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Lake Forest - Minnetonka

Lake Forest - Minnetonka

5460-5472 IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Lake Forest. We are thrilled to be back onsite with you! 

Tuesday, June 7th: It's amazing what a little sunshine will do! After the rain prevented us from building any momentum outside this summer thus far, the last couple of days have got us feeling optimistic. 

The crew is busy at work at 5460-5472 and with good weather, they just might finish by week's end. 

Chris, your manager, did request that we take a look at some additional carpentry repairs/painting considerations while we are onsite, and we'll be certain to take a look at those. 

Have a great week everybody...we will update the project status again right here this coming Friday.

LakeForest Tyrese

Tyrese rolls one of the deck handrails at Lake Forest.


Lake Forest Group

Francisco and William play a game of Chutes and Ladders

Friday, June 3rd: With rain essentially a certainty today, we knew work would be cut short. However, the fellas did manage to get some prep work in before the rains came late this morning. We intend to return on Monday 6/6 and pick up right where we left off. 

Thanks for your understanding! 

Wednesday, June 1st: With rains halting the completion of the project in Bloomington that Victor and the boys are at, the start date at Lake Forest has been pushed back to this coming Friday. But wouldn't you know it, Ol' Mr. Doppler says there is a 90% chance of rain on Friday. We are monitoring the weather closely and we will get back out there as soon as the weather permits. Thanks for your patience!  

We are a pretty optimistic bunch here at Roell Painting, but not even Gene Kelly can ease our sorrows with all the rain delays and weather challenges! 

Rain has delayed the start of the project at Lake Forest. 

Wednesday, May 25th: Greetings again residents of Lake Forest! We are delighted to be back onsite for the 3rd consecutive year and we are looking forward to getting things underway on Thursday, May 26th. 

Just as in years past, the project will begin with pressure washing, which will take 2 days, and the crew will begin  on 12905 -12913 Jorissen and then will make their way up to 5460-5472 Butternut Circle on Friday.

When painting commences on Tuesday May 31st, after the Memorial Day Holiday, the fellas will follow the same route as pressure washing. 

We'll see you all tomorrow! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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Onsite Job Supervisor

Ph: 651-497-4571

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