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Riverfront Flats - St. Paul

Riverfront Flats - St. Paul

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the upcoming painting project at Riverfront Flats in St. Paul. We are looking forward to being onsite! 


Project Kick-Off: Monday, 3/11



Friday, April 19th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is wrapping up in the garage area trash rooms today and will then be cleaning up. It has been our pleasure sprucing up your lobbies, stairwells, hallways, trash, laundry, and storage rooms over the last month and we hope you enjoy the brighter and lighter spaces! We sure love how the accent and wall colors turned out. No project is complete until deemed so by the client and we'll complete a walk through and perform touch ups as assigned. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18th: Good morning! 

This warmer weather has us thinking outdoor activities--- and what better than Music In the Zoo. They've 'unleashed' lineup for this summer's concert series and tickets go onsale on April 20th. If you've never been, the zoo is a smaller and intimate setting with bench, stadium style seating. Check out the lineup here!

The crew is prepping and painting in the P2 lobby area today. We've posted a few photos of the completed areas with the accent and we're thinking they look quite sharp!

Riverfront flats plastiv over window

 Putting up plastic to cover the windows. 

Riverfront flats paint in lobby column

 Painting 'Balboa Mist' to the main wall area. 

 Riverfront lobby complete oceans floor

The accent color 'Oceans Floor' is a beautiful pop of color!

Riverfront completed lobbyarea 2

Ta-da. The plastic is off and this lobby is complete!

Tuesday, April 16th: It's amazing what a week can do! 

Thankfully, this week we are not prepping for a snow storm, but instead will be awarded sunshine and 70 degree weather this weekend! 

Weather 4 16

It's safe to say we can put the heavy coats away!

The crew is continuing with their prep work and painting in the lobby areas and will be wrapping up by Friday! 

Riverfront flats sand walls

 Prepping and sanding the lobby walls. 

Riverfront flats prep and sand walls lobby

 Thorough prep to yield a smooth finish on the walls. 

Riverfront flats cut lines into ceiling lobby

Cutting in along the ceiling edges. 

Monday, April 15th: Greetings and happy Monday!

We hope you had a great weekend! It certainly was an exciting final day of the Master's as Tiger made a comeback like none before and won his 5th Green Jacket. After overcoming a spinal fusion surgery, at 43 years old and trailing for the first 54 holes, he tapped in for a bogey on the 18th and victory was his! This is Tiger's 5th Master's win and is only surpassed by Jack Nicklaus with 6 wins. Congratulations to Tiger Woods! 

The crew is prepping and painting on the 285 side in the elevator lobby areas. They are anticipating to be wrapping up on Wednesday, 4/17. Thanks!

Riverfront flats prep tape off the lobbies

 Taping off around the lobby windows. 

Riverfront flats 285 prep lobby

Prep and more prep for the lobby walls.  

Friday, April 12th: Hello and TGIF! 

Well, we survived another April snow storm! I think parts of the state saw, snow, rain, sleet, hail, massive wind gusts, and even dust blown all the way from Texas- imagine that! At least this snow won't stick around for too long as the weather seems to be warming through the weekend and into next week. 

Golf fans rejoice! It's Master's Weekend and round two off and rolling with major champions bunched at the top. Time will tell who will make it to the 3rd, 4th, and finally awarded the famed Green Jacket.  

The Riverfront Flats crew is finishing up the main level elevator lobby in the 284 building and on deck are the accent walls in the adjoining building areas. Thanks and have a great weekend!

RIverfront lobby extensive prep

 Here's a look at all that goes into the final product!!

RIverfront lobby walls 

Once sanded, patched, and repaired we roll on the paint. 

Riverfront lobby wall prep

 Prep - in - progress.

Wednesday, April 10th: Good morning!

Here's a quick peak at one section of the completed elevator lobbies. The crews are continuing in the other lobby areas today. Thanks and stay safe with all of this crazy weather we're about to have!

Riverfront completed lobby

 The accent color is really popping against 'Balboa Mist' on the main wall areas. 

Riverfront flats completed lobby 1


Tuesday, April 9th: Good afternoon! 

Congratulations to Virgina as the NCAA 2019 Champion. They beat Texas tech in overtime and redeemed themselves after last year's (first record) loss to a 16 seed. We sure enjoyed all of the activity and raving of Minneapolis as the host of this year's Final Four! 

