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Gideon Cove - Shorewood

Gideon Cove - Shorewood


Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the deck installation project at Gideon Cove in Shorewood. We are looking forward to working with and for you this summer!

Gideon Cove HOA New Deck Replacement Schedule 2019

Projected Finishing Schedule - Updated 5/21


Tuesday, 5/21: Onsite with Trent for a Project Update


Tuesday, May 21st: Good morning residents of Gideon Cove!

We've updated the finishing schedule --- this accounts for some of the added repairs we mentioned in the previous post, such as replacing posts and adding joists to be in compliance with code. Thanks for your understanding and we are thrilled with how the completed decks are looking! 

Gideon Before

One of the decks 'Before'

Gideon After

The dark railings are really looking sharp!

Monday, May 20th: Good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! As with any project, the crew is finding their rhythm and groove on replacing your decks and will only become more efficient as they complete more and more of your decks.

As we're removing the old wood, we've come across some rotten areas - posts, joists, etc that will need replacing, which will add to our production timeline. We just wanted to communicate these details to the home owners. 

We'll add some photos as we get them from the crew. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 15th: Good morning! 

By now, you've noticed our carpentry crew onsite! We are off and running at Gideon Cove and we are looking forward to installing your new decks. 

We are currently working on the 23720 Unit--- we are anticipating about 2 working days to complete each deck. 

We've posted a schedule for your reference as to know when we'll be at your deck. Please note that this is approximate as some decks may take longer as we need to install more joists on a handful of decks to comply with code. The weather will also factor into our schedule. We will do our best to update the schedule frequently as well as post project updates and photos throughout the duration of the project here on the blog.

In advance of the crew arriving to your deck, please remove all contents of your deck -- thank you in advance for this! 

Gideon cove before added joists 

A double-deck showing the 'too large' gap in joists.

Gideon cove adding joists for code

That's better... all up to code with the added joists. 

Gideon Anibal and oscar

Oscar and Anibal removing the deck boards. 

Dana Clark

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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