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Private Residence - Eden Prairie, June 2019

Private Residence - Eden Prairie, June 2019


Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this interior painting project in Eden Prairie! We are looking forward to sharing the process as well as the transformation!


Project Kick Off



Wednesday, June 12th: Good afternoon! 

A lot has happened in a week at this enamel project. The crew continued to prep and cover areas we are not painting last week. On Saturday they sprayed the primer coat on the cabinet frames, doors, and drawers. Once the primer is dry, the crew then uses a putty type product called Bondo to fill in the visible wood grains and then they sand down the Bondo. This process will yield a smooth finish without any wood grains visible. The crew will then spray the enamel coats, with more sanding and Bondo between. 

Bentz spraying the primer

Spraying the primer to the cabinet doors. 

Bentz spraying the primer on cabinet frames

Applying the primer to the cabinet frames.

Bentz bondo after primer

Now that's a lot of Bondo! 

Bentz light to see wood grains

Using a spot light to see areas needing Bondo to fill between wood grains. 

Bentz sanding the bondo

Sanding the areas with Bondo.

Wednesday, June 5th: Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this painting project in Eden Prairie. We will be prepping and painting the main and lower level walls as well as the kitchen cabinets, island, living room built ins, pantry, mudroom lockers and finally the master bathroom vanities. 

Today the crew began the prep process - laying down paper and plastic, taping around door frames, windows, baseboards, etc. Basically, covering all surfaces that are not being painted, which means lots of paper, plastic and tape!

For prepping the kitchen cabinets and enamel work, they'll remove the cabinet doors and drawers and label them so it's easy to reinstall the cabinets once the enamel is sprayed. 

We're looking forward to taking you through the process and seeing the transformation! Stay tuned here for more project updates!


Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

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