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Millers Crossroads - Lino Lakes

Millers Crossroads - Lino Lakes

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Millers Crossing in Lino Lakes. We are looking forward to being onsite with you! 


Millers Crossroads MAP

Route Map at Millers Crossroads



Wednesday, June 5th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has prepped and painted the included entry areas and they are now circling back to tackle the shutter painting. This week of beautiful weather has allowed the crew to power through without rain or weather delay. It has been our pleasure sprucing up your association! 

Millers shutters

Hermes freshens up the shutters with a new coat of paint. 

Millers clean prep shutters

Prepping and cleaning the shutter before we apply the paint. 

Tuesday, June 4th: Good afternoon residents of Millers Crossroads! 

The crew is starting out at Building 12 today and continues to finish the remaining few buildings. 

Millers saul prep and paint door frame

Saul preps the entry area for painting. 

Millers osmin door frames

Osmin preps and paints the door frame and columns. 

Monday, June 3rd: Hello and good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend --- and it seems the sunny weather is sticking around through the week!

The crew has piked up their prep and painting at Building #10 and #11 today. 

Millers jose paints the posts

Jose paints one of the support posts. 

Millers 11 paint frame

Another day, another door. 

Thursday, May 30th: Hello! 

The weekend is in sight and we couldn't have asked for better weather the last two days --- perfect for painting at Millers Crossroads!

The crew started off at Building 4 and 5 today and will keep following the route. 

Millers front posts jose

 Jose paints the entry posts. 

Millers hermes garage frames

 Hermes tackles this row of garage frames. 

Wednesday, May 29th: Good morning residents of Miller's Crossroads! 

The crew is prepping and painting on the 2nd Building today. 

Baileys jose paint entry columns

Jose paints a set of entry columns on Building #2. 

Baileys caulk garage seam

Hermes caulks seams on the garage door. 

Thursday, May 23rd: Hello and welcome to your project blog! 

The crew is off and running and once they get a pace going we'll update here on the blog their progress as to which building they are starting at and ending at for the day. 

Thank you again for having us and we're thrilled to be onsite!

Monday, May 20th: Good afternoon! 

Maybe you've found your way to the blog by way of blue notice at your residence, welcome! We are looking forward to being onsite with you as we complete your painting project!

The crew will begin on Thursday, 5/23 with the prep and painting of select areas on the exterior of your homes, which include- front entry doorframes, patio door kickplates, garage doorframes, and shutters. We will be following the route above- starting in the northeast corner of Ojibway Path. 

We ask that you please unlock your front storm door in preparation of the crew's arrival. The project will have minimal impact on your daily routine and we anticipate the project will be completed in about two weeks. 

Thanks so much for having us and we'll see you next week! 

Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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