It only seems fitting that you can get a free ice cream cone today at Ben and Jerry's for 'Free Cone Day' on the eve of a Minnesota snow storm in April! We'll gladly take our spot in line for a tasty treat!

The crew is prepping and painting in the elevator lobby areas and will be completed with them on Friday, 4/12.

Riverfront flats elevator lobby 1

To the top of the ladder we go! 

Riverfront flats lobby area wall paint


Riverfront elevator lobbies 

 Painting with a side view of the Mississippi River. 

Monday, April 8th: Good morning and Happy Monday!

We hope you all had a great weekend! It seems like we'll be getting a small parting gift from Mother Nature and winter. 

The crew is working in the elevator lobbies and will be starting on the 1st floor then moving up to the other floors. We'll post some photos once we get them from the crew. Thanks!

weather 4 8


Thursday, April 4th: Good morning!

Brief update for this morning - the crews are finishing up the ceiling painting and will then move onto painting the trash areas- garage and resident, then finally the elevator lobbies will be prepped and painted. There is still some deciding to be done as far as colors so the crews are tackling the areas that are ready to go in the meantime! Thanks again for your patience and cooperation as we are working in your building!

Wednesday, April 3rd: Good morning! 

The crew is tackling the elevator lobby ceilings today... we'll get going on the elevator lobby walls and trash rooms once colors are finalized- thanks! 

Riverfront ceilings elevator lobby

 The elevator lobbies take their turn with some fresh paint. 

Riverfront elevator ceilings

 No drips on Elvin's head : )

Tuesday, April 2nd: Hello and good afternoon!

We hope you all survived any crazy April Fool's jokes yesterday! Though don't be fooled, the rest of the week's forecast is looking pretty stellar!

The crew is finishing up in the A Stairwell and will then move onto the trash rooms. Stay tuned for further details on the elevator lobbies and remaining areas. Thanks!

Update- we're putting a pause on the trash rooms and elevator lobby walls to dial in the color selection.

Riverfront A stairwell painting

 Ladder movements in the "A" Stairwell.

Riverfront stairwell A in progress

 Cutting around the edges with a brush.

Monday, April 1st: Happy Monday and happy April 1st! 

Minneapolis is buzzing with 'Madness' as we're approaching the NCAA Final Four this weekend and final game on Monday, 4/8. Get all the details here, from free open viewing practices on Friday to free concerts at the Armory, and other need-to-know tid bits like the custom black-out curtains being installed so sunglasses aren't necessary! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint in the C Stairwell and will finish later today or early tomorrow. They'll then start their prep and painting in the trash rooms, which will be followed by the elevator lobby areas. 

Riverfront flats stairwell C prep and paint

 Taping around the piping in Stairwell C.

Riverfront flats tape off handrails moutning

 One step at a time... taping off the randrail mountings. 

Rierfront flats stairwell prepped

A section of the stairwell prepped and ready for paint.

Riverfront flats completed stairwell

 Light and bright--- maybe reason enough to take the stairs!

Friday, March 29th: Hello and TGIF!

We've made it to the weekend and it's already April on Monday! We're certainly ready for the warmer weather and snow to be only a memory. Have a great weekend folks!

The crew is finishing covering surfaces, prepping the walls, and then they'll begin applying the paint. Thanks again for your cooperation as we occupy your stairwells!

Riverfront B stairwell tape and plastic prep

Hats off to the crew for their thorough prep! 

Riverfront B rolling it down

 Cut lines and roller strokes - the B Stairwell is coming along!

Thursday, March 28th: Good afternoon and happy Twins Opener! 

The crew is continuing their prep and painting in stairwell C and will move to stairwell B tomorrow! 

Riverfront flats crisp cut lines C

 Painting our way down the C stairwell. 

Riverfront flats stairwell c topcoat

 Obstacles - no problem!

Wednesady, March 27th: Hello residents of Riverfront Flats! 

The crew has completed their prep and painting in the hallways and have moved to Stairwell C - 256 to begin their prep there. 

Riverfront flats prep with a view

Prep with a view. 

Riverfront flats prep day stairs

It's all in the prep--- paper, tape, and plastic to the rescue.  

Riverfront flats stairwell prep

Taping our way down the "C" stairwell. 

Tuesday, March 26th: Good morning! 

