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Jeffers Waterfront - Prior Lake

Jeffers Waterfront - Prior Lake

Thursday, June 18th - Stripping and Refinishing COMPLETED

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Jeffers Waterfront in Prior Lake. Color us thrilled to be onsite with you! 

Jeffers Waterfront Staining Schedule

Projected Deck Staining Schedule

Jeffers Map

This is the route the crew will be following for pressure washing.

Thursday, June 18th:  We're happy to report that the remaining decks have been completed at Jeffer's Waterfront! 

Monday, June 15th: Jesse, Arturo and the crew are back onsite today to begin the refinishing process on select decks @ Jeffers. As mentioned last week, 2 decks will be chemically stripped, while 7 others will be sanded for approximately an hour each. Again, the objective is to bring a more uniform finish to all the decks at Jeffers and we are on our way. Thanks for your input and cooperation as we put the finishing touches on the project. Have a great day! 

Thursday, June 11th: After discussing the different finishing options for the outstanding decks, we are happy to report that the proposal additional work has been approved. We obviously want to thank the board for their input and involvement in the process and we are confident that going this direction will render a more consistent and appealing aesthetic overall. Right now, the plan is to return on Monday, at which point 7/9 decks will receive a light sanding (1 hour time allotment per deck), while 2 of the decks will be chemically stripped and sanded thereafter. At this time, we will also be performing another quality inspection at which point we will address any remaining touchups. Let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather! 

Wednesday, June 3rd: The crew took advantage of what appears to be the last nice day of the week and completed the staining/trim on all the decks, save for the 9 decks where we are still trying to confirm what finish they will be. As soon as that gets confirmed (and rains hold off) we will return onsite to complete the project. 

Tuesday, June 2nd: With the exception of the 9 decks where the finish is still TBD, the guys should wrap up staining the decks at Jeffers today. We want to extend a special thank you to Danielle for all of her input regarding the different finishing options for these decks. As a results, we were able to provide the associaiton with different options and we will wait to hear back as to how they would like to proceed. Thanks Danielle! 

Monday, June 1st: And all of a sudden, it's already June. Time flies when your having fun [staining decks]! More sun and no rain on Sunday bodes well for more progress being made out at Jeffers Waterfront today! The boys in white will be making their way up Parkside Court NW and should darn near complete the staining on all the included decks, with the exception of 9 select decks where the finish is still TBD. Once we get confirmation of how those decks will be finished, we should be able to wrap a pretty bow on the project and call it good! Thanks again to all the residents for their cooperation and their courteousness over the last week. It's greatly appreciated!

 Bruno Jeffers Decking

Bruno carefully cuts in around the siding on one of the Jeffer's Decks. 

Saturday, May 30th: An absolutely gorgeeous day has equated to the crew making steady progress. While the bulk of the work has been painting the deck skirts, some decks had enough sun exposure to be dry enough to stain. For the most part, the crew is holding the schedule. 

Friday, May 29th: While rains have halted progress at Jeffers today, the fellas took advantage of great weather conditions yesterday and managed to complete 19/64 decks (see above route for reference) and got as far as 14365. If the weather cooperates and the decks dry enough, we'll be back onsite Saturday to resume staining. 

Santiago Staining

Santiago masterfully applies stain to one of the decks at Jeffers. 

Finished Deck

Here's what all the decks will look like! That's grillin' material right there! 

Wednesday, May 27th:  The sun is shining, the mercury is rising, and the breeze is blowing, which all bodes well for the staining to get underway at Jeffers Waterfront tomorrow. Although there is a chance of rain, we will remain optimistic. Another friendly reminder to homeowners to please remove personal items from your deck as you are able, and please reference the above staining schedule to see which day we are projecting your deck to be finished. Physical notices will be posted by day's end as a supplemental notice to the blog. Thanks! 

Tuesday, May 26th: Rain has halted progress out at Jeffers Waterfront and it will likely be a couple days until they are sufficiently dry to begin the staining process. 

Saturday, May 23rd: Good morning Jeffers Waterfront community and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully you are all getting some time to relax! The crew is back onsite today to wrap up the pressure washing phase of the job, and we wanted to take a moment to thank Rachel for passing along these sentiments from one resident...

"A homeowner called the painting company and told them she had plants hanging under her deck and she recently had back surgery and could not move the plants. The painters came out and moved the plants from under her deck, power washed her deck and rehung her plants.  She also said they did a great job power washing her deck and with the service they provided.  I am passing along her nice thoughts." 

All we can say is "thank you" for having us! 

Friday, May 22nd: 24 decks down, 40 to go. The fellas made it just past the 1/3 way point yesterday and pressure washing will continue today. A friendly reminder to residents to clear your decks as you are able. We will be following the same route for staining as we are for pressure washing so please stay tuned right here for scheduling and keep your eyes peeled for physical notices indicating that we will begin staining. Thanks in advance! 


Thursday, May 21st: As promised, the crew has arrived at Jeffers Waterfront to begin pressure washing your decks. With the sun shining, hopefully the work that is underway is getting everybody excited about enjoying the coming months on your NEWLY STAINED DECKS! We want to thank everybody for for their cooperation in getting their decks cleaned off, and kindly ask that for those of you that haven't had the chance to do so, please do as you are able. Please see the map below for reference regarding the route we will be following for pressure washing.

Jeffers Washing

Jeffers Stuff on Deck

Pressure washing has begun! Please have items removed from decks as you are able. Thank you! 

Monday, May 18th: Perhaps you've found your way to our humble little blog by way of painting notices being posted throughout the property. If that's the case, welcome! If not, then whatever google search brought you here, please let us know!!! 

Just as indicated on the notices, work will be getting underway this coming Thursday, and we will begin pressure washing the included areas on 64 residence decks. We anticipate this taking all day Thursday and Friday, with Saturday slated for any make up time due to weather, etc...

As the project progresses, you can follow the project right here, as we will be letting you know when items need to be removed from your decks, and ultimately, when you can return items to your deck upon completion. 

Thanks in advance for all of your cooperation. We'll keep you posted! 

Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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