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International Village- Bloomington

International Village- Bloomington

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the painting project at International Village in Bloomington. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Wednesday, January 25th: Hello residents of International Village! We hope everyone is safe and that your commute wasn't too terrible. It's slippery out there, so stay safe! 

The crew is finishing up the laundry rooms in your buildings and will be done tomorrow. Thank you all again for your patience as we've worked in many of your common areas. It has been our privilege working with and for you and we hope you're satisfied with your newly painted buildings. 

IV laundry room 1

Can someone grab me a Pepsi? Kidding. We're playing laundry room tetris to get some paint on the walls. 

Monday, January 23rd: Happy Monday everyone! We just wanted to keep all the residents in the loop as our crew is completing laundry room painting this week. Our crew will be making their way around to the laundry rooms across all the buildings over the next few days. They should be done by Thursday. Thank you for your patience as we know laundry is an amenity. Just beware of Wet Paint signs and we'll be out before you know it. 

IV laundry room

Cleaning up the laundry rooms with some fresh paint! 

Tuesday, January 17th: Hopefully the icy roads weren't an obstacle in your morning communtes. Thankfully, it seems that we're in the clear and moving on to warmer temperatures. 

We've got some exciting news to share: we were awarded the 'Best of Houzz 2017- Customer Service' award!! This is our 3rd year winning this honor and we're thrilled to see our efforts in making sure clients are well taken care of from the initial meeting to the final touch-ups is being recognized. It's an honor to be asked to complete a project and work in a customer's home or for an association in your townhome or building. So thank you for granting us the privilege of working at International Village! 

best of houzz 2017

Roell Painting is awarded 'Best of Houzz 2017 - Customer Service'

The crew in Scandia is working in the stairwells today working on painting the walls. Also we're anticipating the crew will wrap up the building tomorrow! Great news! 

IV scandia stairwell walls

The finish line is in sight; working on the stairwell walls in Scandia. 

Monday, January 16th: Happy Monday everyone. We hope you all had a great weekend! I enjoyed some family time in Chicago and indulged in some of their famed foodie spots. I highly recommend Little Bad Wolf if you're north of the city and looking for a venue with great food, cocktails, and atmosphere. Also, Stan's Donuts are not to be messed with; their Lemon-Pistachio Old Fashioned is out of this world! In weather-related news, things are warming up! Temperatures will get up to 40 degrees by week's end. 

7 day outlook monday

The crew is working on painting residence doors on the 1st and 2nd floors. 

IV scandia doors

No chance of paint drips on Caesar's watch. 

Thursday, January 12th: Happy Thursday folks! And I'm happy to report we will not have a 4th day of snow. If anyone has or knows a dog, I saw this segment on 'How smart is your dog?' It was pretty entertaining to watch how the dogs reacted to 'tests.' Check it out and maybe do your own investigating into your pet's intelligence. 

Here are the updates for today and tomorrow. Just a head's up, there won't be a post tomorrow, but we'll be back on the blog on Monday. Today, the crew is prepping and painting the walls on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Tomorrow, they'll make their way to the 1st floor to paint the walls. 

IV Scandia wall painting

Cutting clean corners is the name of Roell's game!

Wednesday, January 11th: Deja Vu. Here we are again...the afternoon aftermath from the snowy morning. Hopefully today's snow doesn't lend to another nightmare of a communte to get home. It seems the temperature will remain in the single digits for another day or two and then we're on the upswing and also free of snow. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can start thinking about the weekend now that it's Wednesday, right? I say yes. If you're looking to get out and explore, the Stillwater Ice Castles opens this Friday and will continue through February 11th. Buying tickets online ahead of time seems the only way to guarantee entry, otherwise you're on 'stand-by' when you purchase them onsite. Linked is their website if you're interested. 

The Scandia crew is continuing their work on the wooden surfaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors. 

IV Scandia woodwork

The woodwork gets an update in the hallway. 

Tuesday, January 10th: Good afternoon International Village! Hopefully this snow didn't add too much car time to your morning commute. Though the snow has slowed for today, they're predicting round three for tomorrow morning. We'll get another 1"-3" by days end tomorrow, so continue to drive safely, give yourself extra time, and take a few deep breaths. We'll all get through this! 

The crew in Scandia is working on painting all of the wood surfaces today, including trim, beams, frames, etc. 

