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Gideon Cove - Shorewood

Gideon Cove - Shorewood

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for your painting project @ Gideon Cove! We are looking forward to being onsite!


Thursday, June 1st: Happy 1st of June everyone! We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome the new month with sunshine and 80 degree temperatures! 

The crew has wrapped up at Gideon Cove and we wanted to extend a huge thank you to all of the residents for their cooperation as we completed your buildings. We hope you enjoy your fresh paint! Have a great rest of the year! 

Tuesday, May 30th: We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the Holiday with family and friends. And then just a few short days and we'll have another weekend. Art Fair season is upon us as the Edina Art Fair kicks off on Friday. There are 280 local, national, and international artists as well as lots of live music, food, drinks, and even activities for the kiddos. Check out their website for all the need-to-know information. 

Back at it on a Tuesday! The crew is continuing to prep and paint at Gideon Cove. We anticipate they'll finish up by Thursday of this week! 

Gideon garage door prep

Taping off the garage doors. 

Gideon brushing and spraying

Team work to brush and spray. 

Gideon spraying

Another day, another building to paint. 

Friday, May 26th: TGIF! As we're all anxiously awaiting a 3-day weekend, we want to take a moment and say thank you to our service men and women who tirelessly serve and protect our country. We will also remember and honor those brave souls who have died in service. 

Memorial day

The Gideon crew continues to cruise; they are working on Buildings #4 and #5. With a few more crew members we are moving ahead of schedule and with this continued sunny weather, we'll be finished by week's end. 

Have a great weekend!

Gideon more tape

The windows are covered with plastic. Did we mention how important prep is?

Gideon Cove no surface left behind

No surface left behind...or uncovered in our meticulous prep steps. 

Gideon prep windows

Mariano is just the right height to tape off the windows. 

Thursday, May 25th: Today is turning out to be the best day of the week yet! Not to get ahead of ourselves, but guess how many weeks until the State Fair? 13 weeks! There will be an exciting addition to this year's festival- a 156 foot Ferris Wheel. The Great Big Wheel is one of the tallest traveling Ferris Wheels in North America and will take 12 trucks to get to MN. There are 36 buckets that can each hold 6 people, so the more the merrier! If you seek the thrill of high heights, this one's for you!

The crew at Gideon Cove is holding steady and keeping up with their prep work and painting. Building 1 is complete and they are working on prep and painting for Buildings 2 and 3.

Gideon Cove in progress

All hands on deck! 

Gideon Cove spray and brush and roll

We've got a full house at Gideon Cove!

Wednesday, May 24th: Happy Hump Day everyone! 

The finale of The Voice was last night and our Minnesota man, Jesse Larson sure made us proud! His final performance was an energetic and honorable tribute to Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy.' He sang along side his coach, Adam Levine but it wasn't quite enough for him to win. Alicia Key's condendor, Chris Blue won the show with his soulful and R&B style talents. Congrats! If you follow the show, next season, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson will replace Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. 

The crew is continuing with prep and painting of the 1st Building- 23710-23720. 

Gideon cove mariano tapes the window

Mariano tapes the windows to prevent overspray.

Gideon Cove migel tapes window

Miguel covers the windows with plastic. Did we mention prep is one of the most important steps in painting?

Monday, May 22nd: Hello and Happy Monday! We are thrilled that Mother Nature has had a change of heart and blessed us with a sunny day! We'll take it, even if for a day before we're the weather is back to being variable.

Can you believe the Titanic was released 20 years ago?! To celebrate this milestone, Celine Dion sang 'My Heart Will Go On' at the Billboard Music Awards last night. And if you got chills hearing it for the first time, that same feeling is back in full force. Celine is overly talented and sang with such poise and grace. If you missed it, check it out here

With this clear day, the crew is out in full force! They are prepping the areas for painting with scraping and priming. They'll then move onto painting. Keep your fingers crossed for more of this weather! 

Gideon Cove prep garage frames

Scraping and priming in progress on the garage door frames. 

Gideon Cove prep work

The shake siding gets a go with the primer.

Thursday, May 18th: Good afternoon residents of Gideon Cove! Amidst the showers today, we're hoping the carpentry crew can start on some of their repairs, starting with the 23710-23720 Building. Tomorrow we're hopeful that we can continue with carpentry and also start some prep work on the first building. 

dwight the office

Dwight from The Office pulling through with a joke to ease the pain of a week's worth of rain. 

Tuesday, May 16th: The good news is that the rain won't stop the crew from pressure washing your buildings. Though the weather seems to have cleared up for the moment, it looks like more rain either this afternoon and/or tomorrow. With that in mind, we'll keep you updated here on the blog when the crew will start prep and painting. 

Until then, here's the Will & Grace trailer that was released yesterday from NBC to perk up this rainy morning. The 12-episode revival kicks off this fall on NBC!

The gang's back together!

Monday, May 15th: Perhaps you've found your way to our blog via blue notice taped to your garage frames, welcome! This is your official project blog for the painting project at Gideon Cove. This year's project includes the painting of the siding, soffits, front entry pillars, front door frames, garage doors, garage door frames, service doors/frames, screen frames & louvers. In short, we'll be painting most exterior surfaces, excluding areas relating to your decks. 

We'll be getting things underway tomorrow, Tuesday 5/16 with pressure washing the exteriors of your buildings. We ask that you please remove any belongings from the outside of your homes and close your windows. We'll begin at the 23710 Buildings and then move north. After the exterior substrates have had time to dry, we'll be back onsite to begin our prep work and painting. We're anticipating prep and painting to start on Thursday, May 18th. This is all weather permitting of course- we're never sure what curve balls Mother Nature will throw at us. 

Stay tuned right here on the blog for progress updates, progress pictures, and any changes to the schedule if they occur. Thank you again for having us and we're looking forward to getting things started!


Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments (2)

  • Nancy

    22 May 2017 at 20:55 | #

    Nick, just checking that soffit vents will be taped before painting. FYI, with Gideon Coves last painting project this was not done and the soffits were painted over, thus no ventilation and another project to clear the vents had to occur.
    Thanks, Nancy


    • Dana

      22 May 2017 at 21:33 | #

      Hi Nancy- Thank you for the message. Yes, we'll be sure the soffit vents are covered. Yay for sunshine!


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