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Private Residence - Eden Prairie, Spring 2019

Private Residence - Eden Prairie, Spring 2019

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project page for the interior painting project at this residential home in Eden Prairie. We are excited to be onsite with you!



Tuesday, April 16th: It's amazing what a week can do! 

Thankfully, this week we are not prepping for a snow storm, but instead will be awarded sunshine and 70 degree weather this weekend! 

We're nearing the end... the crew is wrapping up with reinstalling the cabinets and drawers, putting on hardware, painting the remaining walls, and touching up as needed. We are thrilled with the color palette and can't wait to see the final and finished product! Stay tuned for more pictures in the next day or two. Thanks!

Weather 4 16


Flesch kitchen 99

The kitchen is sparkling with brightness!

Flesch kitchen desk

The kitchen command center is ready to keep everyone organized. 

Flesch living room 99

Light and bright in the living room. 


Monday, April 15th: Greetings and happy Monday!

We hope you had a great weekend! It certainly was an exciting final day of the Master's as Tiger made a comeback like none before and won his 5th Green Jacket. After overcoming a spinal fusion surgery, at 43 years old and trailing for the first 54 holes, he tapped in for a bogey on the 18th and victory was his! This is Tiger's 5th Master's win and is only surpassed by Jack Nicklaus with 6 wins. Congratulations to Tiger Woods! 

The crew got right to work on Friday with finishing prep of the kitchen cabinets and other millwork to be sprayed. They sprayed a primer coat, completed lots of sanding and applied bondo to fill uneven surfaces and imperfections on the millwork. This process of filling with bondo and then sanding yields a smooth finish without the grains of wood showing through the enamel. Over the weekend they also sprayed the 1st and 2nd coats of enamel. Next, they'll be finishing up with the enamel, painting the walls in rooms they've sprayed, putting cabinet doors and drawers back in place, and finally completing a thorough clean up. 

Spraying in-Action

 Flesch sanding cabinets kitchen

 Spotlights to accurately see the cabinet surfaces.

Flesch bondo between the primer and first coat

Filling in some holes and imperfections on the living room fireplace.  

Flesch bondo and sand cabinet doors

 Can you guess how many tubes of Bondo the crew will go through?

Flesch bondo to fill holes in kitchen

Looking forward to seeing all the of the paper, plastic, and tape removed!

Flesch just sprayed

 A fresh coat of enamel is sprayed.

Friday, April 12th: Hello and TGIF! 

Well, we survived another April snow storm! I think parts of the state saw, snow, rain, sleet, hail, massive wind gusts, and even dust blown all the way from Texas- imagine that! At least this snow won't stick around for too long as the weather seems to be warming through the weekend and into next week. 

Golf fans rejoice! It's Master's Weekend (check the leader board here) and round two off and rolling with major champions bunched at the top. Time will tell who will make it to the 3rd and 4th rounds and finally awarded the famed Green Jacket.

The crew will be continuing their prep and painting in the common areas as well as starting to spray the enamel. We'll continue to post photos of the project and it continues to develop and change with the paint application. 

Flesch prep and fans

Utilizing a fan to promote air circulation. 

Flesch wall paint 2nd coat

  2nd coat going up on the stairwell. 

Flesch kitchen prep spray

 "Pay no attention to the man (work) behind the curtain."

Flesch kitchen prep 2

 Doors and Drawers have been removed and labeled for their re-install.

 Flesch kitchen prep

More tape, paper, and plastic for the kitchen prep steps. 

Wednesday, April 10th: Good afternoon!

And so it begins... the curse of the April snow storm has started. We hope you can all take caution and be careful when out and about! 

The crews are continuing to apply the 2nd coat of paint on the included walls on the main level, upper leve, and basement. Things are really coming along and we are loving the new color scheme!

Flesch living room day 3

Prep work to the fireplace mantle and surrounding built-ins. 

Flesch stairs 2nd coat

 'Agreeable Gray' by Sherwin Williams is shining in the main level common areas. 

Flesch 2nd coat

 2nd coat is complete.

Tuesday, April 9th: Hello and welcome to the project blog for an interior painting project in Eden Prairie! 

The crew began their prep work yesterday and is today continuing to prep in certain areas - laying down paper and plastic, taping around door frames, windows, baseboards, etc. Basically, we are full on covering all surfaces that are not being painted, which means lots of paper, plastic and tape- OH MY!

Today, they've also started painting of select rooms- ceilings and walls and they will begin their spraying enamel in the kitchen, living room, and master bathroom vanities at the end of the week.

We're looking forward to updating you all with progress photos and can't wait to see the transformation unfold! 

Flesch wall prep

Prep also involved patching, sanding, and smoothing surfaces before painting.

Flesch stairwell prep

Going down... drop cloths, tape, and plastic.

Flesch covering and prep

 The crew is tackling the wall and ceilings ahead of the cabinet painting. 

Flesch wall painting

Teamwork to get this wall checked off the list.

Jesse Maki

Onsite Job Supervisor

Phone: 612-363-4586

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