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Devonwood HOA - Bloomington

Devonwood HOA - Bloomington

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Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting and carpentry project @ Devonwood! We are excited to be back onsite with you!

 Devonwood Site Map

Devonwood Site Map 

Devonwood- Projected Finishing Schedule
             Building #      Pressure Wash                 Paint    
Phase 1 1, 2, 3 Friday 4/14 Monday 4/17-Friday 4/27
Phase 2 4, 5, 25 Friday 4/28 Monday 5/1- Wednesday 5/10
Phase 3 23, 24 Monday 5/8 Thursday 5/11- Friday  5/26
Phase 4  22 Friday, 5/26 Tuesday 5/30- 6/5
Phase 5  21 Friday 6/2 Monday 6/5- 6/9

Projected finishing schedule. 

Welcome to the project blog for this year's painting and carpentry project. 


Friday, June 9th: Happy Friday! James Corden is always up to something and that something is usually pretty funny. He recently put together a surprise for Tom Cruise while he was in London. Corden pitched the idea of 'Tom's Cruise on The River Thames Cordon.' This included puns of all kinds relating to all things Tom Cruise and James himself while aboard the "cruise" ship. The duo even karaoke'd to 'Lovin' Feeling' from Top Gun! Check out the video to get your Friday started off with some fun! 

The crew is planning to finish up painting Building #21 today and will be back onsite to paint the remaining doors. 

We hope you have a great weekend. Stay cool- it's supposed to be a hot one!

Thursday, June 8th: Greetings and happy Thursday! It was exciting night last night for the Golden State Warriors and unfortunately a heartbreaking night for Cavaliers as Golden State brought their team to a 3-0 lead in the finals. Game 4 will be played tomorrow night in Cleveland and we can't predict the future, but we'd say it's a safe bet that Golden State has it in the bag. 

The crew is back at it and we are excited to report that they'll wrap up Building #21 tomorrow! 

DW francisco tapes off the shutters

Francisco tapes off the shutters. 

DW tyrese preps garage doors

Tyrese preps the garage door for painting. 

Monday, June 5th: Hello residents of Devonwood! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had! 

The crew is wrapping up Building #22 today and will also begin prepping and painting on Building #21. With a week of dry weather ahead, the crew is tentatively set to finish on Friday! 

DW paint porch

One of the porches on Building #21 is painted. 

DW ladder work on 22

The crew is wrapping up on Building #22.

DW mauricio paints porch

A beautiful backdrop for painting! 

Wednesday, May 31st: We can't believe May is coming to a close and June is right around the corner. We're hopeful the new month will bring more sunshine and less rain and if today is any indication of that- we'll take it! This warmer weather has us eager to use our outdoor grills and bbq! Thrillist's list of '100 Best Burgers In America' is out and Minnesota takes 4 of the spots. At #100, is Matt's Bar's Juicy Lucy, #86 is the Paddy Shack Burger from Half-Time Rec, #47 is the Parlour Burger, and #40 is Sainte Dinette's cheeseburger. Looks like we having some tasting to do! 

The crew is continuing on Building #22 and will do so for the remainder of the week. We will be pressure washing Building #21 on Friday and then begin prep and painting on Tuesday 6/6. Also, as a heads up, we'll be starting to paint front doors in the next several days- stay tuned for further details. Thanks! 

DW Anibar carpentry

DW bldg 22 painting

Building 22 is underway!

Tuesday, May 30th: We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the Holiday with family and friends. And then just a few short days and we'll have another weekend. Art Fair season is upon us as the Edina Art Fair kicks off on Friday. There are 280 local, national, and international artists as well as lots of live music, food, drinks, and even activities for the kiddos. Check out their website for all the need-to-know information. 

The crew at Devonwood is prepping Building 22 and will likely start painting as well. 

Devonwood 22 taping

Today's buzzword: Tape

DW 22 prep work

The window trim and soffits are brush and rolled.

DW 22 prep

Thorough taping is crucial to effective prep work.

Friday, May 26th: TGIF! As we're all anxiously awaiting a 3-day weekend, we want to take a moment and say thank you to our service men and women who tirelessly serve and protect our country. We will also remember and honor those brave souls who have died in service. 

Memorial day

Today at Devonwood, we have a crew pressure washing Building #22. They'll be back on Tuesday to begin their prep work and painting of the building. 

We hope you all have a great weekend! 

