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Fountain Hills - Prior Lake

Fountain Hills - Prior Lake

Wednesday July 15th - Walk-through completed - Touch Ups Marked

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Fountain Hills in Prior Lake. We are thrilled to be with you! 

Wednesday, July 15th: Perhaps you saw Jesse barreling around the property today with his magnifying glass, a - la Sherlock Holmes. He was busy marking areas designated for touch-ups and if the weather cooperates tomorrow, the crew will be back to button things up. We want to reiterate our gratitude for having us! Thanks everybody! 

Tuesday, July 14th: All that remains at Fountains is approximately 2/3 of 1 building. Of course, upon competion of all the buildings, Jesse, and Alberto and the boys will be doing a thorough walk - through to designate any and all areas for touchups. And, as we always say here at Roell Painting, we don't deem any project complete until YOU say so. 

 Jesse Website Pic

Keep your eyes peeled "eagle eye Jesse" the next couple days at Fountain Hills! 

Monday, July 13th: Another balmy day in Prior Lake and another day of good progress out at Fountain Hills. The guys continue to make through the front stoop trim areas and at this pace, we are projecting a completion date of Wednesday, weather permitting of course. Thank you to everybody for their cooperation! It is greatly appreciated! 

Fountain Hills Risers

Prep is the key to crisp lines when you are painting stair risers on/around maintenance free decks. 

Saturday, July 11th: Good morning residents of Fountain Hills! Alberto and company made some terrific progress yesterday and completed all of the garage door frames. Special thanks to Carolyn for reaching out with feedback. We certainly encourage all the residents to do so as it helps us do our job better! Have a great weekend everybody! 


Carlos rolls out one of the garage door frames @ Fountain Hills

Thursday, July 9th: Now that the areas that have been pressure washed have had adequate time to dry, the fellas returned back onsite today to begin prepping, namely caulking the joints and seams as needed, and scraping and spot priming areas where coating failure is most prominent. We are using a specialty adhesion primer, PrimeRx to lock down the ridges to the underlying substrates. The top coat application will begin tomorrow. 


PrimeRx is a terrific acrylic primer commonly used to promote maximum adhesion.

Wednesday, July 1st: Greetings residents of Fountain Hills! We are so excited you've found us and we are even more excited to be working for you this summer! Perhaps you've found your way to the blog by way of notices posted throughout the property, alerting you that we will be arriving onsite next Tuesday to begin the pressure washing phase of the project!

Among the areas we will be finishing are you front entry stair risers, deck skirts, entry pillars, and deck support posts. On the rear decking areas we will be completing your deck support posts and deck skirts.

Additionally, we will be completing your front door frames and garage door frames as well.

You can monitor the project progress right here on the blog and we anticipate the project to take approximately 2 weeks to complete. We'll see you next Tuesday and have a terrific and safe 4th of July!  

Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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