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Kenwood Isles Citihomes - Minneapolis

Kenwood Isles Citihomes - Minneapolis

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting/carpentry project @ Kenwood Isles Citihomes. We are thrilled to be back onsite with you! 

 Kenwood route map

Kenwood Isles Citihomes Route Map

We'll be starting at the SW corner of the property at the 2856-2862 Building, then as the arrow shows to 2864-2870, 2863-2869, 2835-2839, and finally 2818-2824. 


Greetings and welcome to the official blog for this year's painting and carpentry project @ Kenwood Isles Citihomes! 


Monday, June 5th: Good morning Kenwood! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had! 

We have 2 guys from the crew onsite today painting deck railings. They're set to wrap up the railings today as well! It has been our pleasure painting at your association again this spring. We hope you enjoy it!

Kenwood cesar paint railings

Cesar paints the top railing.

weather 6 5

It's going to be a great week! 

Friday, June 2nd: TGIF! It's Friday, it's beautiful out, and it's National Donut Day! Though we’re the first to argue that all the food holidays (National Cherry Popsicle Day is Aug. 26, in case you were wondering) are getting out of control, National Donut Day actually has legit history behind it. And it’s hard to resist a real reason to eat a doughnut. The day was created in 1938 to honor the Salvation Army “Donut Girls” who served doughnuts to soldiers on the front lines of World War I. We can toast a donut to that! Here's a list of several in the Twin Cities if you need a little help finding those treats! 

Cesar is holding down the fort at Kenwood today. He's painting deck railings around the association. Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, June 1st: Happy June 1st!! We are happy to see the sun shining and have an 80 degree day to welcome the new month! 

The crew is at a different site today applying some paint samples. They'll resume their railing painting tomorrow! Enjoy this gorgeous day!

Wednesday, May 31st: We can't believe May is coming to a close and June is right around the corner. We're hopeful the new month will bring more sunshine and less rain and if today is any indication of that- we'll take it! This warmer weather has us eager to use our outdoor grills and bbq! Thrillist's list of '100 Best Burgers In America' is out and Minnesota takes 4 of the spots. At #100, is Matt's Bar's Juicy Lucy, #86 is the Paddy Shack Burger from Half-Time Rec, #47 is the Parlour Burger, and #40 is Sainte Dinette's cheeseburger. Looks like we having some tasting to do! 

Painting persists for the deck railings at Kenwood. 

Tuesday, May 30th: We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the Holiday with family and friends. And then just a few short days and we'll have another weekend. Art Fair season is upon us as the Edina Art Fair kicks off on Friday. There are 280 local, national, and international artists as well as lots of live music, food, drinks, and even activities for the kiddos. Check out their website for all the need-to-know information. 

The guys at Kenwood are working on painting the deck railings today and they'll continue to paint the railings for the remainder of the week. 

Friday, May 26th: TGIF! As we're all anxiously awaiting a 3-day weekend, we want to take a moment and say thank you to our service men and women who tirelessly serve and protect our country. We will also remember and honor those brave souls who have died in service. 

Memorial day

The crew is painting deck railings today and tomorrow. They'll be back onsite next to finish up as well. 

We hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 25th: Today is turning out to be the best day of the week yet! Not to get ahead of ourselves, but guess how many weeks until the State Fair? 13 weeks! There will be an exciting addition to this year's festival- a 156 foot Ferris Wheel. The Great Big Wheel is one of the tallest traveling Ferris Wheels in North America and will take 12 trucks to get to MN. There are 36 buckets that can each hold 6 people, so the more the merrier! If you seek the thrill of high heights, this one's for you!

We've got a few of the guys working on the decks floors. We're hoping to wrap up next Tuesday, 5/30. 

Kenwood deck stain floors

Cesar stains the deck floor. 

Wednesday, May 24th: Hello Kenwood! Though this weather isn't quite what we'd hoped for, we'll take it! No rain = happy crew members and work in progress! 

