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Dodd Marsh Highlands - Lakeville

Dodd Marsh Highlands - Lakeville

Saturday, May 23rd - Staining Completed Today

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the deck staining project at Dodd Marsh Highlands in Lakeville. We are so glad you found us! 

Saturday, May 23rd: The crew is back onsite this morning at Dodd Marsh to wrap up the deck staining project at Dodd Marsh! I know homeowners have been inquiring about when things will be complete and our best guess is that by lunch today, we should be wrapped up. We of course want to thank Mr. Ed Burek, and all of the residents for having us. Now go enjoy your decks and get some sunshine on your shoulders!


Hopefully, this is the feeling at Dodd Marsh all weekend! 

Friday, May 22nd: After a gorgeous and productive day at Dodd Marsh on Thursday, Balta and his band of painting extraordinaire's shift their focus south of Inca and resume work there. If things go according to plan and the weather holds, we should wrap the staining up tomorrow. We appreciate everybody's cooperation and are excited for all the residents to start enjoying your decks! 


The decks are thirrrrrsty at Dodd Marsh!!!! 

Thursday, May 21st: Deck staining is underway at Dodd Marsh Highlands and we thought we'd give a little glimpse of before and after!

Before Staining

 Dodd Before

After Staining

Dodd After

Wednesday, May 20th:  Though we were hopeful that Balta would be returning onsite today to begin staining your decks, the project in Hugo had to be extended one more day and barring any major setbacks, we will be at Dodd Marsh beginning tomorrow, Thursday May 21st. Thanks for your patience. See you tomorrow! 

Tuesday, May 19th:  The crew is rolling off of a job in Hugo hopefully by day's end today, and if the schedule holds, we will be back at Dodd Marsh tomorrow to begin staining the decks. The staining will follow the same route as the pressure washing, starting at 19126, working north, then jumping across the street and moving west to south. 

Monday, May 18th: Wet and cold conditions have halted the progress at Dodd Marsh. Hopefully, wind and sun will accelerate drying so the guys can get back onsite Wednesday 5/20 to begin staining. 

Wednesday, May 13th: The decks have been pressure washed and now it's just a waiting game until the decks dry. With more rain in the forecast for tomorrow, it will likely be early to mid next week until we return. If you've had a chance to take a glance at the decks, you'll see what a huge difference the detergent wash/pressure washing has made. Your decks are optimally condition to receive the stain and if the rain ever quits, you'll be enjoying beautiful summer nights on your newly stained decks! 


The decks are in optimal shape to receive the stain.

Tuesday, May 12th:  Not exactly the weather we were hoping for in Mid-May but nevertheless, the good news is that pressure washing continues at the Highlands at Dodd Marsh. The fellas got 28 decks washed yesterday and have 14 left to go, which should be completed midday today or so. Everyone did an incredible job of getting their decks cleared off and we can't thank you enough for your cooperation. Hopefully, the weather cooperates the remainder of the week so we can get the staining underway...most likely, however, it will be next week. Have a great day everybody! 

Dodd Pressure Washing

Balta and Lito  diligently pressure washing away at Dodd Marsh

Monday, May 11th: First of all, happy belated Mother's Day to all the mothers out at Dodd Marsh! We hope you got a chance to be celebrated! The guys arrive onsite today to begin pressure washing and consider the deck staining project our mother's day gift to you! We will be starting in the NE Corner of the association and the plan today is to pressure wash all the decks North of Inca Ave. Depending on the progress we make, we will then resume pressure washing tomorrow by tackling all the decks south of Inca Avenue. Upon completion, we will need to give the decks adequate time to dry so stay tuned right here with updates to the project schedule. There should be signs onsite directing you to the blog. Thanks-and thank you to everybody who helped getting their decks cleared off in advance of our arrival. The good news is that you will get to enjoy your deck all summer long! 


Charting the course for pressure washing at Highlands at Dodd Marsh

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