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Humboldt Lofts HOA - Minneapolis

Humboldt Lofts HOA - Minneapolis

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for your painting project at Humboldt Lofts in Minneapolis! We are excited to be onsite with you!


Tuesday, June 20th: Hello residents of humboldt Lofts- we have some great news. The crew has finished your railing painting project. 

Thank you for your cooperation to paint your residence railings and patio areas. We hope you enjoy your newly painted railings and have a great rest of the summer! 

Monday, June 19th: Good afternoon Humboldt Lofts! We hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!

 We're continuing to work on the railings on the 1st floor and 6th floor. 

Humboldt Alex paint railings

Alex gives the metal railing the special touch. 

Friday, June 16th: TGIF! We made it to the weekend. If you're looking for something fun and free, City Pages put out a list aptly named "Freeloader Friday" with events happening around the Twin Cities this weekend! Also, it's the weekend of Grandma's Marathon in Duluth- good luck to all the runners!!

The crew is working on the 6th floor today- they're painting the patio walls and handrails. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 15th: Happy Thursday- it's going to be a beautiful day! 

The crew is completing the 2nd coat on the residence railings on the 6th/5th floors. They'll begin on the upper floor and then work their way down, similar to yesterday. The 6th floor patio walls & handrails and the 1st floor handrails & awnings will be worked on through the remainder of this week and potentially into the early portion of next week. 

We wanted to say thank you again to residents for your cooperation as we get your project completed!

Wednesday, June 14th: Good afternoon Humboldt Lofts! The crew is painting the railings on residence balconies today. They'll be prepping and completing the first coat on designated units this morning and afternoon. Then tomorrow they'll complete the second coat on these units as well as begin the prep/first coat on the next group of residence railings. 

Humboldt Lofts Alberto silver alex

Tough Guy AKA Alberto, Silver, and Alex pose for a quick picture!

Tuesday, June 13th: We have an NBA Champion- the Golden State Warriors took the title last night. And Kevin Durant won the NBA Finals MVP, scoring at least 30 points each championship round game. Congrats to the Warriors!

The crew is working on the 9th floor/roof top today at Humboldt Lofts. 

Humboldt 9th floor

Alberto anad Alex paint the cabana walls. 

Monday, June 12th: Good morning residents of Humbolt Lofts! We are getting your project underway today. We anticipate the painting to take about 2 weeks to complete, weather permitting of course. For this summer's project we'll be painting the cabana rooftop walls, rooftop metal railings, street level handrails, awning, and also the residence railings. 

We'll be completing the outside balcony, patio handrails, and cabana walls to start. And then at a later point, we'll be completing the residence railings on the balconies and patios. Look for a schedule of the residence railings when that portion of the project is closer. 

HUmboldt Lofts wilmer

And they're off! Humboldt Lofts is underway!

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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