The finale of The Voice was last night and our Minnesota man, Jesse Larson sure made us proud! His final performance was an energetic and honorable tribute to Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy.' He sang along side his coach, Adam Levine but it wasn't quite enough for him to win. Alicia Key's contendor, Chris Blue won the show with his soulful and R&B style talents. Congrats! If you follow the show, next season, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson will replace Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. 

The carpenters are working on replacing/repairing deck boards today as well as painting the decks. 

Kenwood deck painting railings

Cesar paints the deck railing. 

Tuesday, May 23rd: Good morning residents of Kenwood Isles! We hope you all enjoyed the weather yesterday! 

We can't believe it's almost June and that Memorial Day is right around the corner. I think we can all say we're looking forward to a 3-day weekend! Let's just play 'Working For The Weekend' on repeat until Friday?! Ready, Go!

The crew is continuing to work on and repair decks. They've also started priming the wood. 

Kenwood deck work

I get by with a little help from my... lift? Thanks to this 60 'footer' we can reach your 3rd level decks!

Kenwood priming decks

Primer goes up onto the deck base boards and support beams. 

Monday, May 22nd: Hello and Happy Monday! We are thrilled that Mother Nature has had a change of heart and blessed us with a sunny day! We'll take it, even if for a day before we're the weather is back to being variable.

Can you believe the Titanic was released 20 years ago?! To celebrate this milestone, Celine Dion sang 'My Heart Will Go On' at the Billboard Music Awards last night. And if you got chills hearing it for the first time, that same feeling is back in full force. Celine is overly talented and sang with such poise and grace. If you missed it, check it out here.

The crew is continuing on deck replacement, some carpentry, and painting at Kenwood today! Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies! 

Friday, May 19th: Happy Friday everyone! As much as we are eternal optimists at Roell Painting, the immediate horizon doesn't look to promising either with rain threatening the next few days as well! While we can and the rain holds off for today, we are painting garage door frames. We'll be watch intently as the weather unfolds and we will keeo you apprised as to when we'll resume in full force. 

If you're wanting to look ahead to the weekend and get over this slump of a week, Northeast Minneapolis Art Association's Art-A-Whirl will take over Northeast Minneapolis for the weekend. In it's 22nd year of open studios, demonstrations, sales, kids' activities, and food and drink specials at surrounding breweries and restaurants, Art-A-Whirl takes art appreciation to a whole new level. Though the weather won't be much different than the rainy week we've had, grab your umbrella or even take the buses that are looping between buildings hosting open studios and explore all NE has to offer! 

Wednesday, May 17th: Good morning residents of Kenwood Isles Citihomes. We hope you are staying safe and dry with all of this rain. While the rain has stopped for awhile this morning, our crew is onsite completing some carpentry work throughout the property. 

kenwood carpentry doors

Deck replacement @ Kenwood. 

If you're wanting to look ahead to the weekend and get over this slump of a week, Minneapolis' Art-A-Whirl will take over Northeast Minneapolis for the weekend. In it's 22nd year of open studios, demonstrations, sales, kids' activities, and food and drink specials at surrounding breweries and restaurants, Art-A-Whirl takes art appreciation to a whole new level. Though the weather won't be much different than the rainy week we've had, grab your umbrella or even take the buses that are looping between buildings hosting open studios and explore all NE has to offer! 

Tuesday, May 16th: Though the weather seems to have cleared up for the moment, it looks like more rain either this afternoon and/or tomorrow. With that in mind, we'll keep you updated here on the blog with when the crews will be back once everything has dried out enough. 

Until then, here's the Will & Grace trailer that was released yesterday from NBC to perk up this rainy morning. The 12-episode revival kicks off this fall on NBC!

The gang's back at it! 

Monday, May 15th: Good afternoon residents of Kenwood! We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend. Unfortunately, Mother Nature put a stop on the sunshine and clear skies. The crew was onsite this morning pressure washing the designated decks. Once the decks have dried...which could be a few days with this weather, the crew will be back to begin prep and staining the decks. 