IMG 0772

The Stairwell posts and baseboards get a fresh coat of paint. 

Monday, January 9th: It's Monday and back to the grind we go. We hope you all had a great weekend. It was a big weekend for movies and  films. The most awarded film was La La Land with wins in Best Actor and Actress in a Musical or Comedy, Best Director & Best Screenplay to name a few. Here's a list of all the winners. And if you didn't watch the Golden Globes, I'm sure you've caught wind of Meryl Streep's acceptance speech and her intentional words.. it's been all over Twitter and the news.

Here's a peak into the forecast for the upcoming week and there's some snow set for today and tomorrow so drive safe and bundle up!

7 day outlook

The crew in Scandia is working in the stairwells. They are painting the ceilings and also the woodwork. 

IV scandia stariwells

Tape and dropcloths are the name of the game today in Scandia.

Friday, January 6th: Happy Friday everyone!! We made it through the first week of the New Year and we're ready to take on 2017! 

With the week coming to a close, the crew has moved from removing wallpaper to painting the ceilings in the Scandia Building. 

If the fact that it's Friday doesn't have you smiling, here's something to get your grin going... who doesn't love little kids and big dogs together?! Have a great weekend! 

IV scandia ceilings

The big guns are out in Scandia to prep for ceiling painting. 

Thursday, January 5th: We're just a few days away from the 2017 Golden Globes. The award show that highlights small and large screen films will deput on Sunday night. They'll be hosted by the famed, Jimmy Fallon and he says, as the host of one of Hollywood's biggest parties, he'll stray from making a political statement, though the Presidential Inaguration is set for January 20th. We might just have to check it out for ourselves. Here's the list of nominations if you'd like to check the top contendors off your "watched" list. 

The last building, Scandia is underway with wallpaper removal. This should take the crew through the rest of this week with prep and taping happening at the tail-end of the week. 

IV scandia wallpaper

One layer at a time; the wallpaper must go.

Wednesday, January 4th: Hopefully your Wednesday is going better than the White Bear Mitsubishi's mascot's day... have a laugh at the outtakes from their commercial with Goldy the Gopher from the U of M. 

Last, but not least, work has begun on the Scandia Building. The crew will be completing wallpaper removal over the next 1-2 days and will then start prepping and painting the ceiling. 

Tuesday, January 3rd: Welcome to 2017! We have a feeling it's going to be a great year. We hope you had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and enjoyed your New Year's Day and then the holiday observed yesterday. If your New Year's resolutions include fitness and/or healthy eating habits check out the video and article linked for an interesting look at fitness "fads" and which exercises will burn the most calories.  

The crews are continuing their work at International Village. The crew in Yorkshire is continuing with residence doors today and also the stairwell walls. They'll be making their way around starting on the 3rd floor and working top-down so the 2nd and 1st floors will be on tomorrow's agenda. The crew in Barcelona is working on touch ups and the crew in Heidelberg is also completing touch ups. 

IV Yorkshire doors

Marvin preps a residence door.

IV heidelberg touch ups jorge

Jorge makes sure the corners are clean and crisp. 

IV barcelona touchups

The Barcelona Crew powers through some touch ups

Thursday, December 29th: Merry merry everyone! We hope you all had a great week celebrating whatever it is you celebrate. It's been a quieter week for us at the Roell Painting office so please pardon the pause in daily updates. However, the crews at International Village are holding strong. The crew in Barcelona is working on the 2nd coat of paint on the walls, the Heidelberg crew is completing touchups throughout, and the York crew is working on the walls throughout. Also, the York Building is complete.

 IV walls yorkshire 1

The Walls in Yorkshire get prepped.

IV walls yorkshire

The walls get a fresh coat of paint. 

Early next week, Monday the 1st we'll start residence doors in the Yorkshire Building. This will continue through Wednesday. Have a great rest of the week and a Happy New Year! See you in 2017! 

Thursday, December 22nd: Hello residents of International Village. We hope you're having a great day. As we near the holiday weekend and year's end, we're making sure all our loose ends are tied up so we can enjoy a break away from the grind to recharge and refresh with family and friends! With that being said, we'll be taking some time with our families and friends over the next week. We will of course update the blog with any pertinent information and/or changes in scheduling that you would need to be aware of, and we hope you can all get time to spend with your loved ones as well! 

