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Grant Park - Minneapolis

Grant Park - Minneapolis

Remaining doors to paint TBD

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the painting project at Grant Park in Minneapolis! We are exciyed to be onsite and working with you this summer! 


Thursday, June 22nd: Hello! We've painted most of your residence doors and have a few remaining. We'll be scheduling the doors in the near future, so stay tuned. Thank you! 

Wednesday, June 21st: Good afternoon Grant Park. We can't believe we didn't post about 'New Foods Reveal Day @ the State Fair' yesterday. The coveted and drool-worthly list was released yesterday and you know what that means? It's time to start training for the heavy lifting and heavy eating that will consume our being from August 24th - September 4th. See for yourself...and just a warning, I wouldn't look on an empty stomach! 

The crew at Grant Park is painting several residence doors today. 

Tuesday, June 20th: Rain over at the Roell Painting Office in Eden Prairie as well... it should clear up this morning and we may have crew members onsite this afternoon completing some prep work- caulking, scraping, etc.


Monday, June 19th: We hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Father's Day! 

It's another week, and the crews are back to the grindstone. They're continuing with their entry way painting of columns and pillars @ Grant Park. 

Grant park pillars

Kenny and Alvaro paint the columns @ Grant Park. 

Friday, June 16th: TGIF! We made it to the weekend. If you're looking for something fun and free, City Pages put out a list aptly named "Freeloader Friday" with events happening around the Twin Cities this weekend! Also, it's the weekend of Grandma's Marathon in Duluth- good luck to all the runners!!

Another day and the crew continues on- they're painting entry pillars and entry way areas. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 15th: Good afternoon! What a gorgeous day!

The crew is making their way around to each entry way and completing the designated painting and trying to stay cool in this heat! 

Grant Park Alvaro paints column

Alvaro emerges from the bushes to paint the pillars. 

Grant Park juan paint pillar

Juan can thankfully squeeze between the support column and railing due to hit "fit" physique. 

Wednesday, June 14th: Hello residents of Grant Park. The crew is onsite today prepping and painting in your entry ways. We'll be painting the support pillars, door frames, fascia and soffits, transom windows and select front doors. The front doors will be painted last and we'll coordinate with those homeowners when that portion of the project nears. 

Grant Park prep and caulk

Juan, Alvaro, and Jonah caulk and prep the support pillars. 

Tuesday, June 13th: We have an NBA Champion- the Golden State Warriors took the title last night. And Kevin Durant won the NBA Finals MVP, scoring at least 30 points each championship round game. Congrats to the Warriors!

The crew won't be onsite today; it's just too wet from the rain we had and also we're expected to get some more rain this evening. Stay tuned for further updates. Thanks!

Monday, June 12th: Hello residents of Grant Park and welcome to the project blog for your painting project. The crew is underway and beginning with pressure washing. The project will include the painting of select entry trim and support columns, decorative fascia, soffits, transom windows, and front door frames.

We are excited to be onsite with you and looking forward to working with you!

Grant Park crew

Thumbs up and they're ready to roll!! 

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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