DW psray 22 garage 1

"Say hello to my little friend" 

DW spray 22

Building 22 gets all cleaned up.

DW spray 22 garage

Francisco makes sure the garage doors are paint-ready.

Thursday, May 25th: Today is turning out to be the best day of the week yet! Not to get ahead of ourselves, but guess how many weeks until the State Fair? 13 weeks! There will be an exciting addition to this year's festival- a 156 foot Ferris Wheel. The Great Big Wheel is one of the tallest traveling Ferris Wheels in North America and will take 12 trucks to get to MN. There are 36 buckets that can each hold 6 people, so the more the merrier! If you seek the thrill of high heights, this one's for you!

Work continues at Devonwood and the painting crew will be onsite tomorow to pressure washing Building #22. As a reminder, we ask that you please remove all small belongings from your front entries and decks. After the holiday weekend, we'll be back to begin prep and painting on Tuesday, 5/30.

Wednesday, May 24th: Hello Devonwood! Though this weather isn't quite what we'd hoped for, we'll take it! No rain = happy crew members and work in progress! 

 The finale of The Voice was last night and our Minnesota man, Jesse Larson sure made us proud! His final performance was an energetic and honorable tribute to Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy.' He sang along side his coach, Adam Levine but it wasn't quite enough for him to win. Alicia Key's condendor, Chris Blue won the show with his soulful and R&B style talents. Congrats! If you follow the show, next season, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson will replace Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. 

The painting crew is working on Building #22 with prepping and painting the porch portions. They'll be pressure washing Building #22 on Friday, 5/26. We ask that you please remove any belongings from your front entries and decks. Thank you! We will tentatively begin carpentry and painting the front and side elevations, select areas of rear elevations, and garages on Tuesday, 5/30. We're anticipating this will take 6-10 working days, which of course is variable due to weather. Stay tuned right here on the blog and we'll keep you fully apprised of the working schedule and any potential delays. 

DW setting up on 22

Ladders are set up and they're ready to go.

DW bldg 22 porch painting

Up, up and away we go!

DW francisco bldg 22

Francisco grabs his bucket and is ready to paint the porch railings. 

Tuesday, May 23rd: Well the sunshine didn't last too long... the crews are onsite completing painting and carpentry work on the porch areas of Building #25 and #24. Again, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and we hope to get these buildings finished today. Building #22 is almost done and is in the que for either today or tomorrow as well, weather permitting. Once these buildings are complete, we'll start on #21 and #22. 

DW painting bldg 25 railings

The porch railings and door frames get painted. 

DW carpentry and painting 25

Anibar and Victor simultaneously tackle the carpentry and painting sections of Building #25. 

Monday, May 22nd: Hello Devonwood and happy, sunny Monday! It sure is a welcomed change to see the sun! 

Anyone catch the Billboard Music Awards last night? One of the highlights was Celine Dion's performance of 'My Heart Will Go On' for Titanic's 20th Anniversary! Celine is overly talented and sang with such grace and poise. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

We have a crew wrapping up Building #23 today and #24 was completed last week. Since the weather is still pretty variable with some rain forecasted for later this week, stay tuned on the blog and we will keep you apprised of further scheduling for painting and carpentry. Thank you all for your patience and enjoy this sunny day! 

DW carpentry screen frames anibar

Anibar gets the screen frames back on track. 

DW paint building 23

Jesus paints the deck balusters. 

Friday, May 19th: We're back- painting crews have been spotted at Devonwood! We have a crew on the #23 Building and the #24 Building. Our carpenters are also onsite completing screen work and some misc. carpentry. As much as we are eternal optimists at Roell Painting, the immediate horizon doesn't look too promising with rain threatening the next few days as well! On the bright side, your grass will be extremely satiated. 

We'll be watching intently as the weather unfolds over the next few days and we will keep you fully apprised as to when we'll be back. We appreciate your patience as Mother Nature dominates the weather game. 

DW framed porches

Prep work on the #23 Building. 

DW screen porches at 23

2 man show painting the 'screened' porch. 

DW Francisco wave

Francisco waves 'Adios' to all of this rain, hopefully!

If you're wanting to look ahead to the weekend and get over this slump of a week, Northeast Minneapolis Art Association's Art-A-Whirl will take over Northeast Minneapolis for the weekend. In it's 22nd year of open studios, demonstrations, sales, kids' activities, and food and drink specials at surrounding breweries and restaurants, Art-A-Whirl takes art appreciation to a whole new level. Though the weather won't be much different than the rainy week we've had, grab your umbrella or even take the buses that are looping between buildings hosting open studios and explore all NE has to offer! 