The crew in Barcelona is continuing with painting the hallway walls and the Heidelberg crew is caulking in the stairwells as well as continuing their painting in the stairwells. 

IV Heidelberg caulk stairwells

Hermes caulks in the Heidelberg stairwell. 

IV barcelona walls

In Barcelona the crew is keeping up with painting the walls. 

Wednesday, December 21st: Happy Hump Day everyone! We've made it mid-week and Christmas is right around the corner. It was an exciting day for several Vikings players as 4 team members were named to the 2017 Pro-Bowl team. Everson Griffen, Cordarrelle Patterson, Xavier Rhodes, and Harrison Smith will represent the NFC North. The AFC and NFC will face off on January Sunday, January 29th- just one week before the Superbowl. Admist the excitement they'll need to gear-up for the Christmas Eve game versus the Green Bay Packers. I'm pretty sure a few stars will have to align to get the Vikings into the playoffs and a Viking win will get the stars moving in the right direction. 

The crews are finishing out the week and trying to get as much done before the Holiday. The crew in Heidelberg is completing repairs on stairwell walls as well as continuing with painting in the hallways. The Barcelona crew is painting the second coat on the wood surfaces. The crew in the Yorkshire Building is continuing to remove the wallpaper throughout and the York crew is keeping it rolling with painting the hallway walls. 

IV Heidelberg stairwells prep

Santiago preps the stairwell walls. 

IV heidelberg hallway walls lasaro

Lasaro rolls on the paint in Heidelberg. 

IV barcelona trim

The woodwork in Barcelona gets a second coat. 

Tuesday, December 20th: Good afternoon International Village. It's quite a difference the sun and warmer temperatures can make! As the holidays are fast approaching maybe you're making your lists...last-minute gift lists, naughty and nice lists, or grocery lists. Here are some ideas for appetizers to try if you're needing a little something to bring to your next gathering. The twice baked potato bites will be added to my grocery list! 

buddy the eld

Or if you're stumped for appetizer ideas, candy and sugar will do! 

We've started our work in the Yorkshire building with wallpaper removal being the first task at hand. The crew in Barcelona is making progress on painting the woodwork in the building. The Heidelberg crew is completing caulking in the stairwells and painting the hallway walls. And lastly, the Lotus crew is working in the stairwells. 

IV yorkshore wallpaper remocal

Jose scrapes off the wallpaper in Yorkshire. 

IV barcelona woodwork 1

The woodwork above the doors gets a fresh coat of paint. 

IV heidelberg hallways

Roberto makes a crisp cut on the corners. 

Monday, December 19th: We survived the weekend and we're less than a week from Christmas! Though we still might be thawing out from the record cold temperatures we had of minus 20 degrees in some spots, things are looking up! We'll be into the 30's tomorrow for a heat wave! This week also kicks off one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. "I'll Be Home For Christmas" is the theme for many travelers.

We wish you calm, and hassle-free travel and hopefully your experience is nothing like the McCallisters' racing through O'Hare after an alarm clock glitch set to the tune of "Run Rudolph Run."

The crew in Barcelona is working on priming residence doors on the 1st and 2nd floors. The Lotus crew is continuing painting walls in the stairwells today. 

IV barcelona prime doors

The Barcelona crew is sprucing up resident doors. 

IMG 3959

Prep, sanding, and painting in the Lotus stairwells. 

Friday, December 16th: Happy Friday folks! Snomageddon is upon us, Minnesota. Some schools and programs have already posted early dismissal so check your local news listings. For the metro area, we're expected to get up to 4 inches by this evenings commute and the snow will continue into Saturday. Then the cherry one top is a blast of arctic air Saturday night and through Sunday. Where's the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel? It's that temperatures will get into the 30s by Tuesday. Woo heat wave!

 So drive carefully and stay safe! 

Painting update: The crew in the Lotus Building is taking care of business painting the walls throughout. And the Heidelberg crew is continuing to paint the trim and entry doors. Lastly, the Barcelona crew is priming doors on the 1st floor. 

Have a great weekend! 

IV Lotus walls

We can't wait to see the updated walls in Lotus.

IV heidelberg trim roberto

Roberto takes a careful and precise hand to paint the trim. 

