this vibrancy helps to jumpstart spring here in Minnesota! The crew is right on pace for a late Wednesday/early Thursday completion and this is in large part due to the incredible grace and cooperation from all of you! 

 Creekplace Mythic Mauve

Manuel applies "mythic mauve" to the 2nd floor elevator lobby. Vibrancy abounds at Creek Place! 

Monday, February 22nd: Good evening Creekside residents.  We hope your week is off to a great start. We are absolutely delighted to be working for you and the best painters in the business wasted no time getting things rolling (pun intended) in your hallways today! Thanks to the efforts of Virgil and Jeff, we finalized the project plan and began with the application of "Blue Macaroon" to the 3rd floor elevator lobby, and all the "accent panels" and alcoves in middle hallways on floors 1-3. We will replicate this process in the 2nd floor elevator lobby and the left hallways on floors 1-3 tomorrow with Mythic Mauve, and then lastly we will do the same in the 1st floor elevator lobby and RIGHT hallways with Sweet Lavendar. 

We want to thank all the residents for their cooperation as we spice up your hallways and we are right on schedule to complete things by week's end with some time to spare. Have a great night! 

Creekplace Manuel

Manuel cuts in the elevator lobby on the third with laser precision!

Creek Place Omar

And Omar follows with the roller in amongst a sea of drop cloths!

Sunday, February 21st: Greetings residents of Creek Place. We are very excited to get the project going first thing Monday morning and we want to take a moment to thank all the folks that had a hand in getting things lifted off the ground. Virgil, Shirley, Barb, and of course your manager Nancy, kudos for asking all the right questions and for keeping everything right on track. 

All the colors have been approved and we are moving forward with Blue Macaroon, Mythic Mauve, and Sweet Lavendar. You'll notice that some walls have been labeled with the corresponding colors and this will continue Monday morning. 

We'll see you all at 8 AM sharp. You can follow the ongoing project progress right here as the project unfolds. Thanks again! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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