Kenwood wash decks

Pressure washing before the "natural" rain washing. 

Friday, May 12th: Happy Friday ya'll! We're in store for a gorgeous weekend! 

#MOMQUOTES from Jimmy Fallon

The crew at Kenwood is continuing their carpentry work across the buildings. Note, on Monday 5/15 the crew will be pressure washing selected decks. Please look for a blue notice taped to your garage frame alerting you to the washing and then staining. Please remove any belongings from your deck for the washing through the duration of the staining. The crew will then be back onsite on Wednesday 5/17 to stain the deck floors. 

We hope you all have a great weekend! We'll see you on Monday to pressure wash. 

Kenwood alvaro kicks

Alvaro and his 'Pumped up Kicks' get a boost from Isaac.

Kenwood isaac wilmer

Isaac & Wilmer talk "shop" @ Kenwood. 

Kenwood lift pic

Look out below!

Thursday, May 11th: Happy Thursday and cheers to a beautiful Minnesota day! Today happens to be the state's 159th Birthday. Minnesota joined the union back in 1858. Today we can celebrate all things Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes, Uff-da & Fargo references, hot dishes, Vikings loyalties, and of course, all of the snow! 

Today this crew is continuing their carpentry throughout and also scraping and priming Building 2818-2824.

Kenwood carpentry continued

Lift work in progress for carpentry. 

Wednesday, May 10th: Good morning! The crew is split in two today; Wilmer and Alvaro are completing carpentry and Juan and Kenny are painting door frames. 

Mother's Day is a short 4 days away, so here's your official head's up to get that card for your mom, grandma, aunt, godmother, sister, and all those who share their love, patience, and guidance with us! 

City Pages has posted a list of all of the free activities in Minneapolis Parks this summer. Now that the weather is starting to feel more like Spring, planning to watch live music or a movie in the park is a reality. Check it out! 

Kenwood alvaro carpentry

Alvaro completed carpentry work on one of the decks. 

Kenwood juan paint door frames

Juan paints the door frames on the 2856 Building. 

Tuesday, May 9th: Hello residents of Kenwood Isles Citihomes. A bit of trivia for you on Trivia Tuesday- Who recently tweeted that they'll be commemorating the 20th anniverary of the movie Titanic at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards? If you guessed Canadian superstar Celine Dion, you are correct! She will be singing "My Heart Will Go On" on May 21st to honor the 1997 film.

The crew at Kenwood is wrapping up the 2863-2869 Building as well as starting the prep for Building 2835-2839.

Kenwood prep 3835

Prep in Progress on the 2835 Building.

Kenwood lift manuever

Add 'expert lift operator' to the crews' list of many talents. 

Monday, May 8th: Good morning and Happy Monday! We are happy to report that this week's weather looks top notch with warmer temperatures and sunny skies! It's about time, right Minnesota? 

weather 5 8

This might be the longest stretch of nice weather yet!

The crew at Kenwood is working on Building 2863, which is the 3rd building with prep and then painting. With all of this sunshine and the efficiency of your crew, they'll likely complete the painting portion of the project by Friday or Saturday! 

Kenwood 2863 prep

Kenny tapes the gutters to ensure there is no overspray. 

Kenwood 2863 window tape

A little extra 'lift' from our rental to reach the windows for taping. 

Kenwood 2863 window prep

Taped and prepped and ready for primer!

Friday, May 5th: Happy Cino de Mayo!! We are celebrating the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla. We are celebrating Mexican culture with a fiesta lunch for our crews at Roell Painting this afternoon. We want to celebrate Mexican history and have a little fun as well!! 


The crew is working on Building 2864. They're painting the top coat and will be working on this Building tomorrow as well and likely finish it! 

Have a great weekend! 

kenwood 2864

Building 2864 is prepped and ready for the top coat. 

kenwood sunglasses

Sunglasses necessary on this beautiful day! 