Thursday, December 15th: Hello International Village! 'Tis this season of Christmas movies and man, the list is quite lengthy. So many movies, so little time... so which are at the top of your viewing list? There are some that pull at your heartstrings and others that enduce fits of laughter, so I've linked the 'AMC Top 20 Christmas Movies.' Agree or disagree, but maybe this list has brought you back to memories of growing up, Christmas Eve traditions, or movie lines you quote with your best friends. "Why is the carpet all wet, Todd?" "I don't know, Margot!" Name that movie...

The Barcelona crew is continuing to remove wallpaper and also paint the ceilings on the 3rd floor. The crew in Heidelberg is painting the trim on the 2nd floor and removing wallpaper in the stairwells. 

IV barcelona wallpaper removal

That's how it's done...wallpaper removal at it's finest. 

IV heidelberg wallpaper stairs

Saul scrapes the wallpaper in the Heidelberg stairwell. 

Wednesday, December 14th: Good afternoon International Village. Happy 'Hump Day!' We hope you're staying warm on this cold day. I'd say we could all use a mid-week pick-me-up. Though I can't gift you an 80 degree day, a beach, or a cool beverage, I will link this video of James Corden's latest Carpool Karoke with Bruno Mars for your viewing pleasure.  

We've started working in Barcelona today with wallpaper removal. The crew in the Lotus Building is applying the skim coating to the wallpaper areas as well as finishing up the trim painting. In Lotus they plan to start painting the walls tomorrow and hope to wrap up on Saturday. We'll keep you posted on progress throughout the rest of the week. 

IV Barcelona wallpaper removal

Wallpaper is the name of the game in Barcelona. 

IV Lotus trim painting

The Lotus Building's trim gets a fresh pop of color. 

Tuesday, December 13th: Boots, check. Down jacket, check. Thermal layers, check. Wool socks, check. We're in the thick of this cold Minnesota weather so hang tight and stay safe. 

Frozen meme

Let's just say we'll be "Frozen" for awhile. 

The International Village crews are keeping busy in Zurich, Lotus, anad Heidelberg. The crew in Zurich is completing their touch ups today and the building will be done by day's end. The Lotus crew is finishing up painting the trim and also the skim coating on the walls. 

IV Zurich touch ups

Team work and Touch ups in the Zurich Building.

IV Lotus trim 1

We'll go to any length to get the job done.

Monday, December 12th: Back to the grind we go... Just under two weeks until Christmas so the mad dash to the malls and shopping centers is on. We hope you all stayed safe with the fresh snow we got over the weekend. Hopefully it doesn't take Minnesota too long to "re-learn" winter driving. I think it's safe to say we're in a 'Winter Wonderland' and it's here to stay. 

The crews are back at it over at International Village. The crew in Heidelberg is sanding the walls of the 3rd floor and working to remove all the wallpaper and glue in the stairwells. The Zurich crew is painting residence doors on the 1st floor as well as completing touch-ups throughout the building. Lastly, the crew in the Lotus Building is painting residence doors on the 1st floor and is skim coating the walls before the begin painting them tomorrow. 

IV Heidelberg wallpaper removal saul

Scraping glue is similar to scraping snow off of your car, right? 

IV Heidelberg santiago sand walls

Saul sands the 3rd floor walls of the Heidelberg Building.

IV Zurich residence doors

The residence doors in Zurich get an update.

IV Lotus residence doors 1

Deja vu...the residence doors in Lotus get an update as well. 

Friday, December 9th: Happy Friday! We've made it to the weekend. If you don't mind the chilly weather and want to join in the holiday spirit this weekend, check out the 2016 Holidazzle in Loring Park. The celebrations are happening Thursdays through Sundays until December 23rd. Admission is free and from the looks of their website there is something for everyone! This year's experience is geared towards gathering with others to celebrate winter, sample local food, beverages, and local shops. There is also ice skating, live music, movies, and fireworks on certain days. Tomorrow, Saturday the 10th happens to be a night with fireworks! 

The crew in Zurich is cruising along and painting residence doors today on the 3rd and 2nd floors. More updates to come from Lotus and Heidelberg. Innsbruck should be finishing up today as well. 

The Lotus crew is painting residence doors on the 2nd floor today and will start painiting the walls tomorrow and continue into next week. The Heidelberg crew is not onsite today, but will be back on Monday. That's all for now; have a great weekend!

IV zurich paint doors

Residence doors are getting special care today in Zurich.

IV lotus paint doors 1

And in Lotus!

