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Private Residence - Eden Prairie, April 2019

Private Residence - Eden Prairie, April 2019

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this interior painting project in Eden Prairie! We are looking forward to sharing the process as well as the transformation!



Wednesday, May 22nd: Good morning! 

We're posting our famed 'After' photos and couldn't be more excited as to how this project turned out. The end result is brighter, lighter, and boasts an updated and on-trend look! 

Lynch living room BEFORE

 Living Room 'Before'

Lynch living room After

 An updated and on-trend look!

Lynch panel and doors office Before

The office wainscotting and paneled doors.  

Lynch front room After

 The completed office with the enameled wainscotting and doors. 

Lynch upper stairwell BEFORE

 Upper landing and staircase 'Before'

Lynch upper stairwell After

 The gel stain on the bannister looks fantastic and really elevates the aesthetic!

Lynch kitchen Before

 'Before' Kitchen

Lynch kitchen After

 The kitchen is so much brighter with the white cabinetry!

Monday, May 13th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is completing their touch ups and clean up throughout this home and we'll be meeting with the homeowners mid-week to review the project! Looking forward to seeing the beautiful 'Afters' of this home. We'll be sure to post photos as well! 

Friday, May 10th: Hello and TGIF! 

We are quicky approaching the weekend as well as the close of this project. The crew is painting walls, reattaching doors, cleaning up, and completing some touch ups. We'll also be completing a walk through with the homeowner, as we do for all projects, to validate our work and check for areas that may need some touching up. 

We'll post a few more photos once we've wrapped for the famed 'after' photos! 

Lynch wrapping up

Curtains are going back up!

Lynch master bedroom

A peak into the Master Bedroom.

Lynch bathroom

Master bathroom is 99% there!

Tuesday, May 7th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is making fantastic progress and we are thrilled to share more photos of the transformation! 

Lynch spraying handrails

 We're just about ready for the handrail reveal!

Lynch taping for wall painting

 Taking care of some wall prep and prepping before we paint the walls. 

Lynch work on front entry doors and window

 Prepping and painting in the main entry way. 

Lynch painting is almost done in this room

  We're just about there in this room! 

Wednesday, May 1st: Hello and Happy May!


Sending you all a virtual bouquet of flowers! 

The crew is continuing to cruise along! They've moved to the basement to continue their prep work. They've applied the primer to doors, frames, cabinets, etc and are now working to fill the grains with bondo and then sand it down before they will spray the first coat of enamel. 

Lynch door frame just primer

This is what the primer only looks like--- lots of grains visible. 

Lynch entry way prep

The front entry window is prepped.

Lynch bondo and sanding after primer basement

Taking a spot light to the cabinet door to fill gap and grains. 

Lynch doors sand and bondo basement

Sanding the bondo on the basement doors. 

Monday, April 29th: Good afternoon! 

Here's a few photos from the crews' progress over the weekend. The kitchen enamel is complete and they are finishing up on the remaining areas - baseboard, trim, built ins, etc on the main level. They're also continuing with their prep and staining of the staircase handrail. And today, they're beginning to prep the basement area. The project is staying to schedule and we are seeing more and more of the transformation! 

Lynch cabinet install

Reuben readys the cabinet doors for reinstallation. 

Lynch cabinet door and hardware reinstall

 2 of many doors are back on and looking sharp!

Lynch marching orders for the doors

Getting all our ducks in a row.

Lynch basement prep

 The basement is being prepping for painting. 

Lynch spray shop

 The crew has set up a spraying and drying system for all of the cabinet doors. 

Friday, April 26th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew has sprayed the 1st and 2nd coats of enamel on the updates and main level millwork. 

Lynch baseboard enamel

Baseboards have been sprayed with 2 coats of enamel. 

Lynch doors enamel

Baseboards and doors are shining bright in white!

Lynch fireplace enamel

The fireplace mantle and built ins are complete. 

Lynch handrail stain in progress

The handrail has been prepped, sanded, and the first coat of stain applied.

Here are a few photos from that process- primer, sand and fill gaps, enamel coat 1, sanding between coats of enamel and then finally applying the  2nd coat. Next, they'll apply any remaining enamel coats and then begin to prep and paint the selected ceilings and walls. 

Lynch 1st floor ready for enamel

Giving the doors another look before we spray the 1st coat of enamel.

Lynch ready for 1st coat enamel

 Using a spotlight to inspect the surface--- we're looking for a smooth surface with the wood grains filled and flush with the surface.

Lynch ready for enamel

The fireplace and built ins are ready for the 1st coat of enamel. 

Lynch 2nd floor 2nd coat

Prepping for the 2nd coat on the upper level baseboards. 

Lynch sand handrail for stain

Sanding and prepping the handrail for staining. 

Tuesday, April 23rd: Good afternoon and welcome to the project blog for this residential painting project!

This home is about to undergo a major transformation process. Most of the mill work and wood surfaces were previousy oak, but a large part of this project entails enameling most of this millwork in the home - baseboards, crown molding, doors/frames, cased openings, window frames, waiscoating, spindles, and kitchen cabinets, vanities, and built ins- to name a few! Once they've prepped and sprayed the millwork, they'll then move onto painting the walls in most areas of the home.

Lynch bathroom vanity before


Lynch kitchen before


Lynch kitchen island before

Lynch wainscotting and doors before


The crew began their prep process late last week - laying down paper and plastic, taping around door frames, windows, baseboards, etc. Basically, they covered all surfaces that are not being painted, which means lots of paper, plastic and tape!

Over the weekend, they continued their prep and covering as well as applying primer to areas of the upper level we are enameling. They also started to prep the kitchen cabinets. Part of this process is removing doors and drawers and labeling them so it's easy to reinstall the cabinets once the enamel is sprayed. 

 As part of the enamel prep process, they will apply a putty or bondo to the wood surface, this will aid in filling the grains of wood to yield a smooth finish and mask the sight of these grains in the final look. Once the putty or bondo is applied the crew will sand those areas down. Primer is then applied, followed by more bondo and sanding as needed. Then we'll apply the two enamel coats. 

Stay tuned for more progress!

Lynch prep plastic tape paper


Lynch prep paper fireplace before


Lynch prep fill holes fireplace


Lynch prime the enamel fireplace


Lynch prep in kitchen before


Lynch sand prime between primer


Lynch bondo sand and smooth doors




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Project Manager

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