Thursday, May 4th: 

star wars day

Very fittingly, today is Star Wars Day!  Jedi and Stormtroopers alike are celebrating this iconic film franchise today. Grab your light sabers and celebrate with some trivia, watch one of the films, or check out this video Jimmy Fallon put together- it's Star Wars characters singing "All Star" by Smash Mouth. 

The crew is continuing their prep work, priming, and painting on the 2862 Building at the south end of the association. 

Kenwood 2862 top coat

The top coat goes on the 2862 Building @ Kenwood. 

Wednesday, May 3rd: We can't believe it's May already! Soon enough it will be summertime! 

The crew is busy getting caulking and prep work done before they begin painting. They're starting at the south end of the association on the 2856-2862 and 2864-2870 Buildings. The plan is to prep and then paint these Buildings first and then move onto the next 1-2 Buildings. 

Kenwood caulk and prepJPG

Thorough prep is one of the most important steps in a project! 

Kenwood lift prep

We've elicited the 'Big Guns' for this spring's project @ Kenwood. A 64 footer to get at all areas of your Buildings. 

kenwood king of the world

I'm the king of the world! 

titanic king of world dicapricrow

Who did it better? Our crew does their best Jack impression atop the Titanic! 

Friday, April 28th: Man, are we glad to see the sun! It's been an interesting weather week to say the least...we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us. Along with blues skies, it's also Friday! 

Our crew is making their way around to the designated buildings to pressure washing the exterior surfaces. We'll give the buildings ample time to dry over the weekend and we'll be back next week to start painting. We'll be at the 2856-2862 Building first. 

Enjoy this sunny weather and have a great weekend!

Kenwood PW

Teamwork at it's finest!

Try and not smile while watching Napolean Dynamite dance to "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 26th: Greetings and welcome to the official blog for Phase II of your painting and carpentry project at Kenwood Isles Citihomes. Perhaps you've found your way to our blog via blue notices taped to your garage frames, welcome! We'll be utilizing the blog, much like we did last summer to keep you all informed and up-to-date on the project's progress, any schedule changes if they occur, and really any other pertinent information to your project.

We are thrilled to be back onsite with you this spring! This spring's project: Phase II will encomopass the painting of siding, soffits, fascia, front door frames/side lights, garage doors/frames, trash enclosures, patio doors/frames/louver vents. We'll also be completing some carpentry work to your deck floors, handrails, deck skits, deck undersides, and the deck support posts. There are 19 units designated for completion: 2856-2862, 2864-2870, 2863-2869, and 2835-2839. 

On FRIDAY, we'll be onsite pressure washing the exeriors of the buildings. If you could just make sure your windows are closed, that would be great! We'll have another set of notices posted when we're on the deck portion of the project. 

In total we anticipate the projec to take about 2 months. Who knows what Mother Nature will throw at us, but we'll keep you updated right here on the blog! Stay tune & we'll see you on Friday!

Kenwood blue notices

We'll be onsite Friday, April 28th to pressure wash. 


2016: Phase I

Thursday, October 6th: Hello residents of Kenwood Citihomes. Your painting and deck staining project is complete. We want to thank all of you for your cooperation and participation throughout the project. We really appreciate it and we hope you all have a great rest of the year!

Monday, October 3rd: And just like that it's October. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The weather was pretty perfect! 

Our crew is out starting the deck staining. They're starting at the 2844 Building and will make their way to all decks and finish the staining today. 

IMG 0099

Wednesday, September 28th: Good afternoon residents of Kenwood! We hope your week is off to a great start. We are just happy that there is no rain in sight! Our crew will be back onsite Friday 9/30 to pressure wash the decks. We ask that you please remove items from your decks so we can wash the surface entirely. After giving the wood ample time to dry, we'll be back on Monday 10/3 to begin staining the decks. 

We'll see you on Friday!

Friday, September 23rd: Happy Friday Kenwood residents! We hope you had a good week. Our crew is completing some touch-up throughout the property today. 

Have a great weekend!