Thursday, December 8th: Good afternoon International Village. The snow is still flying and I think it's safe to say that "he who shall not be named" has arrived. I'll give you a clue- it's not Voldemort...winter is here to stay and we'll be getting to the lowest of lows in about a week. So gear up Minnesota!

7 day forecast thursday

To quote Home Alone's Kevin McCallister himself, "This is it, don't get scared now." 

The Zurich crew is painting in the stairwells today. The crew in the Lotus Building is working on residence doors on the 3rd floor as well has trim in the stairwells. The Innsbruck crew should be wrapping up their work and be done by tomorrow. Lastly, the Heidelberg crew is completing wallpaper removal in the stairwells. 

IV Zurich stairways

Prepping and taping in the Zurich stairwells. 

Iv heidelberg wallpaper stairs

Hermes dons a mask while stripping the wallpaper and glue off the walls. 

Wednesday, December 7th: Good morning everyone! The snow is flying and air is chilly. Don't forget to grab those mittens and a hat on your way out this morning. Time Magazine released their 2016 list of '100 Most Influential People.' The list is inclusive of artists, icons, pioneers, and leaders and the articles are written by other influencers and admirers of the honorees. Linked also is Time Magazine's Person of the Year

The crew in Zurich is moving along to paint the 1st and 2nd floor walls. The Lotus crew is painting the trim on the 1st floor and in the stairwells. Also, to note they will begin painting residence doors tomorrow starting on the third floor. The Innsbruck crew is finishing up your building today with touch ups being done in the stairwells. 

IV zurich 1st floor

It's a long road to the top if you want to rock and roll!

IV Lotus trim painting

In Lotus, the trim around the doors gets some paint. 

Iv innsbruck finished

Hey there Innsbruck! 

IV innsbruck finished 1

Take a bow Innsbruck. The finished hallway looks great!

Tuesday, December 6th: Happy Tuesday International Village! We are continuing to make headway at the Zurich, Heidelberg, Lotus and Innsbruck buildings. The crew at the Zurich Building is starting painting the walls.  The Heidelberg crew is working to remove wood from the stair wells and also continuing with the ceilings in stairwells. In Innsbruck, we are continuing with wallpaper removal and painting in the stairwells. We should wrap up there on Thursday. Lastly, the Lotus crew is also continuing with wallpaper removal and priming the wood surfaces. 

IV zurich wall prep

Tape and prep in progress at Zurich.

IV Heidelberg remove wood

Hermes removes the wood pieces from the stairwells in Heidelberg. 

IV innsbruck manuel prime

Manuel is taking care of business in Innsbruck. 

Monday, December 5th: Good morning International Village. We hope you all had a great weekend! If you need a god laugh to get you going this morning, check out this compilation of some pretty funny 'Elf on the Shelf' ideas. Maybe some of you are in on this craze and your little ones appreciate the all the mischief these little elves can get into. Meanwhile at your property, the Roell Painting crews are back at it. In Zurich, we are working on the 2nd coat of paint for all of the workwork. The crew in the Lotus Building is working on wallpaper removal and priming the wood surfaces throughout the building. In the Innsbruck Building the crew is working in the stairwells on wallpaper removal and painting. And last but not least, the crew in the Heilelberg Buildings is working in the stairwells and spraying the ceilings. 

IMG 0449 1

Javier and Alvaro paint the 2nd coat on the woodwork. 

IV lotus wallpaper removal

The woodwork is primed and ready. 

IV innsbruck stairwell

Marvin paints the stairwell walls and crisp shade of white. 

IV innsbruck stairs wallpaper

What goes up must come down. Off with the wallpaper! 

Friday, December 2nd: Happy Friday everyone! Though the Vikings couldn't pull off a win yesterday, the good news is that the weekend is here! International Village is buzzing with activity. The crew in Heidelberg is spraying the 3rd floor ceilings and comleting wallpaper removal. The Innsbruck crew is finishing up resident doors and also the stairwells. 

IV heildelberg spray ceiling

Hermes' painter whites have camoflaged him in the Heidelberg Hallway.

IV innsbruck doors

Omar paints a resident door in Innsbruck.

IV Innsbruck stairs

Manuel paints the woodwork in the stairwell of Innsbruck.

