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Garden Villas at The Reserve - 2018 Decking Project

Garden Villas at The Reserve - 2018 Decking Project

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the deck installation project at Garden Villas at the Reserve in Plymouth. We are looking forward to working with and for you this summer!

Garden Villas map

Route Map @ Garden Villas

Garden Villas Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule for Deck Replacement - Updated 7/30

Welcome video 



Monday, September 17th: Good afternoon! 

Just to note that the crew will be making adjustments to a few of the decks with reported loose railings. Thanks! 

Thursday, September 6th: Good afternoon! 

And just like that, we've closed the book on your deck project at Garden Villas. We want to say thank you for your cooperation and patience as we made our way through your decks. It has been our pleasure updating your decks and we hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer - perhaps from your deck, enjoying the sunset.

Friday, August 31st: Greetings and TGIF! 

We want to wish you all a happy Labor Day weekend! 

Thursday, August 30th: Hello residents of Garden Villas! 

The end is in sight- the crew will be wrapping up just shortly after the Labor Day weekend! 

Garden Villas home stretch

Anibar is working his way down the final row of decks. 

Wednesday, August 29th: Good afternoon! 

As we are on the home stretch, we kindly ask that you not dispose of personal items in our carpentry/project dumpster. We've reserved that space to dispose of our project garbage only and it is not a catch all dumpster. Thank you!


We seems to have acquired a few non-project items : /

Thursday, August 23rd: Good afternoon and happy start of the MN State Fair! The twelve days of fried goodness has begun and it couldn't have been a more perfect day to kick it all off! Be sure to check out the list of new foods, band lineups, and other attractions before heading over to St. Paul! 

Stretchy pants, empty stomachs, can't lose! 

Garden Villas deck in progress anibar

Anibar is onsite and completing another deck. 

Wednesday, August 22nd: Good afternoon residents of the Garden Villas in Plymouth! 

We wanted to report that the crew is right on track and is keeping to 1 deck/day and have been able to make up some ground with the few rain days we had- kuddos to them for their hard work! 

They'll soon be replacing your deck door kickplates with a maintenance free product. The crew will start back at the 1st deck completed and make their way through the decks done thus far and then going forward to replac ethe kickboards as they complete the deck. 

Garden villas complted row of decks

All our ducks in a row... these completed decks are ready for your backyard enjoyment! 

Tuesday, August 14th: Hello and good afternoon! 

With some shuffling around and hard work, our crew is up to date on progress and completion of the deck scheduled. It looks like we'll be having a pretty good stretch of weather coming up so that should help us keep on schedule. 

Garden Villas deck in progress before

Ready to install the new deck materials. 

Garden villas one of the completed decks 2

Complete and ready to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Thursday, August 9th: Hello! We hope you're all having a good week! 

The crew remains one deck behind, but plans to be caught up by the end of the day tomorrow. Thanks again for your cooperation and patience! 

Garden Villas anibar with materials

Anibar is readying the materials. 

Garden Villas deck replacement

One of your decks 'in progress.'

Monday, August 6th: Good afternoon residents of Garden Villas. We hope you all had a great weekend!

With the rain on Saturday, the crew has been set back my one deck. We're hopeful will a week of good weather and an additional crew member this Saturday, that we'll be able to catch up and keep to our original schedule. Again, thank you for your patience as we can't control the weather!

Garden Villas deck in progress Anibal

Anibar installs the new deck boards. 

Garden Villas completed deck

Checking another deck off the list!

Friday, August 3rd: Hello and TGIF!

Our caprentry crew is currently working on the 4th deck, which is right on schedule for us. Thanks so much for your patience as we make our way through your decks! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 1st: Good afternoon residents of Garden Villas! 

The crew has completed one of your decks and not to toot our own horn, it looks pretty great!! 

Garden Villas in prgress

Deck #1:  Work - in - progress

Garden Villas before deck

The 'Before'

Garden Villas complete 1

And 'After' - She's a beaut!

Tuesday, July 31st: And they're off!!

We have lift off for your decking project at the Garden Villas in Plymouth. We've loaded up the materials into the storage pod and have begun on the first deck. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation as we make our way around to your decks over the course of the next month!

Monday, July 30th: Good afternoon! We hope you all had a great weekend!

As you may have noticed, a 'Big Blue Box' was delivered onsite to allow us to store our decking materials while we are completing your project. The materials will also be delivered today as well as a dumpster. 

Garden Villas big blue box

The 'Big Blue Box' and Roell Painting conveniently share the same colors!

Friday, July 27th: Good morning and welcome to your project blog!

You've likely received a blue notice detailing project specifics for the upcoming deck project at your association. We'll be delivering materials on Monday, 7/30 and then starting on the decks on Tuesday, 7/31. We are starting at the 14000 Building with #1 and will make our way through the four decks in that building and then move to the next, moving counter clockwise and ending in the NW corner of 54th Ave N. 

We anticipate to complete one deck/day, with weather being the biggest factor in changes to our schedule. We will post a tentative schedule on Monday with addresses and anticipated completion days so you can know when to anticipate our crew as we'll need your participation to remove the contents of your deck 48 hours in advance. 

 Thanks so much and have a great weekend! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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