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Lake Forest - Minnetonka

Lake Forest - Minnetonka

Project @ 80% Completion - Awaiting carpentry completion

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Lake Forest in Minnetonka. We are honored to back with you again this year! 

Monday, July 6th: Good afternoon Lake Forest. Hope you had a terrific holiday weekend! After a very productive week last week, we've caught the carpentry crew and we have completed about 85% of the project. We will be returning oniste, hopefully at some point this week to prime and paint all the newly replaced areas. As always, we want to thank all the residents for their communication throughout the project. We especially want to thank Karen for her correspondence regarding a mother bunny and her babies. We are happy to report that due to the collective efforts of Karen, Sharper Management, and the crew, the bunnies are being attended to and will surely be eating your gardens next summer! 

 Lake Forest Bunnies

Painters by day, wildlife conservationists by night! 

Wednesday, July 1st: Good morning residents of Lake Forest. As the crew continues to make their way around the 5459 Building, they've doubled back to the 5419-5431 Building to paint the metal railings. We ask that residents please exercise caution in these areas as there will be WET PAINT. Right now, we are anticipating project completion by the end of the week, except for the front doors. 

Tuesday, June 30th: As carpentry repairs near completion on the rear elevation of the 5459-5471 Building, the crew continues to make their way across the front elevation of that building. Hopefully, the timing works out to where the repairs are completed and we can seamlessly transition to the back and prime/paint the newly repaired areas. 

Monday, June 29th: After some well deserved R and R over the weekend, the fellas are back onsite at Lake Forest and have begun the front elevation areas on the 5459-5471 Building. All the areas, with the exception of the residence metal railings and front doors have been completed on the 5419-5431 Building and they will also be working on those metal railings today. Front doors will be scheduled at a later time, most likely this week yet. Stay tuned right here for project updates. Thanks! 

Thursday, June 25th: The guys have made great progress this week and essentially have complet all the areas on the 5419/5431 Building, with the exception of the garage doors, front doors, and metal railings. So far, everybody has been incredibly cooperative and for that we are grateful. We especially want to thank Mr. Eisenberg in 5427 for his wordplay and "punniness." 

Lake Forest

Victor, William, and the whole crew are making great progress at Lake Forest! 

Afternoon update: The rains have subsided and the preparations are underway on the 5419/5423 Butternut Circle Building. With more carpentry repairs than anticipated, we've assured Brian with Maas Exteriors that we will "play nicely in the sandbox" so to speak. Stay tuned! 

Lake Forest Prep

Prep is underway at Lake Forest in Minnetonka. 



Monday, June 15th: Perhaps you've found your way to our humble little blog by way of blue notices posted throughout the property alerting of our arrival this coming Wednesday, June 17th to pressure wash. This year's project includes finishing of the Cedar siding, soffits, fascia, wood window frames, front doors/frames, servive doors and frames, and garage doors and frames on 5419-5431 and 5459-5471 Butternut Circle. Also included are the metal decking spindles in these areas as well. We will be updating the project daily with progress updates and we will also be utilizing the blog as a tool that homeowners can utilize  to schedule their front door painting. We will provide more specific instructions regarding this aspect of the project near the middle of the project. 

Thank you again to all the residents for having us back this year. We look forward to replicating the success of last year and you'll be in good hands with Victor, your job supervisor, again this year. 

See you Wednesday!

Pressure washing gets underway on Wednesday, 6/17 at Lake Forest!  

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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  • arthur matas

    23 June 2015 at 11:13 | #

    re: 5463 butternut circle (lake forest)

    i have been out of town
    was the deck supposed to have been pressure washed?



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