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Parkvue Flats - Burnsville

Parkvue Flats - Burnsville


Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the garage interior painting project at Parkvue Flats in Burnsville. We're looking forward to completing another area of your property!



Thursday, July 18th: Greetings and Happy Hump Day!

As the 2019 Emmy Award nominees were recently announced, let's throw it back to 2000 and a few of that's year's winners for #ThrowbackThursday:  Comedy Series- Will & Grace, Outstanding Drama Series - West Wing, Best Actor for Comedy Serious- Michael J Fox in Spin City, and Best Actress for Comedy Seriues- Patricia Heaton in Everybody Loves Raymond. Here's the link for this year's nominees. The Awards will be on September 22nd!

The crew is priming their way across Garage A and will begin spraying the top coat tomorrow- thanks!

Parkvue primer on ceilings

Amidst the haze, we are spraying the ceilings.

Tuesday, July 16th: Greetings! 

The crew is continuing to work in Garage A and will be prepping and spraying the ceiling starting today. We want to reiterate our appreciation for you in allowing us full and unobstructed access to the garage while painting - thank you!

Monday, July 15th: Good afternoon! 

Weather 7 15

It's going to be a scorcher this week so take care of yourself and stay hydrated! And often with hot weather comes thunderstorms so check back here on the blog for weather updates and delays on your project!

The crew has prepped the garage and are now spraying the primer onto the ceilings and walls. Once the primer is applying, they'll let it dry, and them begin to apply the top coat. The striping will be the final portion of this project. 

Parkvue garages applying primer

Brush and rolling on the primer.

Parkvue garage spray primer

Spraying on the primer.

Thursday, July 11th: Good morning residents of Parkvue!

The crew has started their prep work in Garage A. They'll be prepping the ceilings and wall for painting, which they'll first apply the primer followed by the top coat over the next few days. We appreciate your cooperation as we're working in your parking garage for the next several days- thanks!

Parkvue cover to prep

Taping off and prepping the ceilings.

Parkvue garage tape piped

More beams and pipes to tape off and prep.

Parkvue tape and prep

Prep, prep, and more prep.

Wednesday, July 10th: Good afternoon! 

We are back onsite to complete the interior painting of your parking garages. The crew completed the pressure washing yesterday and will begin painting in Garage A of the 1501 Building. We'll be prepping and painting the ceilings, walls, and also restriping the lanes. Thanks! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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