Thursday, May 18th: Here we are again... though it's too wet to paint, our carpenters are onsight getting ahead on some carpentry work. 

dwight the office

Dwight from The Office pulls through with a joke to ease the pain of a week's worth of rain. 

Wednesday, May 17th: Good afternoon residents of Devonwood. We hope you're all staying dry with all of this rain we're having. Although the rain is touch and go, that doesn't give us enough time for the substrates to dry out and begin painting with enough dry time. 

While we continue to wait for Mother Nature to grant us more favorable weather, we can applaud Minnesota- native Jesse Larson for making it to the finale of The Voice last night. He played Chris Stapleton's Tennessee Whiskey in a sing-off to complete for the final and fourth spot in the finale. Twitter rose to a frenzy and saved our hometown dude. Tune in next week to see who is granted winner of 'The Voice.'

Tuesday, May 16th: Though the weather seems to have cleared up for the moment, it looks like more rain either this afternoon and/or tomorrow. With that in mind, we'll keep you updated here on the blog with when the crews will be back once everything has dried out enough. 

Until then, here's the Will & Grace trailer that was released yesterday from NBC to perk up this rainy morning. The 12-episode revival kicks off this fall on NBC!

The gang's back at it! 

Monday, May 15th: Good afternoon residents of Devonwood! We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather had over the weekend...too bad we couldn't keep it up. We've got a RAIN DELAY folks. The next few days don't look too promising either. Stay tuned for further updates and have a great rest of the day! 

Friday, May 12th: Happy Friday ya'll! We are in store for a gorgeous weekend!

The crews are continuing on Buildings 23 and 24. The shutters are also taking their turn for painting on the designated buildings.

DW shutters nestor

Nestor paints the shutters on Building #2. 

DW shutters roberto

Hit the refresh button! Roberto gives these shutters an update.

Here are a few pictures from almost -complete Builing #5 yesterday.

DW bldg 5 garage trim

The final touches to the trim on Buildings #5.

DW bldg 5

Building #5 is just about complete.

We can't get enough of Jimmy Fallon's #MOMQUOTES. Cheers to all the Moms!

Thursday, May 11th: Happy Thursday and cheers to a beautiful Minnesota day! Today happens to be the state's 159th Birthday. Minnesota joined the union back in 1858. Today we can celebrate all things Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes, Uff-da & Fargo references, hot dishes, Vikings loyalties, and of course, all of the snow! 

And the beat goes on...One of the crews was finishing up Building #5 today and then prepping and priming #23. Building #24 is also underway with caulking and scraping. The carpentry crew is doing screen work on #2. 

Tomorrow, we'll have a crew starting on the shutters at Building #1.

DW carpentry screens on

And the screens go up!

DW screens on

Caution: Carpenters at work.

DW carpentry

Chris cuts the screen porch frames. 

Wednesday, May 10th: Good afternoon residents of Devonwood! Hopefully you packed an umbrella if you're out and about this afternoon. Looks like the rain should be done in the next hour or so!

Mother's Day is a short 4 days away, so here's your official head's up to get that card for your mom, grandma, aunt, godmother, sister, and all those who share their love, patience, and guidance with us! 

The crews were racing against Mother Nature this afternoon to continue and finish their touch ups on Buildings 1, 2, 4, & 25. Another crew is also finishing up Buildings 3 and 5. With the rain and touch ups, the crew will now start 23 and 24 tomorrow. 

Tuesday, May 9th: Hello residents of Devonwood! 

A tad bit of trivia for you all; Titanic is having it's 20 year anniversary this year and Celine Dion tweeted that she'll be performing "My Heart Will Go On" at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on May 21st. Seems like just yesterday Jack (DiCaprio) and Rose (Winslet) met aboard the Titanic and told their story of the night the Titanic sank. 

We've got some busy bees at Devonwood. We have crews completing touch ups on Buildings 1, 2, 4, and 25, painting the screened porches on 3 & 4, and then starting on 24 tomorrow and 23 Thursday. 

DW bldg 5 doorframe

Fransisco paints the door frame on Building #5.

DW bldg 5 porches

Screens are off; time to paint the porches!