Thursday, December 1st: It's December and the countdown to the holidays is on! It's also Thursday Night Football for the Vikings and the Cowboys. Both teams need this game for different reasons. The Vikings fight for the NFC North and their playoff chances, while the Cowboys look to pad their lead and clinch home-field advantage through the post season. The Roell Painting Crew got in the spirit to cheer on our home team! 


Skol Vikes!

The Zurich crew continues in the stairwells with painting the woodwork. The crew in Innsbruck has started residence doors and continues with the stairwell ceilings. The Lotus crew is busy taping and prepping for more ceiling painting. And last, but not least, we've just begun in Heidelberg with wallpaper removal. 

IV skol

The crew is donning their ' Toughest Viking Faces' in preparation for tonight's game. 

IV Skol 1

Game day Vikings garb. 

IMG 2529

Saul and Hermes show their purple pride. 

IV heidelberg wallpaper

Saul removes the wallpaper in Heidelberg.

Wednesday, November 30th: Here we are on the last day of November. It's crazy how time flies and the new year will be here before you know it. If you're looking to add some 'cool cred' to your gift lists, tomorrow Nike releases the 'HyperAdapt 1.0' a la Marty McFly in "Back to the Future II." Check out Today Show anchors as they give the sneakers a try. 


Roughly 27 years to the date later, Nike releases a similar pair.

While you contemplate the idea of never having lace your own shoes again, the crew in the Zurich Building is starting their work on all the wood and enamel surfaces. The Innsbruck crew is painting the 2nd floor walls and stairwell ceilings. They will also start painting residence doors tomorrow. And in Lotus, the crew is painting ceilings. 

IV Zurich woodwork

The woodwork is updated with some fresh paint. 

IV innsbruck walls

Jose uses an angle brush to crisply paint the doorframe corners. 

IV innsbruck ceilings spray

Spray ahead.

IV lotus spray ceilings

First up, ceilings at the Lotus Building. 

Tuesday, November 29th: First there was Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and now Giving Tuesday is working to make a name for itself as the beginning of the giving season. People are encouraged to donate money and time to organizations, charities, or where ever your heart is pulling you. So as you're making your gift lists, consider donating to a charity or cause in need. 

International Village is buzzing with activity. In the Zurich Building, the crew is continuing to spray the ceilings throughout. In the Innsbruck Building, the enamel is complete in the hallway areas and we've started painting the walls. We will also begin painting your residence doors started on Thursday on the 3rd floor, followed by the 2nd floor on Friday, and lastly the 1st floor on Monday. We've also started our work in the Lotus Building with wallpaper removel and painting the ceiling. 

IV Zurich ceilings

The ceilings get spruced up with a fresh spray of paint.

IV innsbruck enamel

Manuel tends to the door frame enamel. 

IV innsbruck walls 1

Manuel perfects his brush stroke performance. 

Monday, November 28th: We're back and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed the long weekend! 

ate too much

What the Monday post Thanksgiving looks like. 

It's all worth it though, right? As we continue to digest full bellies and hearts, the crews at International Village are back at it. In the Zurich Building, they are continuing to remove wallpaper anad will start spraying the ceilings. 

IV Zurich wallpaper removal 1

Zurich gets a scrapedown.

IV Zurich wallpaper removal

How many painters will fit in one hallway?

Wednesday, November 23rd: Happy Thanksgiving Eve! With the arrival of some snow it seems the holiday festivities have now begun! We want to take a moment to wish you all a great Thanksgiving holiday. Travel safe and cherish time spent with loved ones. 

Maybe you're a 'Friends' fan and maybe you're not, but either way here's compilation of some pretty hilarious, if you ask me, Thanksgiving moments from the show. 


In painting news, wallpaper removal and ceiling painting continues for the Innsbruck crew and in Zurich things are getting underway with wallpaper removal. The Roell Painting crew is taking tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday to be with family and friends. We'll see you back here on Monday! 

IMG 0362

Scraping is the name of the game today. 

IV innsbruck wallpaper removal 1

Scraping 2.0

Tuesday, November 22nd: Hello residents of International Village. It's Thanksgiving week and today is the famed busiest travel day of the year. Here's a quick read with a list of 13 Travel Hacks for a Smooth Thanksgiving Holiday. #6 might be my favorite suggestion...Also if you're wondering if that turkey qualifies as a 'carry-on' item, it sure does. Who knew?!

