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Marsh Park - Bloomington

Marsh Park - Bloomington

Project Complete - Touch ups remaining

Hello and welcome to your project blog for the painting project at Marsh Park! We are looking forward to being onsite with you!


Tuesday, February 19th: Greetings! The crew has wrapped on your project at Marsh Park, albeit some remaining touch ups. We wanted to say thank you for having us at your building and we hope you enjou your newly painted areas! 

Let's hope spring is on the horizon and we don't have too many more snow or vortex days ahead!

Monday, February 18th: Hello and happy Monday!

The crew is prepping and painting in the hallway today. They'll then apply paint to the walls, which is the last area 

Marsh park wall paint goes up

Rolling on the first coat of paint in the hallway. 

Marsh park cutting in at ceiling lines

Cutting into the ceilings lines in the hallway. 

Friday, February 15th: Good morning and TGIF!

We've made it to the weekend! After another week of snow and cold - and the good news is the weekend looks to be pretty mild and only light snow, phew! 

All 'foodies' tune in - we have a week's worth of great food at discounted prices at many of the Twin Cities best and most popular restaurants - it's Restaurant Week! Check out the list for availability and reservations for prix fixe menus from 2/17- 2/22! 

The Marsh Park crew is prepping the hallways for ceiling painting as well as making some repairs to the walls in advance of the skim coating and painting. 

Marsh park prep to paint ceilings

 Covering light fixtures ahead of spraying the ceiling. 

Marsh Park covering and prep for ceilings

 More plastic and tape to cover floors, doorways, doors, etc. 

Marsh Park prep walls mud

Patching and prepping the walls. 

Thursday, February 14th: Hello and Happy Valentine's Day!


We just couldn't resist a good Valentine's Day pun!

The crew is hard at work in the party room hallway. They are priming the walls and then the next steps will be to spray texture to the ceiling areas we've been repairing. We will then spray the ceilings and skim coat the walls. Once those are complete, we'll paint the hallway walls. Thanks!

Marsh Park apply primer and prep walls

Cutting in around the door frames. 

Marsh Park applying primer

Obed rolls on the primer. 

Wednesday, February 13th: Greetings and welcome to your project blog! 

Onsite with Isaac as we kick off your project!

We'll be removing wallpaper, prepping and painting in the party room hallway - ceiling and walls included as well as the ceiling in the 'billiards' room. 

This shouldn't have too much of an interference with your day-to-day activities, but the primer we are using may emit a slight smell so just beware of that. Thank you so much for having us and we're looking forward to beautifying your space!

We're looking forward to being onsite with you and you can stay apprised of project progress here on the blog as we provide frequent updates and photos. Thanks for following along!

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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Comments (2)

  • Ralph Carlson

    21 February 2019 at 16:45 | #

    The blog makes it look great. Unfortunately I’m in Mexico and can’t see it in person. So sorry I had to miss the snow. I will be home tomorrow so will give it a full inspection then. Thanks so much for your help


    • Isaac

      21 February 2019 at 16:50 | #

      Thanks Ralph! We are working on coordinating a walk-through ourselves where we will identify outstanding items/touchups and as always, we don't deem any project complete until our client says so!
      Thanks so much for having us! Safe travels back home! Hope you enjoyed the sun!


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