Monday, May 8th: Good afternoon and Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had! And the good news is that it's sticking around for a bit. It's about time, right Minnesota? 

weather 5 8

We're happy to see that Mother Nature is working in our favor!

The crews at Devonwood are completing touch ups on Buildings #1-4, painting the screened porches on #1-5, and Building #5 as a whole. The carpenters are continuing on replacing approved screen frames. They are also replacing rotted/damaged wood on fronts of buildings, decks, screen porches, and garages. Today we are also pressure washing Buildings #23 and #24. 

If you've noticed the shutters and front doors are not painted, it's not by mistake. We'll have a crew starting those later this week. 

DW screened porch painting

Jesus and Fransisco paint the porch posts. 

DW screened porch painting 1

The porches get their turn for painting.

DW carpentry repairs

Anibar and Chris hit the nail on the head with their carpentry skills. 

DW teamwork

Team work makes the dream work. We've got dualing painters and carpenters on this Building.

Friday, May 5th: Happy Cino de Mayo!! We are celebrating the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. We are celebrating Mexican culture with a fiesta lunch for our crews at Roell Painting this afternoon. We want to celebrate Mexican history and have a little fun as well!! 


The crews are wrapping up 5 & 25 today and will paint shutters and doors tomorrow and Monday. They'll also be painting inside the screened porches where the screens have been removed. 

DW bldg 5 1

Mauricio and Jesus paint the chimney stacks. 

DW bldg 5

The crews are on top of the world today!

Thursday, May 4th: 

star wars day

Very fittingly, today is Star Wars Day!  Jedi and Stormtroopers alike are celebrating this iconic film franchise today. Grab your light sabers and celebrate with some trivia, watch one of the films, or check out this video Jimmy Fallon put together- it's Star Wars characters singing "All Star" by Smash Mouth.  

The crews are continuing to paint at Buildings 4 & 5. They'll also start on Building 25. We couldn't be happier about this weather and so are the crews! We hope to stick to our schedule with this stretch of dry weather. 

Mid-day update: Building 4 is complete.

Devonwood bldg 25

The crew is trucking forward on Building 25. 

Devonwood bldg 25 in progress

The ladies are holding down the fort and painting the door frames.

IMG 3490 2

Our crew has serious 'Atlas' capabilities. 

Wednesday, May 3rd: Finally, this spring weather is showing up! Just a few days left until the 143rd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. This Saturday, the Garland of Roses will be awarded for what's famed to be the "Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports." So don an extravagant hat & schmancy apparel and grab a Mint Julep to watch the big race. Check out the horses, betting odds, "Derby" party must-haves, and Derby trivia at their official site

Quick update: the crews are working on Buildings 4 & 5 today with prep on 25 either starting this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning. We're glad to see the sun and be back on track with this more favorable weather! 

Devonwood bldg 4 painting

The crew gets a start on the window trim. 

Devonwood bldg 4 painting 1

Mauricio paints the bump outs on Building #4. 

Devonwood building 5 paintingpeg

Can you spot the Roell Painting logo in the corner?

Tuesday, May 2nd: We can't believe it's May already! Where is the time going? It will be summer before we know it. Though it's been a wet start to the month thus far, things have cleared up today and for the next few days. With all of the rain and the lower temperatures over night, the painting crews won't be onsite today. This afternoon the carpentry crew will start their be work on the common areas of Buildings 4, 5, and 25 and will continue over the next few days to complete these common areas. 

Did the NFL Draft having you dreaming of fall and Vikings football? Or even better- Super Bowl 52 at U.S. Bank Stadium? The preparations are in full force as the Host Committee is taking applications for volunteers. The committee reports they'll need 10,000 volunteers and hope to take at least 15,000 applications since they lose people along the way with multiple step to complete the process. Though they're currently accepting applicants, the official process won't begin until August with interviews and background checks. Think this will be your "ticket" to the big game? Think again, unfortunately they're not taking any volunteers for inside U.S. Bank Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, but you can help with the 10-day festival leading up to the big game. Sound like something you'd want to do? Here's a link to a recent article about volunteering. There's also a link to the volunteer application if you're interested. Under 300 days to go!

Thursday, April 27th: Were those really snow flurries? We can't bare to face these curveballs Mother Nature is throwing at us. So, unfortunately the moisture and low temperatures are going to put a stop on our work for today.

It looks as though we'll have better fortune tomorrow! Until then, stay dry & warm!

