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Garden Villas at the Reserve - Plymouth

Garden Villas at the Reserve - Plymouth

Walkthrough Scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Garden Villas at the Reserve. We are thrilled to be working for you! 


This is the route the crew will be following over the course of the next 2-3 weeks. We will start in the 13825 grouping, then make our way to 137170, then finally the 14000 section. 

Monday, July 6th: Work has been completed at Garden Villas at the Reserve and a walk through is being scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, July 8th. The exact time is TBD but we are shooting for 9-10AM. Thanks! 

Monday, June 29th: The crew returns to Garden Villas around midday today to resume work in Phase 3 which means that after 4 weeks of work that was frequently delayed by weather, we are FINALLY on the home stretch. At some point in the next week or so, most likely after the holiday, crew supervisor Jesse will be onsite to inspect the work and designate areas for touch-ups. We ask that residents please leave any painter's tape up until such time that the painters take care of the work. Thanks! 

Jesse Website Pic

Keep your eyes peeled for this guy as he will be marking areas for final touch-ups upon completion of the project! 

Thursday, June 25th: In our world, generally speaking, no news is good news, and we've heard nary a peep from the Garden Villas Community which can only mean that everything is going according to plan as the guys work their way through Phase 3. We forecast that we'll wrap things up around the middle of the week next week, just before the holiday! 

Caulked PIllar Garden Villas

As you can see, caulking the seams on the pillars was a top priority to promote coating longevity

Wednesday, June 24th: The crew has meandered their way back to Phase 3 and they are completing the pillars and the wood fascia throughout this section of the association. We anticipate that this will take another 4-6 days and we will keep you fully apprised of the progress right here on the blog. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, June 23rd: Now that the rains have subsided and we had some warm/windy temperatures in the afternoon yesterday, the crew is back onsite to resume painting pillars, brackets, sprinkler door frames, and wood fascia (essentially all wood paintable surfaces). They are following the same route as the first round of painting and the crew is currently painting the above areas in Phase 1 (see above map for reference).

PIllar Seam Caulk

This is an example of the caulking that needs to be performed on the pillars at Garden Villas. 

Monday, June 22nd: 

Thursday, June 18th:  Our emmy nominated film crew was onsite today shooting the project update video...

Tuesday, June 16th: No change in the project status at Garden Villas as the crew continued to work through the Phase 3 Areas. With the probability of rain hovering around 50% tomorrow, we will be watching the weather closely. Stay tuned. Thanks! 

Monday, June 15th:  After rains on Saturday, the crew has returned onsite to continue painting the trim areas throughout Phase 3. It may have pushed back the completion day back one day, but we might supplement the crew with an additional two guys to hold the schedule. Again, after the initial contracted areas are completed, we will be tackling the additional areas (pillars, fascia) and those elements will take pretty close to the same amount of time as the original scope of work. As per usual, stay tuned right here for any and all scheduling updates. Thanks! 

Friday, June 12th: Now that the rains have subsided, the crew is back at Garden Villas at the Reserve to resume painting the trim areas throughout Phase 3. We are delighted to report that the board has approved the painting of essentially all wooden substrates (pillars, fascia, brackets). The best part of this is that not only will the buildings look crisp and uniform throughout the entire property, but now, as a community, you will have a more well defined, predictable maintenance painting maintenance schedule for years to come. While there will be some surfaces (namely, the bottom of garage door frames and some pillar trim) that will wear more rapidly than others, for the most part, painting should only have to be performed once every 5-7 years. 


Israel paints one of the door frames in Phase III at Garden Villas @ The Reserve.

As for the project timelines, the guys are finishing approximately 2.5 buildings per day, so at this rate, the crew will complete the initial scope of work near the end of next week at which point they will double back and begin tackling the additional items that have been approved. Thanks! 

Thursday, June 11th: No work today at Garden Villas due to rainy conditions. 

