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Fields of Nanterre - Plymouth

Fields of Nanterre - Plymouth

Friday July 17th - Projected Completion on 7/20

Friday, July 17th: With the rain out of the way, work picked up right where it left off at Fields of Nanterre on Friday. The crew continues to make their way through the carriage homes and as of 2:00 Friday afternoon, they are on pace to complete the project on Monday, provided we get cooperative weather. We'll keep you posted of any changes. Thanks! 

Nanterre Fypon

We hope that Gonzalo doesn't suffer the same fate as this guy...

Humpty Dumpty


Wednesday, July 15th: The boys in white battled the rising mercury again today and have now made their way down to the carriage homes where they are completing the fypon door surrounds and door frames. Special thanks to Lance and all the homeowners for their feedback thus far. It truly does help us uphold our high standard of workmanship.  

Tuesday, July 14th: Now that pressure washing is complete, the crew has returned to where it all began late last week at 4963 Archer Lan and have begun painting front door frames. They completed 13 buildings today and they will continue to make their way clockwise along the top of the property. If you see evidence of prep work, namely tape still affixed to your front door frames, we kindly ask that you please leave that in place as work may not be completed in that particular area. Thank you everybody for you ongoing and incredible cooperation. Have a great night and keep staying cool! 

 Nanterre Door Frames

Luis meticulously cuts in one of the door frames at Fields of Nanterre

Monday, July 13th: In the immortal words of the one and only Buster Poindexter, out at Fields of Nanterre it is HOT, HOT, HOT. Thank goodness that today is designated for pressure washing so the fellas will get some relief! Mario, Omar, and Jesse are going to wash until the work is completed, and the guys will return onsite tomorrow to begin painting. They will be following the same route that they followed for pressure washing. Thanks everybody. Stay cool! 

Saturday, July 11th: As the mercury rises, so too does the productivity levels from the incomparable and incredible Roell Painters! Omar and Mario made some terrific progress cleaning on Friday, and painting will be getting underway on Monday. Have a great weekend everybody! 

MarioNanterre Simple Green

Mario applies Simple Green to the deck skirts before scrubbing the areas will a nylon bristle brush.


Luigi Omar follows right behind with the pressure washer! 

Thursday, July 9th:  Greeting residents at Fields of Nanterre. Perhaps you've found your way to the blog by way of blue notices posted onsite notifying you of our arrival today. We are very excited to be getting the project underway, and we couldn't have picked a more beautiful day! 

The first phase of the project consists primarily of pressure washing, which we anticipate will take approximately 3 days. The guys started this morning down at 4963 Archer Lane, and will be making their way along the top perimeter of the property. After these areas are complete, they will start at 5128 Yuma Lane and make their way along the bottom perimeter of the property, which largely consists of "Carriage Homes." 

Fields of Nanterre Map

This is the route the crew will be following @ Fields of Nanterre. 

 Before pressure washing the included areas, the guys are applying a cleaning solution to the substrates and agitating them with a bristle brush. Additionally, they are squeegee'ing your garage door windows, and everything should be squeaky clean (pun intended) when it's all said and done! 

Finally, after the cleaning phase of the project is complete, painting will commence and among the areas we are completing are you pool pergolas, front door frames, carriage home fypon door surrounds, and misc. areas at your pool house, including pergolas. 

Stay tuned right here for project updates. Thanks! 

Nanterre Simple Green

No, that's not a jetpack. That's a backpack sprayer filled with Simple Green.

Nanterre Nylon Brush

Agitate with Bristle Brush

Nanterre Washing 1

Pressure Wash

Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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