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Private Residence - Eden Prairie, Winter 2019

Private Residence - Eden Prairie, Winter 2019

Project Complete

Welcome to the project blog for this residential home in Eden Prairie!



Friday, March 22nd: Good afternoon and TGIF!

It was a big afternoon for the MN Gophers as they beat Louisville 86 - 76! They'll play Michigan State tomorrow to advance to the Sweet 16. Bring it!

Bill Murray Gophers

Found this funny floating around Twitter

The crew is about 98% complete with some minor touch ups and clean up remaining and the transformation is already beautiful! 

Explorer trail 99 kitchen

We're just about there and we're seeing major changes!

Explorer trail kitchen before

The 'Before' Kitchen.

Explorer doors BEFORE

Fireplace, mantle, and doors BEFORE

Explorer trail 99 fireplace

The mantle is shining in white!

Explorer laundry room BEFORE

Out with the slightly outdated color scheme and in with the new!

Explorer laundry 99

Laundry might be a peaceful escape in this light and bright space : )

Explorer trail 99 front entry

Blue bird day and Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige is a perfect combo!

Explorer entry way BEFORE

The BEFORE front entry.

Tuesday, March 12th: Good morning! 

Our crew is getting into the flow this residential home. They have sprayed the enamel - cabinets, trim, doors, frames, vanity, etc and are now prepping and painting the walls. We're using our trusted Sherwin Williams products and applying neutral color, Accessible Beige SW 7036. This cool toned neutral will play off of the white enamel and all of the natural light in the home. 

And speaking of flow, let's talk MN High School Hockey Hair. The State had it's tournament over the weekend and the teams certainly brought their best hair game - bleached cuts, beards, and the famed mullet. Take a look at this year's video for the grand 'flownale.'

The 2019 Hockey Hair Line-Up

The crew is covering the cabinets, mantel and enameled areas so they can then paint the walls. They'll also begin painting in the basement. We're anticipating to wrap up on Friday and can't wait to post photos of the 'After!' Take a look at the progress we've made from prep, to spraying primer, applying bondo, spraying the enamel and now applying the wall paint. 

Rowberry upper level 1st coat walls

Plastic, tape, and the first coat of wall paint is a go!

Explorer trail upper level 1st coat walls

The upper level common area 'Before.'

Explorer trail bedroom 1st coat walls

The first coat of paint--- almost there! 

Explorer trail bedroom 1st coal walls

The Bedroom 'Before.'

Explorer trail door enameled

The doors looking pretty and painted.

Explorer doors bondo

Primer and Bondo, check and check.

Explorer doors BEFORE

Throwback... to the BEFORE of the doors. 

Thursday, March 7th: Good morning!

sven over it

That face when you just can't take ANY MORE SNOW! Thanks Sven @ Kare11

Snow or not, the crews are continuing their prep on the main level and readying the trim, cabinets, doors, and frames for the first coat of enamel. As we mentioned earlier the level and precision of the prep work is massive, but that just means an immense reward when the enamel is sprayed/said and done!

That level of excitement and reward when the crew sprays that first coat of enamel!

Explorer living room ready to spray first coat

The bondo has been sanded and the mantle awaits the enamel coat.

Explorer trail vacuum the dust for enamel

Vacuuming all of the dust and debris from sanding.

Explorer ready to spray the frst coat of enamel

The kitchen is ready for enamel!

Wednesday, March 6th: Good afternoon friends of Roell Painting! 

This house is starting to transform as the crew is taking over and prepping and painting the main level enamel as well as the upstairs vanities, trim, door and window frames. 

They've sprayed the primer and are now using a product called bondo to fill in any imperfections and gaps in the surface. They'll then sand these down before spraying the 1st coat of enamel. This lengthy and detailed process yields that silky smooth finish on your woodwork, which before had a grainy appearance. As you can see from some of the photos, they are using a spotlight --- this really aids in identifying uneven surface areas. 

Stay tuned for more progress updates!

Explorer trail windows taped and covered

Evidence of a project in progress? Look for the plastic and tape in the windows : )

Explorer trail upstairs trim is sprayed

You can see the baseboards and door frames have been sprayed. 

Explorer trail bondo in kitchen

The kitchen cabinets and have been bondo-ed and sanded - ready for the 1st coat of enamel!

Explorer trial light to fill imperfections with bondo

Spot light, check! Using Bondo to fill the imperfections in the doors. 

Thursday, February 28th: Hello and good afternoon!

I'm sure our 'out-of MN' clients are eager to know that we couldn't be happier to turn the page on February and start a new chapter, March! It has been the 4th snowiest month on record in Minnesota and we're sure hoping that March can bring us warmer weather and clear skies! 

The crew is completing a lot of prep work at this point in the game --- we are tackling most of the millwork on the main and upper levels, this includes kitchen cabinets, doors/frames, trim, and vanities. During the prep process we are taping off edges, putting up plastic to cover mirrors, light fitxures, etc as well as putting paper down on the floors. Once the areas are prepped we'll being spraying the primer onto the millwork.

Explorer trail prep

Explorer trail prep bathroom

Explorer trail prep kitchen

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, February 25th: Hello and welcome to the project blog for this residential painting project in Eden Prairie! We have been contracted to prep, paint, and refresh the millwork- trim, doors/frames, cabinets and walls to bring the aesthetic to a more on-trend color scheme. This home has a beautiful structure and just needs some sprucing up and TLC. Looking forward to taking you through the transformation process! 

Thank you for following along also and check back for frequent project updates! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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