Wednesday, April 26th: Here we are on another rainy, spring day. I suppose the upside is everything looking green! It's that time of year again, Time Magazine has put out it's 100 Most Influential People list. The best of the best are categorized by Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, Titans, and Icons. The other interesting bit is that the "blurb" on each person is written by someone who is an enthusiast of that individual. Check out the list here.

Though the crews were rained out today, we wanted to keep you updated of pressure washing that will occur on Friday, 4/28. Buildings #4, #5, and #25 will be pressure washed so we ask that you remove any small belongings from your front entries and decks before that day to ensure they are not damaged during the cleaning of your building. We'll then tentatively begin carpentry and painting of the fron and side elevations as well as select areas of the rear elevation on the residence buildings and garages on Monday, 5/1.

 Fingers crossed for clear and sunny days ahead!

Tuesday, April 25th: Good afternoon Devonwood. We hope you're staying dry on this rainy, spring day. 

Everything can't be rainbows... but you can have a Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks. Maybe you've heard about the latest beverage craze from Seattle's finest, a pink and blue blended drink that is both sweet and sour. Pictures and opinions of this drink have been all over social media. Apparently, there is more to come for coloful and sweet drinks; the latest we heard there is now a Dragon Frappuccino and a Unicorn Lemonade. We haven't gotten our hands on any of the colorful drinks, so we'll leave you to do the taste test.

While you're busy dreaming of a Unicorn Frapp, the crews at Devonwood are racing against Mother Nature to get in a full day's work. The crew has completed Building #1, with the garage being finished by day's end. Building #2 is in progress for painting and Building #3 is nearing completion. The completion of the buildings excludes the carpentry portion. We are still navigating the best way to go about that aspect. 

It looks like this rain is sticking around for another day, so grab those umbrellas!

Devonwood garage on building 1

The garages are the last part of the painting portion of your project...say that 10 times fast!

Devonwood garage on building 1 painting

The calm before the storm. 

Friday, April 21st: Happy Friday everyone! We are so glad to see the sun is back! Today we are reminded of our beloved Prince and his creativity, success, and the mark he left on the world and also Minneapolis. Today is the one-year anniversary of his death and there are many celebrations to honor his life and legacy happening in the Twin Cities this weekend. Paisley Park has numerous events to celebrate our purple star. Also, First Avenue is hosting a late-night dance party from 10pm-4am tonight if that's your jam!

If you can't make it to an official event, here's a reminder of Prince's 2007 Superbowl Halftime performance. Turn it up and Let's Go Crazy! 


Wear your purple and remember Prince's influence on the Minneapolis music scene. 

The crews are loving the sunshine and dry weather today! They are continuing their painting on Buildings #1, #2, and #3. We'll keep you updated on their finishing schedule for this first phase of painting. Unfortunately, we can't control the rain, but we do our best to stay on schedule. As a heads up for next week, we'll be pressure washing Phase 2 on Wednesday, April 26th- Phase 2 inlcudes Buildings #4, #5, and #25. 

Devonwood phase 1 painting

T-shirt & shorts for the win on this gorgeous Friday @ Devonwood!

Devonwood victors crew

The door trim gets a freshening up!

Thursday, April 20th: Though there is a rain delay at Devonwood and there isn't much to report on, you can check out our Project Blog "CAI-MN Expo" to follow us throughout the day. Our office team is headed to the tradeshow and we'll be meeting with property managers, vendors, and all of the hard working people that keep associations like yours running smoothly! It is 80s themed so don't mind the Michael Jackson, Blondie, Madonna, or Prince narrating our experience! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Wednesday, April 19th: Good afternoon Devonwood residents. We've been lucky so far rain = painting for our crews. The crews are continuing their painting on Buildings #1-#3. Let's cross our fingers the rain stays away and our crews can keep cruising along tomorrow. If there is a delay, we'll be sure to let you know!

Devonwood painting wave 1

No fear of heights here!

Tuesday, April 18th: Rain Delay 

Monday, April 17th: We hope you all had a great weekend. Maybe you have some Easter candy leftover and if you do, maybe you'd be interested in trying a "Peepza."  Apparently, there is some controversy over what should and shouldn't be put on a pizza. and there are opinions on everything from pineapple to peanut butter to Peeps. Over the weekend, Twitter was buzzing with photos and opinions on the melted neon-flecked Peeps on pizza. Check it out for yourself.

