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Private Residence - Plymouth, April 2019

Private Residence - Plymouth, April 2019

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the painting project at this home in Plymouth! We are looking forward to updating you with progress made and project photos along the way!



Monday, May 6th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has wrapped at this home and we have several 99% complete photos to share. There were taken while the crew was wrapping up last Friday, so we'd like to get a few more complete and true 'After' photos sometime soon! 

We love how the wall color really brightens the space and the lighter kitchen islands give the space contrast. Bravo to the crew and we hope you've enjoyed following along!

Ranslow living room along complete


Ranslow kitchen windows almost compelte


Ranslow kitchen island 2 almost complete


Thursday, May 2nd: Hello!

The crew is continuing to paint the ceilings of selected areas and are also starting the wall painting in the kitchen dining and upstairs areas... things are changing and we are loving what we are seeing! 

Next update will be Monday! And things will surely have changed even more by then! 

Ranslow great room prep for ceiling


Ranslow kitchen applying some paint


 Ranslow kitchen changes


Ranslow kitchen views 2


Ranslow wall prep bedroom


Wednesday, May 1st: Happy May!

We've made it and we are so looking forward to being closer and close to summer!

In the last day, the crew has filled gaps and grains of wood in the kitchen enamel- islands, window frames, and door frames with bondo. This is the red/clay material seen the photos below. They'll then sand the putty down and apply the 2nd coat to the surface. 

They've also prepped and covered areas to paint the ceilings in the kitchen and great room--- seen with lots of plastic draping and covering walls, furniture, etc. 

Ranslow cover for ceiling spray


Ranslow kitchen ceilings


Ranslow plastic for ceilings


Ranslow entry way high ceilings


Ranslow stairway to upper


Ranslow cabinet bondo


Ranslow kitchen bondo between


Monday, April 29th: Good morning! 

We dodged the forecasted snow and had ourselves a reasonable weekend! But we are ready for the consistent warmer weather and sunnier skies! 

The crew had a productive weekend at this private residence. They began by prepping the walls- more paper, adn tape to cover areas, applying the first coat of paint, and then more prepping to the walls between coats of paint. 

Ranslow lights on for wall prep


Ranslow living room prep and wall repair


Ranslow entry way prep tape plastic paper


Ranslow family roomwall prep between


Ranslow laundry rep between coats


Ranslow office built ins prep


Ranslow starting entry way staircase


Ranslow laundry prep and cover


Friday, April 26th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew has continued their prep and covering of surfaces not to be painted. The island cabinets- drawers and doors have been removed to spay. They've applied the primer, will sand and apply a product called bondo to fill in the grains of wood so in the end it yields a smooth and seemless finish. They're prepping and spraying the primer and enamel for the kitchen islands and kitchen window frames and door frames. 

Ranslow primer applied islanad


Ranslow island primer done


Ranslow island doors sprayed


Wednesday, April 24th: Good morning! 

We started the crew this morning and went over the details of your project. We'll be prepping and painting the walls of the main level along with select ceilings, trim, and the two kitchen islands. We'll also be prepping and painting select areas of the upper level- a bedroom, bathroom, and the master bedroom and bathroom. 

Today the crew will primarily work on prepping areas we are painting. This means lots of paper, plastic, and tape to cover areas we are not painting --- floors, window edges, light fixtures, baseboards, etc. 

We are looking forward to posting project updates as well as the progress photos to take you along the painting process. Thank you again for allowing us to paint in your home and we can't wait to see the final look! 

Here are a few before photos.

 Ranslow kitchen island BEFORE


Ranslow dining island BEFORE


Ranslow sitting room BEFORE


Ranslow living room BEFORE

 The crew got right to work and started in with their prep and covering. As you scroll through, they are covering the island counter tops, floors, window frames, door frames, baseboards --- this is a crucial part of the process as it ensures crisp edges, clean unpainted surfaces, and a smooth finish. 

Ranslow prep the kitchen island


Ranslow kitchen prep underway


Ranslow entry way prepped


Ranslow plastic off the living room



Nick Roell

Project Manager

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