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Lake Eden- Eden Prairie

Lake Eden- Eden Prairie

Project Complete


Greetings and welcome to the offical blog for the Eden Lake deck replacement project!! We are back onsite completing the remaining 16 decks.

Lake Eden deck schedule

Projected Finishing Schedule @ Lake Eden in Eden Prairie.

Wednesday, March 8th: Hello residents of Lake Eden! Your deck replacement project is now complete. Our crew wrapped up on Monday. Thank you again for having us back to complete the remainder of your decks. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with and for you! Now, let's get some warmer weather so you can enjoy your decks! 

Thursday, March 2nd: The sun is shining and the weekend is right around the corner! Thankfully the snow is nothing but a memory. Here's to hoping that was the last of it and we're onto sunny skies and warmer temperatures. 

The weather is no boundary for our carpentry guys and they are set to finish on Monday as planned. They're working at 8832 today and will finish with 8810 on Monday. 

We want to say thank you for having us back onsite to complete the remainder of your decks. It has been our pleasure working with and for you. Cheers to your new decks and hopefully, an early spring!

Lake Eden Roberto

Roberto is not phased on this 30 degree day. 

Lake Eden decks 1

Heights is not a worry for Anibar. 

Wednesday, March 1st: We can't believe it's March already!

March emem

March, you had one job. 

Well at least this morning's snow has almost entirely melted. Leave it to Minnesota to get snow on March 1st. We are excited for this month's highlights, including the Spring Equinox on the 20th, March Madness, and St. Patrick's Day. 

Business continues as usual. The crew is not phased by our morning snow and should be able to complete today's deck as scheduled. Way to go guys!

Tuesday, February 21st: Happy Tuesday, indeed! We have no compaints for this sunshine and 60 degree day. As Minnesotans, we also know how easy the tables can turn. Cold weather aside, let's keep our glass half full and relish in this gorgeous day! It surely makes working outside a treat for our crew. 

We're sticking to schedule and should continue to do so, unless we get thrown a crazy curve ball from Mother Nature. 

Lake Eden deck in progress 1

Roberto hammers home the railing posts. 

Lake Eden deck replacement

Laying the deck boards. 

Lake eden anibar

Anibar makes sure everything is in place. 

Lake Eden deck complete

Another deck in the books.

Lake eden dumpster

Friendly reminder: the onsite dumpster is to dispose of our excess project materials only. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 7th: We're back! It's 5 months later and we are set to start on the remaining 16 decks on Monday 2/13. We've posted an anticipated finishing schedule so you can be in the loop of when our crew will arrive at your deck. This is all weather permitting of course. We hope that you can be flexible within a day on each side of when we'll be working on your deck for that reason. We do anticipate the crew will be able to complete 1 deck/day. So as we're nearing your unit, please be mindful of items that will need to be removed from your deck so we can get right to work. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

We'll see you in less than a week! 

 Feel free to check out previous blog updates below. We completed 16 of your decks last fall and will round out the remaining 16 in the next few weeks! 

Tuesday, September 20th: We hope you all had a great weekend. Deck repairs and painting continues and things are looking great!

IMG 9153

Chris keeps a watchful eye on Anibar.

Friday, September 16th: Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick reminder to please refrain from dumping personal items into our dumpster. We'd hate to incur extra costs due to "outside" items being left in our dumpter. Thanks so much. 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 15th: The crew has finished 9 decks and they're on to the next one. Their careful and precise carpentry work shows! 

Lake Eden Deck 9

Deck number 9 lookin' fine. 

Tuesday, September 13th: We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather over the weekend! Despite some rain and material delay, we are back to repairing the decks. After today, the crew will have completed 9 decks and have 7 more to go. 

IMG 8958 1

Anibar is careful to balance while replacing deck boards. 

Friday, September 9th: So maybe we spoke too soon about the nicer appears there's some rain in today's forecast. But the good news it that the weekend and next week's forcast is beautiful. We still have some materials that we're waiting on, but otherwise we are moving along. 

Have a great weekend!

Weather Forecast Sept 9th 16th 

Wednesday, September 7th: Rain Delay; Crew is working on painting unrotted posts and they are waiting on some materials to replace the rotted ones. 

Tuesday, September 6th: Rain Delay

Thursday, September 1st:  Good morning residents at Lake Eden. Just like that it's's to fall football, pumpkin spice everthing, back to school, and cooler temps! 

The crew is continuing to complete replacements and paint. They've completed 8 decks and are starting to paint all 32 posts. Lyman Lumber is trying to fast track deck boards that were on back order before we can start with the next deck. By the way, have you seen the finished decks? They look fantastic!

Lake Eden deck

Ready for the close up. 

20160830 142409 HDR

Chris works meticulously to get that perfect finish- seen above. 

Tuesday, August 30th: We hope your week is off to a great start. We're still trucking along at Eden Lake. We've completed 7 decks with repairs and painting. We're still in a good spot scheduling wise, albeit the bit of rain we had. 

Friday, August 26th: Happy Friday y'all! We hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend! Things are moving steadily @ Eden Lake. We've completed 5 decks and we're onto the 6th, right on schedule. Also, Bruce had mentioned that other reisdents may have the option to have their deck done as well. Just wanted to put it out there for this potential under taking of more decks. We'll have more details if/as this option progresses. 

We hope you get out and enjoy the weekend! Any Minnesota Fair go-ers? Andrew Zimmern has posted an article with all his recommendations for food to try at the fair. Check it out to see if your list of favs matches up to his. If you're headed out to the fair today, show your love of Prince by wearing purple for 'Unite in Purple' day. There will be purple pride scattered througout the fair grounds as well as a concert in Carousel Park at 8pm tonight. 

Lake Eden 8 26 before

Deck work is coming right along. 

Lake Eden 8 26

Our crew works to replace deck railings. 

Monday, August 22nd: Good morning residents of Lake Eden. We hope you all enjoyed the weekend and now the cooler temps have gone and we're back to running Minnesota- hot. As with any beginning of a project, sometimes things start off a bit slower. As our guys are finding their groove with the deck undertaking, we'll be able to feel the rhythm, feel the rythme, get on up- it's bobsled time...oh wait, this is deck replacement. Regardless, once the rhythm is set, we'll be able to move quicker and smoother around to the decks throughout the property. 

Friday, August 19th: Perhaps you've found your way to our humble little blog by way of an email sent to you by your property manager, Bruce Andrews. Big thanks to him and the board for all of their efforts in facilitating this project. 

We've been contracted to take the skin off of the deck floors and to replace the deck floors, railings, and to paint the posts. 

You should have all receieved and email regarding the finishing schedule for the project. We'll be starting at Building 8793 today, 8/19 and moving in increasing numerical order to each deck though 8861, which will finish 9/7. Of course, the schedule is subject to change depending on what Mother Nature throws at us, but this will give you a good timeline for the project. 

You can follow the progress right here on the blog, where we'll update you with any pertinent information and/or any changes to the schedule. Looking forward to getting things underway!

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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