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Dancing Waters Pool Building- Woodbury

Dancing Waters Pool Building- Woodbury

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for Dancing Waters- Pool House painting project. We are excited to be onsite with you!

Thursday, November 10th: We can't believe how the time flies as we approach mid-November. We were onsite yesterday to shoot our final video of the completed project at Dancing Waters. It's a bit lengthy, but we wanted to showcase what a beautiful Pool House and recreational area you have! Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of the process; we've thoroughly enjoyed seeing the updates! We're counting down the days until it's summer and the pool reopens. 

Friday, November 4th: Is it really November? We are loving this length fall weather! The project is complete at the pool house of Dancing Waters in Woodbury. It has been our distinct privilege to work with and for you this year. It won't be long before cannon balls, lounge chairs, and sunscreen take over the pool house! 

Have a great rest of the year!

Monday, October 31st: Happy Halloween! We hope you enjoyed the weekend; maybe you attended a Halloween party or two, cheered the Gophers to victory over Illinois, raked up the last of fall's leaves, or watched the Cubs beat the Indians to remain in contention for the World Series. As far as the Pool House goes, I'd say we're 99% there and the garage door is the only item left and will be completed tomorrow. 

Friday, October 28th: Happy Friday folks! We've made it to the weekend and we're just about complete. I'd say we're at 98% and will complete a walk through to make sure we've got everything covered. In the meantime, have a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 27th: With the rain behind us, we're completing various paint touch ups and also finishing staining and painting the garage style door. The end is in sight and we couldn't be happier with how everything looks! 

Dancing Waters completed 1

If only it was 30 degress warmer!

Wednesday, October 26th: Greetings residents of Dancing Waters! We hope you've enjoyed seeing the progress of your pool house and surrounding areas over the past month. It's been our pleasure being onsite working with and for you and we've thoroughly enjoyed capturing and sharing the progress made. 

With the rain we had yesterday and into today, the surfaces will be too wet to complete the various painting touch ups and final garage staining. But once it dries up a bit, we'll be back onsite to finish out your project. 

Monday, October 24th: We hope you all had a great weekend. Although the Vikings layed a real egg this past weekend, it's a new week and we're hopeful for a win next Monday against the Bears. It sounds like Jay Cutler is back from injury which bodes well for our chances! 

The pool house, pergolas, and shelter areas are coming along phenomenally. We have about one more day's worth of work left but it looks like tomorrow might be a bit wet, so we'll see where that puts us after we get through today.

Dancing waters almost done

The new color scheme is so fresh and right on trend with current design sensibilities! 

Dancing waters 10 24 1

Wishing it were summer to soak up this beauty. Before you know it, the Dancing Water youth will be putting on full cannonball displays. Thank goodness the paint we applied is hydrophobic and can withstand the onslaught of splashes!

Dancing waters panorama

 The white pergolas are really popping against the fall foliage. The fresh regal image is reminiscent of this structure.

Friday, October 21st: Woo! We made it to Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. We are working throughout the area and also painting the garage-style door and the front door. 

Dancing waters sand gargae door

Hermes sands the garage door. 

Dancing Waters paint first coat of door

The front doors get their first coat of paint. 

Thursday, October 20th: Happy Thursday folks! The crew is continuing to paint various substrates on the pool area and we have to say things are looking pretty great! 

20161020 113530 1

The 2nd coat is painted on the pool house tower. 

Wednesday, October 19th: Greetings Dancing Waters. We've made it mid-week and the weekend is in sight! The crew is painting the picnic/shelter areas as well as painting the garage/sliding door of the pool house. 

dancing waters garage area

Tape and prep for garage door and interior walls.

Dancing waters shelter area 1

Luis applies the first coat on the picnic area/shelter. While the clock may be ticking on picnics yet this year, what a way to usher in next spring! 

Monday, October 17th: Happy Monday residents of Dancing Waters. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and the beautiful weather we had! We're continuing on the pool house and painting the second coat as well as staining some areas. 

