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Dodd Marsh HOA - Lakeville, MN

Dodd Marsh HOA - Lakeville, MN

Rain Delay (Again)

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for painting/staining project @ Dodd Marsh. We are so glad you found us! 

Thursday, June 8th: As you may have suspected, rains have yet again foiled our grand plans for completion at Dodd Marsh. While there's still an outside chance that if the weather cooperates we can still finish by Saturday, we aren't exactly holding our breath. To be safe, I think everybody should plan for completion by early next week. 

Just like John Fogerty, we're asking ourselves "Who'll Stop The Rain?"

Tuesday, June 7th: It's amazing what a little sunshine will do! With an unprecedented two concecutive days w/o rain, the fellas have continued to make progress on the deck staining and should we get continued cooperation from Mother Nature, we are hopeful that we can wrap things up by week's end. 

It should be noted that we don't deem any project complete until YOU SAY SO and it's standard operating procedure for us to perform a series of walk-throughs where touch-ups are marked and taken care of. 

Your crew supervisor Jesse will be overseeing these efforts and he'll be going over the job with a fine tooth comb. 

Jesse Website Pic

Jesse "Eagle Eye" Maki will be inspecting the job in Lakeville on Thursday.

Friday, June 3rd: Well, here we go again. The rain has been absolutely relentless and has halted the project progress yet again. But like they say, every cloud has a silver lining and that silver lining is that the guys were able to take advantage of favorable weather in the middle of the week. We've managed to stain around 17 decks, but obviously there's a lot of work to be done yet and as soon as the weather cooperates, we will pick up right where we left off. Also, as we've made our way around the association, we have noticed that previous contractors did not exercise a great deal of caution when staining your decks. This is precisely why we are taking cautious measures to cover the areas we are not staining! 

Dodd Deck Covering

 Dodd Deck Covering 2

While other contractors historically onsite have taken shortcuts, a few extra moments per home can result in a dramatically better end result! 

Tuesday, May 31st: We are starting to sound like a broken record, but rain has delayed the project at Dodd Marsh yet again. With door frames being sheltered, work has continued in those areas and with storms moving out and the forecast looking promising, our hope is to begin staining decks tomorrow (weather permitting of course). Should the weather hold, expect to see us back onsite tomorrow where will begin staining the decks in the same order they were washed (starting down at the beginning of Inndale Drive).

Thanks for your patience everybody!  

Friday, May 27th:  Needless to say, we are getting a little tired of the rain!!! Despite the deluge, the fellas did manage to sneak in a productive day yesterday and made it as far up to 19142 Inndale Drive. Meanwhile, because of the absence of lightning, pressure washing continues and we've added a second pressure washer to the fleet to expedite the completion process. We are hopeful that if we keep our noses to the grindstone, we can wrap up 12 o'clock tomorrow, just in time for you to enjoy...more rain showers! 

Should the sun decide to shine on Sunday, we welcome you to return furniture to your deck before our return on Tuesday to begin staining. If we get a few consecutive days of sun, there's an outside chance we could wrap things up by the end of next week. 

Thanks everybody and enjoy the holiday weekend! 

 Dodd Gable Louvers

Alberto paints a gable louver with his breath held (and his fingers crossed) that a car doesn't back out of the garage! 

Wednesday, May 25th: As we navigate the weather unpredictablity, the fellas have still managed chip away at the project at Dodd Marsh. By day's end on Tuesday, approximately 30 decks along Inndale Drive had been detergent and pressure washed, and the trim on 25 units had been prepped and painted. Obviously, we haven't quite figured out a way to get Mother Nature on the payroll yet, so we'll just have to wait and see what she has in store. 


Dodd Underdecking

On previous projects performed by other painting contractors, homeowners rightfully complained that the siding and windows were not carefully covered and wound up with stain all over them. When we get to the staining phase of the project, these areas will be covered to prevent the problem from occurring again.

DoddMarsh Revive

Minor applies a deck detergent to one of the deck floors to "lighten and brighten the substrate" in advance of pressure washing.

Dodd Crew

Obed, Jesus, Oscar, Alberto, Minor, and Kenya get things underway at Dodd Marsh Monday morning! 

Friday, May 20th: 

Likely a blue notice on your garage door frame has led you to our humble little blog. If that is the case, welcome! 

We will getting things underway tomorrow morning with pressure washing your rear decks -103 total. We've kindly asked that homeowners remove items from their deck for pressure washing, and the idea is to complete the washing by the middle of this week. 

We will be starting @14108 Inndale Drive and we'll ultimately meander our way up to Inndale Court,  Inman Trail, Inman Court, then finally Ingleside Court. 

It will not be necessary for you to leave all your belonging off your deck for the duration of the project. In fact, please follow the progress right here on the blog for the most up-to-date information regarding the schedule and when you can return your furniture, etc...back to your deck. 

While a lot of the work will be the washing/staining of your decks, we will also be completing your front door frames (including sidelights/transom windows where applicable), your garage door frames, and your front gable louvers. 

Thanks so much in advance for having us. We look forward to working with/for you. 

Have a great Sunday evening! 

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