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Parkview Highlands - Bloomington

Parkview Highlands - Bloomington

Door Painting and Touchups Remain - Buildings Completed

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the upcoming painting project at Parkview Highland. We are thrilled to be back onsite with you! 

Friday, June 3rd: Well, the good news is that the window of favorable weather allowed the crew to wrap up the majority of the painting at Parkview Highlands. All that remains is touch-ups throughout the entire association and the door painting for the buildings that were part of this year's project. The crewmembers have knocked on a few doors and have caught some of you at home, but for those homeowners with whom we've been unable to connect with, we will be posting notices onsite letting you know when we plan to paint your front door. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for red notices posted on your door. Thanks! 

 Van Gogh

Now that the majority of the work is completed at PV Highlands, Victor and company (aka The Van Goghs of Minneapolis) will put on their berets and do the intricate finish work

Wednesday, May 25th: Well, the bad news is that the rains have halted progress yet again at Parkview Highlands. The good news is that despite the weather interruptions, the fellas are nearing completion on the 7901/7903 Building. As soon as the weather allows, we reckon we have about two days remaining to complete the building and unfortunately the immediate forecast isn't looking too promising. Upon completion, we will be performing various touchups on buildings that have been completed historically.

We can't express how grateful we are to have been granted the privilege of working with/for you all these past three years and we are very proud of the work we've done and just how beautiful your property looks! 

Thanks for everything PV Highlands! 

Parkview 8 Plex

With this being our third consecutive year at PV Highlands, the fellas have become experts at traversing the shake roofs. 

Parkview Francisco Cutting

Francisco the "Picasso of Parkview Highlands" cuts in at the gable fascia. 

Monday, May 16th: With sunny skies upon us, Victor and company have returned to PV Highlands in full force today. While Francisco goes over the 7803 with laser precision, a-la Detlef Schrempf from the free throw line, caulking and other prep is underway on the 7822 Building. We anticipate that if things progress according to plan, pressure washing is scheduled at 7901/7903 this Friday. 

Great to meet Chris onsite this morning and thanks for pointing out the vent @ 8021. With one little slip of the snap knife, the vent is cut free and flowing freely! 

Have a great week everybody! 

PV Highlands Victor Isaac

Isaac and Victor take a moment to smile for the camera on Monday morning! 

Friday, May 13th: While work was done in fits and starts throughout the week, for the most part, Mother Nature had her way with us and things moved about as quickly as 494 and 169. Yes, that's a thinly veiled dig at you, MNDOT!  

Hopefully, the weather cooperates for us starting next Monday and we can make up for lost time. Enjoy the weekend everybody! 

Thursday, May 5th:  Sunny skies and gorgeous weather have equated to great progress out at Parkview Highlands. The boys continue to hum along on the 7800 Building and are approximately 40% completed. The immediate forecast looks promising and provided the weather continues to cooperate, the 7800 building should wrap up around Tuesday of next at which point the crew will transition to the second 8 plex building scheduled for completion this year, 7820-7827. 

Thanks, as always for welcoming us with open arms, and special thanks to Chris @ Sharper who has seamlessly picked up where Kim left off and has been instrumental in getting this "kicked off" to start our exterior painting season! 

Kudos Chris and thank you all! Have a great Cinco de Mayo! 

PV Highlands 2016 Spray

"Spray and backroll. Spray and backroll. "The mantra of an exterior painting crew! 

Monday, May 2nd:  Now that Mother Nature has finally loosened her grip on spring painting season, the Knights in White returned to Parkview Highlands to pick up right where they left off last year. With temperatures in the 60's and sunny skies, prep was in full swing and the rest of the week looks very promising weather wise. 

You've probably noticed from pressure washing the degree of coating failure, and just how important thorough prep is to ensuring a lasting paint project. The guys will be busy priming/caulking and covering in the coming days and siding painting will get underway as well. As always, you can follow the project progress right here. Enjoy the beautiful weather everybody and thanks for having us! 

 PV Highlands 2016 Prep

Prep is underway at PV Highlands. With masking film covering the windows, you may feel like a caged bird for a short period of time. But fear not, it's only temporary! 

Sunday, April 24th: Greetings again residents of Parkview Highlands! With spring having sprung, that can only mean one thing...that's right, we are BACK at PV Highlands for the third consecutive year wrapping up the final phase of a three year painting project! It's always nice to get invited back! 

This year's project will begin as each of the last two years has begun, and that's with pressure washing, which is scheduled for Tuesday, 4/26. After the substrates have had adequate time to dry, additional prep, and painting will be in full swing. 

If you found your way to the blog by way of the blue notices that were posted on your doors last Friday, that means your buildings are part of this year's project. See you Tuesday and we look forward to working with for/you again this year.

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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Onsite Job Supervisor

Ph: 651-497-4571

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  • Ann Archuleta

    13 May 2016 at 17:20 | #

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  • Tonya

    02 May 2016 at 01:15 | #

    Is it ok to put my patio furniture back out? Guess not quite sure what is all being done. @ 7801 110th


    • Isaac Vogel

      02 May 2016 at 02:10 | #

      Tonya-thanks for the message. When we pressure wash with a 2500 PSI Washer, the water pressure can get pretty strong so as precaution we recommend people move patio furniture. With the rain behind us for the time being, painting gets underway tomorrow! You are certainly welcome to put your patio furniture back out as the guys will take precautions, however we do ask that it is situated in such a way that they can safely access the areas being painted.
      Thanks again!


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