Dancing waters 2nd coat done 1

Painting and staining the pool house.

Dancing waters luis second coat 1

Luis puts on the second coat of stain.

Thursday, October 13th: Good afternoon! The crew has prepped the siding areas and has started painting as well. 

20161013 125603

Prep work. As you can see, prep is absolutely critical when it comes to yielding a great end result! 

Dancing Waters siding prep santiago luis

Santiago and Luis tape and prep for siding painting. Have they had their V8 today? 

Tuesday, October 11th: Greetings residents of Dancing Waters. We hope you all had a great weekend. Our apologies for the slight gap in updates, our office manager, Dana was in Chicago supporting her sisters who ran the marathon and is just back in the office today. 

The crew is working to stain the wooden substrates and paint the white trim areas. 

Dancing waters hermes staining

Hermes stains the posts.

Dancing Waters luis staining

Luis stains the posts on the pool house.

Thursday, October 6th: Hello Dancing Waters. We hope you're having a great week thus far! The crew is painting the trim across all areas of the pool house. 

Dancing waters santiago and luis 1

Santiago and Luis put the second coat on the pool house trim in perfect unison! 

Dancing Waters Jorge

Jorge paints the first coat on the tower. 

Tuesday, October 4th: Good afternoon residents of Dancing Waters. We're hoping the rain clears out and things dry up quickly. Our crew is painting the pergolas and also painting the tower of the pool house. 

dancing Waters pergola

Fredy and Santiago put a fresh coat of white on the pergolas.

Dancing waters jorge paint tower

Jorge puts the second coat of paint on the tower. Up, up and away! 

Progress video taken from our drone. 

Friday, September 30th: Happy Friday everyone! We hope you are loving this perfect fall weather we're having! And the better news is that there is a several day stretch of this ahead!

The Dancing Waters crew is prepping and priming surfaces for painting. 

Dancing WatersJorge covering windows

Jorge mans the lift to cover the tower's windows. 

Thursday, September 29th: Hello residents of Dancing Waters in Woodbury. We hope you're having a great week! The crew is continuing to pressure wash the canopy/pergola areas. For areas that have fully dried from the pressure washing, we've started priming. Also there is some caulk work being completed on designated areas. 

dancing waters wash

Fredy works to pressure wash the pergolas. 

Dancing waters prep

Santiago applies primer to freshly washed areas. 

Dancing waters fredy caulk

Fredy caulks the gaps.

Tuesday, September 27th: Good afternoon residents of Dancing Waters. Our crew is onsite using the 'big guns' to continue pressure washing today. 

Dancing waters wash 1 1

Go go gadget arms to reach the top of the pool house roof.

Monday, September 26th: Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend. The colors have been decided and painting will get underway tomorrow. Check out our 'Before' video of the Pool House. We are excited to see how everything turns out! 

Monday, September 19th: Good afternoon residents of Dancing Waters in Woodbury. During this project, we'll be pressure washing the upper exterior areas, archways and shelters as well as the pergolas. Once a color scheme has been chosen, we'll then paint the same upper exterior areas of the pool house, the shelters and archways, and the pergolas. You can follow progress right here on the blog. We'll be updating several times a week with progress and pictures and we'll try to have some fun as well. We are excited to get the project started!

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments (4)

  • Dana Clark

    26 October 2016 at 14:41 | #

    Hey Jeff- Thank you for your kind words. We're glad you enjoyed seeing the progress as much as we enjoyed capturing it!


  • Tom Grant

    25 October 2016 at 21:34 | #

    How cool is this! Looks great. What a great place to live❤️Thank you


    • Dana Clark

      26 October 2016 at 14:18 | #

      Hey Tom- Thanks for the note! It was our privilege to be onsite and spruce up the pool house and surrounding areas. We've enjoyed seeing the progression of progress as well!


  • Jeff Kirchoff

    25 October 2016 at 20:37 | #

    Great historical presentation of the job! Thank you!

    Jeff Kirchoff
    Dancing Waters Homeowner and Sub Association Board Member


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