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Golf Vista - Eden Prairie

Golf Vista - Eden Prairie

PROJECT COMPLETED TODAY-Pending Final Walkthrough

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the upcoming painting project @ Golf Vista in Eden Prairie. We are thrilled be onsite with you!


Thursday, May 19th: The sun has shined all week and as a result, Alfred, Mario, and the gang are on the home stretch and should wrap up by day's end today! We can't thank the residents enough for their incredible cooperation as we've dealt with weather delays and it's nice to finally be putting a bow on the project. Isaac was onsite earlier today taking a look around, marked some areas for touchups, but overall, the buildings look terrific! Thanks again for having us!

Golf Vista Deck Prep   

Drop cloths are critical to ensure that stain doesn't drip when stain is applied to the decking areas. 

Golf Vista Deck Spindle Prep

When the spindles are a different color than the deck skirts, masking tape comes in awfully handy! 

Golf Vista Mario Decks

Mario cuts in the deck skirts around the spindles with the delicacy of a Bolshoi Ballet company member! 

Friday, May 13th: Happy Friday everybody. Hopefully, you're not quite as waterlogged as we all are, but we are cautiously optimistic that work will resume next week when the sun returns. The 7426 Building has been completed except for the deck railings and prep is underway on the 7232 Building. 

Monday, May 9th: 

With the impending rain system moving in, we held the crew off this morning from arriving to work at the HOA.   Lucky for us, our bet was correct and rains moved into the area around 10 am.    

We hope to be back soon but it looks like the next two days will be filled with percipitation.   Look for us to return on Thursay when the weather forecasters are predicting the reemergence of the sun!   

Thursday, May 5th: Happy Cinco de Mayo Golf Vista! Hopefully the sunshine holds all day and you cap this fine day off with a Margarita to celebrate! We will be celebrating by continuing to make steady progress on the 7426 Building! Perhaps you've seen that extensive prep has preceded the application of the top-coat and these are the steps that will ultimately result in a long-lasting, beautiful end result! 

One way to ensure maximum adhesion is by applying a special bonding primer made by Sherwin Williams called PrimeRx.  Ultimately, this will help lock down scraped ridges down to the underlying substrate, which will then be reinforced by the self-priming properties of Emerald, which is the top coat we are applying. 

 Golf Vista Mario and Juan

Covering surrounding areas is critical before spraying as it ensures a clean, crisp jobsite and paint job! 

Golf Vista Juan Backroll

After Mario delivers the paint to the substrate via sprayer, Juan is right behind him backrolling the paint into the Board and Batten siding to ensure maximum absorption. 

Monday, May 2nd: With the sun shining and the mercury rising (FINALLY), prep and painting is off and running at Golf Vista! Thanks so much for your patience! The good news is that with labor being the most expensive part of any painting project, the board recognized this truth, and elected to use what we feel to be one of the very best, if not THE best exterior paints out there. Sherwin Williams "Emerald" is a sought after coating because of its "smooth beautiful finish and exceptional hide, and extreme resistance to blistering, peeling and color fade." AND it's good for environment to boot! Stay tuned right here as things progress. Also, it was brought to our attention today by one of your residents that the building color is actually the same color as US Naval Battleships! Thank you service men and women for serving country and protecting our freedoms!!! Have a great day! 

 Golf Vista Emerald

Stacks of Emerald await application at Golf Vista on Monday morning! 

Sunday, April 24th: Perhaps you've found your way to our humble little blog by way of the blue notices posted onsite on Friday! If that is the case, welcome! It is our distinct privilege to be joining you for the first time this spring.

Work will be getting underway starting tomorrow with pressure washing and after the buildings have had adequate time to dry, we'll be back onsite to begin prepping/painting. You can follow the project progress right here on the blog! See you tomorrow! 


Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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