We're moving along in Innsbruck with painting the ceilings and removing the wallpaper. The Orleans crew is wrapping up today and completing touch ups throughout the building while the Taj Mahal Building is complete. 

IV taj complete

Completed: One of the wonders of the world. 

IV innsbruck wallpaper removal

Omar pulls out all the stops to remove the wallpaper. 

IV innsbruck wallpaper removal 2

What goes up must come down.

IV orleans touch ups

Wilmer give the walls a second look and completes touch ups. 

Monday, November 21st: Here we are at the start of a new week and even better it's a short week. Hopefully yours' is off to a better start than this sound engineer for the Vikings...


Mondays got me like...

 As we buckle up and dial in for a productive week before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the crew in the Orleans Building is finishing up in the stairwells today. 

IV orleans stairs

Stairway to ...Orleans? That doesn't quite have the same ring as the Zeppelin version.

Friday, November 18th: Happy Friday! So thunderstorms mid-November are a thing and as the day goes on I'm sure the temperatures will drop a bit and the rain with turn to sleet/slush or snow. With that said buckle up and drive safely! I'm sure we all remember the commute after the first snowfall  last year. If you need a little extra oomph today, check our this 3rd grade teacher's inspiration to "push through." 

The Taj Mahal Building is about 95% complete. They'll be finishing one of the railings and completing touch ups today. In the Innsbruck Building, the crew is continuing to pull the wallpaper. 

IV Taj

Finishing up one of the stairwells. 

IV orleans stairs 1

The East side stairwell mid painting.

Thursday, November 17th: 

Brace yourself Winter

We hate to be the bearer of bad news...

7day winter

But we don't think this snow is a joke. 

Maybe it is time to dig out those hats, gloves, and boots from storage because it looks like our extended fall is coming to an end. Now the decorations will seem a bit more fitting with cooler temperatures and even some snow. The crew in the Orleans Building is painting doors on the 2nd floor and also painting the South side stairwell. 

IV orleans stairwell 2

The Orleans stairwells are getting a fresh coat of paint.

IV Orleans stairwell

No chance of drips getting onto the carpet. Nice work guys! 

Wednesday, November 16th: We've made it to mid-week and if you're a Vikings fan, you're hopeful the new guy, Kai Forbath can perfecetly place a field goal right down the middle. If you haven't heard, the Vikings released Blair Walsh yesterday...

Walsh misses wide left

Here's the kicker: Blair misses door wide left on his way out. 

The least we can do is have a quick laugh, wish Walsh the best of luck, and remain hopeful we earn those field goals and extra points Sunday against the Cardinals! While the Vikings are adjusting to the change, the crews at International Village are cuising along. The Orleans crew is completing work in the stairwells and also doors on the 3rd floor. The Taj Mahal crew is painting the last stairwell and plans to finish all railings tomorrow as well as complete touch ups. Prep and painting will begin in the Innsbruck Building tomorrow too! 

IV Orleans stairways

Tape, paint, repeat in the Orleans Building. 

IV taj stairwell

Marvin applies the first coat in the stairwell of Taj Mahal.

Tuesday, November 15th: Hello International Village! The crew in the Orleans Building is working on the first floor of the Building today. 

IV orleans first floor

Two floors down, one to go!

Monday, November 14th: It feels like deja vu reminiscing on another gorgeous weekend! We hope you were able to get out and enjoy it! The crew in the Orleans Building is prepping and painting the 2nd floor. In the Taj Mahal Building the crew is completing painting in the stairwells. 

IV Orleans prep 2nd floor

2nd floor prep and paint.

IV Taj Stairs 1

The Taj Mahal took 22 years to complete, but don't worry we'll only need 2 weeks. 

IV Taj stairs

Unfortunately no marble at this Taj Mahal, but the fresh white paint looks pretty great! 

Friday, November 11th: Is it weird for anyone else to see Christmas lights and holiday decorations going up outside?! This weather has me all turned around, but yes it is mid-November. So I supposed in fact it is time for decorations. We've just been pretty spoiled lately and our luck hasn't quite run out...


So as the November weather continues to please, the crew in the Orleans Building is making their way to the 3rd floor and completing their prep and painting. 

IV orleans walls

The 3rd floor gets prepped for paint.

The crew in the Taj Mahal Building is finished with the walls and is now working on the stairwells. 

IV taj stairs 1

A careful hand paints the post.