IMG 5981

Tuesday, September 20th: Good morning residents of Kenwood. Our crew will be completing painting touch ups today and tomorrow, that is if the rain holds off. 

Have a great day!

Friday, September 16th: Happy Friday everyone! It's a big weekend for football in Minnesota. The Border Battle showcasing the Vikings vs. the Green Bay Packers for the regular season home opener at U.S. Bank Stadium is on Sunday night! Our office is divided and sporting their team apparel today. It sould be a great game!

The crew is completing carpentry work on Building 2850 today. We hope you have a great weekend!

Kenwood Carpentry repairs

I spy with my eye a camera-shy carpenter. 

Wednesday, September 14th: We've made it to the middle of the week! Our crew is out working on painting all garage doors. 

Kenwood garage painting

Look at that fresh white paint pop!

Tuesday, September 13th:  The crew is working to complete Building 2848 today. 

Kenwood 913

Finishing up the painting on 2848 today. 

Monday, September 12th: Good morning residents of Kenwood. We hope you all enjoyed the sunnier and cooler weather! Our crew is back at it and working on Building 2848 today. 

IMG 0371 1

Friday, September 9th: So we may have jinxed ourselves talking about the nice weather...seems to be rain in today's forecast as well. But the good news it that the weekend and next week's forecast look perfect! No painting today for our crew, just some touch ups and carpentry. 

We hope you all have a great weekend!

Weather Forecast Sept 9th 16th

Thursday, September 8th: We've never been happier to see the sun! Our crews are back at it today with work being completed on the 2857 Building. Thanks for sticking with us as we powered through the rain. 

Kenwood 2857

Here comes the sun- we're happy to be back working in the sunshine!

Wednesday, September 7th: After a long holiday weekend and a bit of rain, here we are. Our crew is working on some carpentry replacement today. This is primarily the replacement of the deck pillars. The weather shows we're back to sunshine tomorrow, so we'll be diving right back into painting. 

Kenwood carpentry pillar replacement

Wednesday's rain proves no obstacle for Wilmer & crew at Kenwood Isles. 

Friday, September 2nd: Happy Friday y'all! Our crew is finishing up Building 2846 today. We'll start the next one after Labor Day. Hope you all enjoy the long weekend anad we'll see ya next week!

Kenwood 9 2

Glowing in the morning light, our crew works for the weekend! 

Thursday, September 1st: And just like that it's's to fall football, pumpkin spice everything, back to school, and cooler temps! 

Wilmer and his crew is working on the 4th buildings and should be done with the building by the end of today. The crew will start the 5th building after Labor Day. Deck work will get started in a few weeks as well. 


Kenwood wilmer

Wilmer is fully harnessed and ready to tackle the heights @ Kenwood. 

kenwood front elevations

Front elevations at Kenwood getting a fresh coat of paint. 

Tuesday, August 30th: We hope you all had a great weekend! The week is up and running as our crew is working to complete Building 2827 today. See our video for the full update today. 

Friday, August 26th: Happy Friday Kenwood Isles residents! We made it to Friday and our crew is currently working on Building 2827 with prep and painting on the garage side of the building. 

We hope you all have a great weekend! If you're a foodie or a Fair fan, here's a list of favs Andrew Zimmern put together of this year's foods. Check it out to see if your go-to's made his list. Happy Eating! 

IMG 0260

We prep and then we paint. 

Thursday, August 25th: Happy Thursday Kenwood Isles! Anyone getting out to the fair today or this weekend? The Minnesota Fair is underway and going through September 5th is you're looking for some fried-food-on-a-stick, Sweet Martha's cookies and milk, a visit to The Miracle of Birth Center to see some animals, or for some rides and games on The Midway. 

The crew is finishing up Building 2832 today and will be on to the next one tomorrow. 

IMG 0246 copy

2 guys, 2 ladders, and a lift. Whatever it takes, we are getting the job done.

Tuesday, August 23rd: The crew is continuing their work on Building 2826. They're working on painting, spraying the siding, and painting the doors. 