Wednesday, June 10th: Now that Phase 1 and Phase 2 are complete at Garden Villas, the fellas have ventured into Phase 3 and are on pace to complete about 3-4 buildings per day. There's a little more work throughout Phase 3 (the front door frames are more substantial) so the fellas won't move quite as fast as the other two phases but things should progress nicely. With HEAVY rain in the forecast for tomorrow, it's likely we'll be shut down for the day. As always, you can follow the progress right here. We also want to take a moment to extend a special thank you to Steve and Pat for taking the time to discuss the additional work this morning. It's clear to us that the board and the entire community is in good hands with your involvement in the property! 


Peel bonding primer on areas where coating failure is most prominent is a critical step in ensuring maximum paint longevity.

Monday, June 8th: After a productive day Saturday and some very well deserved R and R on Sunday, the crew is back at it today at Garden Villas at the Reserve. By day's end 5/6 of the buildings that comprise Phase II should be completed and the guys should wrap up there on Tuesday and make their way to Phase 3. We ask that residents please leave any tape that is affixed to your trim areas untilt the painters come back around to remove it once the paint is dry. Thanks in advance! 

Saturday, June 6th: The project is running very smoothly and by day's end on Saturday, the crew had made it into the Phase 2 section of Garden Villas. At this rate, they are finshing about 5-6 buildings per day and at this rate, Phase 2 should be completed by Tuesday (weather permitting). Depending on the outcome of Tuesday's board meeting, we may be heading back to those areas to paint other trim areas so we will keep you fully apprised of the status. Thanks! 


We kindly ask that residents leave tape in place until the paint has dried and the crew circles back to remove the tape. Thanks! 

Friday, June 5th: After a productive day yesterday, the crew is back onsite today to resume painting at Garden Villas at the Reserve. Right now we are finishing approximately 4.5 Buildings per day, so we should be transitioning into Phase 2 by the weekend or early next week. By that time, the board will likely have decided whether or not we will be painting some additional wood trim areas. If they decide to move forward, we will double back to complete those areas as well. 

 Garden Villas GDF BeforeGarden Villas After

Here's a shot of one of the garage frames before and after painting! 


Garden Villas Pillar Touch Up Bad

Among the additional painting items being considered are entry pillars, which had been painted rather poorly and inconsistently by a previous painting contractor.

Thursday, June 4th: Now that the rains have subsided, the crew has arrived onsite to begin painting the door frames throughout Phase I at Garden Villas. The first tasks is to tape off the surounding areas, scrape areas where coating failure is present, and then they are applying a specialty adhesion primer, Sherwin Williams "PrimeRx" which is designed to help lock down the ridges to the underlying wood substrate. After those tasks are completed, they will then be applying a full topcoat of Sherwin Williams "Duration" which also possesses self priming properties. These steps, and this coating system should result in much improved performance and protection over the next 5-7 years. 

Garden Villas 13915

Garden Villas

Prep and painting is underway throughout Phase 1 at Garden Villas

Wednesday, June 3rd: We are crossing our fingers that the rains stay south of us as the crew has arrived onsite to begin prepping and painting. Perhaps you've found your way to the blog by way of blue notices (All 192 of them!) posted throughout the property! Welcome! We are very excited to get things underway and we want to take a moment to thank the board and Jodi for all of their efforts in helping to facilitate the project. We take great pride in delivering a great end results, while also delivering an exceptional customer experience! Part of that is providing you as homeowners daily project updates and pictures documentating the project. After all, we are guests at your homes and part of being a great guest is being a gracious guest! 

Stay tuned right here throughout the course of the project for updates, weather delays, and any/all pertinent details. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Ramon, Alberto, and Israel get things underway at Garden Villas at the Reserve on Wedesday morning.

Wednesday, May 27th: Though we are about 3 weeks from getting the project underway, we just wanted to take a moment, introduce ourselves and say "thank you" for granting us the privilege of working with/for you. Among the items we will be completing are your front door frames (and sidelights and transoms where applicable), your garage door frames, and your patio door kick plates. You can monitor the progress right here on the blog once the project gets underway. Thanks so much and we'll see you soon! 


Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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