IV taj stairs

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

Thursday, November 10th: Hello and happy Thursday! In the Orleans Building, they're applying the 2nd coat on wood surfaces and also painting in the stairwells. The crew in the Taj Mahal Building is painting doors on the 2nd floor and also the 1st floor walls. 

As promised, here's our version of the "Mannequin Challenge." We were onsite yesterday shooting the video so we thank you for the awesome backdrop. 


IV Orleans woodwork

Did you know balance work was part of the job description?

IV taj doors

Deep concentration while taping the doorframes.

IV taj walls jose

Jose is as steady as a beating drum.

Wednesday, November 9th: Good afternoon International Village. Excuse us for the later post today, but we were out in the field having some fun shooting videos with our drone and participating in the 'Mannequin Challenge'... more on that later though.

In the Taj Mahal Building, we're continuing on the 2nd floor walls and in Orleans they're putting the 2nd coat of paint on the door frames. 

IV paint door frames

Caesar and Alvaro freshen up the trim.

Tuesday, November 8th: The day is finally here and I think we can all agree that we're ready for the election to be over. Don't worry we won't get political here except to say get out and vote!

In the Orleans Building, today we're working on the first coat of paint on the trim and also priming doors. 

IMG 0292 1

Working on the first coat of paint for the door frames.

In the Taj Mahal Building the crew is working on 3rd floor walls. Tomorrow they'll move down to the 2nd floor walls and also the 3rd floor doors. 

IV 3rd floor walls 1

In Taj Mahal, the hallways are prepped for paint.

IV 3rd floor walls

Getting a start on the ceilings @ Taj Mahal.

Monday, November 7th: Good morning residents of International Village. I keep pinching myself with this gorgeous weather we're having and it looks like it will continue into this week! So albeit the Viking loss, we have our fall weather. 

Today the crew is working on all of the woodwork. They'll be priming and painting all of the door frames and doors throughout the building. 

IV enamel

A watchful eye to paint the enamel.

INV prime wood

Working to prime the wooden frames and doors. 

Friday, November 4th: Is it really November? This extended fall weather we're having is top notch! The crews at International Village are working on the enameling throughout the hallways. 

INV enamel 1

Enamel goes on the metal substrates. 

Thursday, November 3rd: Anyone else on their third cup of coffee? It was a late night win for the Cubs as they took the World Series in extra innings. 

The crews in the Orleans Building are continuing their painting on the ceilings. In the Taj Mahal Building they've completed wall paper removal and are now applying the skim coat and prepping woodwork for enameling. 

INV woodword prep

Completing prep work on wood prior to enameling.

Wednesday, November 2nd:It was a big night in the baseball world last night! The Cubs won Game 6 and are bringing allthey've got to Game 7 of the World Series. We might be a bit biased with our Office Manager from Chicago...but, GO Cubs!! 

The crew is prepping and starting to paint the ceilings today in the 155 Building. 

INV caulk

Omar caulks the gaps prior to painting. 

INV prep

The ceilings are getting prepped for paint. 

INV prep ceilings

Narrowing in on the prep work. 

Tuesday, November 1st: And just like that it's November! 

Elf November

While some are already planning for the holidays, the Roell Painting crew is continuing their prep work at International Village and removing wallpaper and completing ceiling repairs. 

INV wallpaper removal

Careful wallpaper removal yields a smooth paint finish. 

Monday, October 31st: And they're off! We hope you all had a great weekend. Maybe you enjoyed a Halloween party or two, cheered the Gophers on to victory over Illinois, or raked the last of this fall's leaves. We are happy to say that your project has started and the crews are working to remove wall paper and also completing some ceiling repairs. 

Also, the Vikings have a big game tonight. Let's GO!! 

INV wallpaper removal 1

What goes up must come down. 

INV wallpaper removal

Easy does comes the wallpaper. 

Friday, October 28th: Greetings residents of International Village. We have been given the privilege of painting your buildings this year and look forward to getting underway on Monday. We'll be starting on the Taj Mahal and Orleans Buildings and we anticipate the project to take approximately 2 months to complete. Over the course of this project we'll be painting most common area walls and ceilings, stairwells, and woodwork in each building. 

Stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates as they will be provided 2-3 times per week. We'll provide you with any and all pertinent information and/or changes to the schedule. Thank you so much for having us and we are looking forward to getting things underway. See you Monday! 

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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