Kenwood paint

Caesar is being spotted on the ladder while scraping excess paint from underside. 

Monday, August 22nd: Good morning residents of Kenwood! Our crew is up and at 'em this morning and we'll be working on Building 2826 today. 

Kenwood paint 2826

The early bird gets the ...paint? The Crew is at work painting building 2826.

Thursday, August 18th: As the day progresses, we'll be completing the carpentry repairs on the 2854-2856 Buildings. We'll also be doing some priming and caulking to the the 2830 Building. 

Kenwood prime and paint 8 18

A quick 'before' snap of Building 2830.

Wednesday, August 17th: Carpentry repairs continue for Buildings 2862, 2863, and 2866 today @ Kenwood Isles. Priming is also underway and painting will soon follow. This process will follow the same course as the pressure washing did.  

Kenwood Isles carpentry 8 17

Power 'lifting' to reach the rooftops for repairs. 

Tuesday, August 16th: And the week is already off to a great start here at Kenwood. Carpentry repairs have consumed the crews efforts and will continue through the week. Project Manager, Wilmer said the bulk of repairs will be done by Friday. The crew is also planning to start priming tomorrow and then begin painting on Thursday (8/18). This will again be done in order which areas were pressure washed. 

Kenwood carpentry

Crews are reaching 'higher ground' as carpentry repairs have no limits (linked for your viewing pleasure is James Cordon's Car Karaoke with Stevie Wonder).                           

Friday, August 12th: Hello residents of Kenwood Isles! As our week is coming to a close, we are continuing to finish up carpentry projects throughout the property. Hopefully you have all had a chance to check out the color match we applied; it's going to look great! 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and can get out to enjoy this 'Gold Medal' weather we're going to have!

Kenwood carpentry repairs

Alvaro doing his own 'Balancing Beam' event on the rooftop at Kenwood Isles Citihomes. 


Wednesday, August 10th: Good afternoon residents of Kenwood Isles, we hope you survived the hustle and bustle of the Uptown Art Fair and that you are staying cool on this hot, hot Wednesday. The crew is braving the elements as carpentry repairs continue throughout the property. To address the higher up repairs an aerial lift will be arriving in the next 3-4 days. 

We've also finalized the color match and it will be applied for your viewing pleasure near the garage of 2828. Per Board request, we've done our best to make the color slightly darker than before. This should make your white trim pop that much more. 

Painting will get underway the beginning part of next week and it will follow the same route as the pressure washing did. As a reminder, deck painting will occur later in the project, so no extra work is needed on your end at this point. 

IMG 84041 1

This just in: color match sample is up and available for your viewing pleasure


We've reached new heights making sure all surfaces are sufficiently pressure washed here @ Kenwood Isles.


Monday, August 1st: Perhaps you've found your way to our blog by way of the blue notices taped to your garage door frames, Welcome! The project will be performed over the course of the next 2 years and 6 buildings will be designated for completion this year. 

On Tuesday, August 2nd the first three buildings will be pressure washed and they are 2826-2830 building, 2832-2836 building, and 2827-2833 building. Carpentry repairs will also be getting underway on the 2857-2861. 

At a later date, after we've washed and painting the majority of surfaces on the buildings, we will then be washing and finishing your decking areas. IT IS NOT NECESSARY AT THIS TIME TO REMOVE ITEMS FROM YOUR DECK...YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED SEPARATELY WHEN THIS WILL BE REQUIRED. 

Stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates as they will be provided 2-3 times per week. Thanks so much for having us and we're looking forward to getting things underway!

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments (1)

  • Nancy Schaefer

    10 August 2016 at 12:44 | #

    Hi Isaac,

    We live at 2850. The original email we got from Bruce listed our group as one of those getting done, but I don't see it included above. I noticed work on 2846 yesterday at the end of the day, but I don't know if it was your crew or someone else. Could you please let me know where we are in the queue?

    Thanks much,

    Nancy Schaefer, 2850 Kenwood Isles Dr.

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