While you contemplate whether marshmallows belong on pizza, the crews at Devonwood have begun their prep and painting on Buildings #1, #2, & #3. For the carpentry portion of this year's project we are still in the works of the best approach to maximize efficiency while also minimizing disruption to homeowners. It looks like there's some rain in the forecast for this week as well, so stay tuned if there are any rain delays. 

Weather 4 17

It's looking like we're into the Spring Showers...but back to sun for the weekend! Stay Tuned!

Devonwood paint

Beautiful day for some painting @ Devonwood. 

Devonwood painting 1

4 ladders and 3 crew members getting the job done on day 1 of your project. 

Friday, April 14th: Aaaaand they're off! The crews are off and running for this spring's project at Devonwood! 

The crews are pressure washing the exteriors of Buildings #1, #2, and #3. Thank you to homeowners for removing items from your front entries and decks so we can thoroughly wash all surfaces, we really appreciate it! 

They'll be washing for the duration of today and then be back onsite on Monday to begin prep, painting, and carpentry on these first 3 Buildings. 

We hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter! And GO Wild! Game 2 of the playoff against the St. Louis Blues is tonight at the Xcel. 

Happy Friday!

devonwood pressure wash 1

The garage trim gets a good cleaning! 

Devonwood pressure washing

Team ladder-work by the Roell Painting Team! 

Friday, April 7th: Here we are again on a gorgeous Friday! And this time we are happy to report we've set a date to get your painting and carpentry project underway!

The crews will be onsite next Friday, 4/14 to pressure wash Buildings #1, #2, and #3. We ask that you remove all small belongings from your front entries and decks before that day to esure they are not damaged during the cleaning of your building. 

Our tentative schedule is to then start the prep & painting of the front & sides of the residence buildings & garages and carpentry on rear elevation & screen porches Monday, 4/17. We anticipate this will take about 6-10 working days with weather playing the biggest variable to this schedule. Once the carpenter's complete their work on the rear elevation decking & screen porches, they will begin working on your decks. 

Please stay tuned right here on the blog for any updates, changes- if they come up, and progress to your project! We'll have a better idea of the project schedule for the remaining buildings after we get through these first 3 Buildings. We'll then post our projected timeline for project completion. 

Tomorrow is forecasted to be absolutely gorgeous and we hope you can get outside to enjoy it! Taylor's Falls, Afton, and Minnehaha Falls have great trails for all ages and abilities. Thanks so much and we'll see you next week!

weather 4 7

Spring has sprung! 

Friday, March 10th: Happy Friday residents of Devonwood and welcome to the official blog for your upcoming painting and carpentry project. It's so great to be back at your wonderful association. Once Mother Nature cooperates and we're not seeing any snow and the temperatures are a bit warmer we will be getting things going. 

This year's project entails misc. carpentry repairs and painting concentrated on Buildings #1-#5 and Buildings #21-#25. We'll start with Buildings #1-#5 after the new roofs have been installed. 

Since the weather has been so unpredictable with a ping pong of temperatures ranging from 15- 60 degrees in the last few weeks, we'll wait until the weather is holding steady to maximize our efficiency and keep work moving forward. So unfortunately we can't give a definitive start date, though we'll keep you fully apprised via this blog with all updates and information. Some carpentry repairs to the common areas can be done ahead of our official start, so don't be surprised if you see us later this month. 

Once we have a set start date, further carpentry repairs will be completed on individual homes. You will receive sufficient notice as to when we'll be onsite to complete these porch/unit inspections. Some units have also been identified with needing screen replacement- you will be notified via your HOA Board if this applies to your unit. 

The best way to stay up-to-date with project info is to check this project blog frequently. We'll be updating you with all pertinent project information, start dates, any changes to the schedule, and progress updates. We'll try and have some fun along the way as well!

So for now, happy Friday and have a great weekend! 


Flashback Friday to Full House and the one and only Michelle Tanner! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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  • Linda king

    05 May 2017 at 18:03 | #

    I live at 10953 Rhode Island Ave S. I understand you will be doing my new screen and painting porch. I have a bamboo blind and white cloth on for privacy. I will put new ones when you finish. I fell and have a fractured pelvis. Will you be willing to take those down for me? I have a table and two chairs plus a bookcase that need covering or moving. Can you handle that. I can do nothing but walk with my walker and no heavy listing let me know if you are able or willing to help me with those items. Thank you.
    Linda King


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