With the Twins home-opener on Thursday, we thought we'd share the latest and greatest of the foodie scene at Target Field. They've revamped Gate 34 to make it feel fresh and fun, while also being functional. They'll have rotating vendors with Spinning Wylde, Dearest Baker Macarons, Thumbs Cookies, and Breaking Bread Cafe among several food vedors --- cookies, cotton candy, and macarons what more could you want?! Go Twins!

The crew will be finishing up the 1st floor today and then moving onto the stairwells tomorrow - with the 256 stairwell being the first up to bat. Thanks!

Riverfront flats roll out the plastic

Roll out the... plastic!

Riverfront flats hallway prep 1st

Prepping on the 1st floor. 

Riverfront flats wall prep on 1st

Patching and sanding the walls. 

Riverfront 1st clean finish up

Clean up on the 1st floor. 

Riverfront flats 1st floor completed

A section of the completed 1st floor corridor.

Monday, March 25th: Hello and happy Monday!

Weather 3 25


We hope you all had a great weekend! We have one week left of March and then we're onto (hopefully) more spring-like weather! Though we can't really complain with the temperatures this week getting into the 50s and 60s!

The crew is finishing up on the 1st floor tomorrow and then completing any and all touch ups on that floor. They are slated to begin in the stairwells, first in the 256 stairwell, middle, and finally the 284 stairwell. The crew is anticipated to take about 5-6 working days to finish all 3 and will then move to the remaining common areas- elevator lobbies and trash rooms. Thanks! 

Friday, March 22nd: Good afternoon and TGIF!

It was a big afternoon for the MN Gophers as they beat Louisville 86 - 76! They'll play Michigan State tomorrow to (fingers crossed) advance to the Sweet 16. Bring it!

Bill Murray Gophers

Found this funny floating around Twitter

The crew is wrapping up on the 2nd floor this morning and is starting their prep work on the 1s floor today as well. They are taping of handrails, baseboards, signs, etc and will complete any repairs needed before painting the walls and door alcoves. 

Thanks and have a great weekend! 

Riverfront flats 2 finish up

Wrapping up on the 2nd floor this morning. 

Riverfront flats teamwork on 2


Riverfront flats 1 prep work

Prep day: paper, plastic, and tape - oh my!

Riverfront flats prep and tape 1

Lots of tape and covering the signs in the wallway. 

Thursday, March 21st: Good morning residents of Riverfront Flats! 

It's a great day --- we are one step closer to the weekend, the high temperature is going to break the fifty degree mark, and the "Madness" has begun! It's that time of year folks, 68 teams have earned their entry into the tournament which starts today! Get your brackets completed before the 10 seed Gophers tip off at 11:15am (CT) versus the 7 seed Louisville Cardinals. By the time games are complete on Sunday, 16 teams will remain. Looking forward to showcasing Minneaplis as the Final Four comes to town Saturday, April 6th and then the Championship game on Monday, April 8th. 

The crew is finishing up their prep and painting on the 2nd floor today and will move down to the 1st floor tomorrow. We'll also begin painting in the stairwells, elevator bays and a few remaining common areas as the 1st floor is complete - thanks!

Riverfront flats cutting in on the bottom baseboards

 Making sure those edges are crisp and clean.

Riverfront flats completing a section of hallway

 Section by section the crew lightens up the hallways with the fresh coat of paint. 

Riverfront flats completed section of fhallway

 A section of the corridor looking light & bright!

Tuesday, March 12th: Good morning! 

Our crew is getting into the flow at Riverfront Flats - prepping and painting their way through your 4th floor corridor. And speaking of flow, let's talk MN High School Hockey Hair. The State had it's tournament over the weekend and the teams certainly brought their best hair game - bleached cuts, beards, and the famed mullet. Take a look at this year's video for the grand 'flownale.'

2019 Lineup

Riverfront flats 4 tape around outlet covers etc

Making sure all of the outlet covers and switch plates are covered.

Riverfront flats 4th cut in edges

From the top to the bottom, the crew is cutting in along the edges. 

Riverfront flats 4 cut in around edges

Cutting in along the baseboards and chair rails. 

Riverfront flats wet paint signs

Thanks in advance for using caution in the hallways. 

Riverfront flats 4 corridor walls

The first coat is applied to this section of the corridor.

Monday, March 11th: Hello and happy project start day! 

The crew is off and running at Riverfront Flats and we are excited to be onsite! 

As the plan goes, we are starting on the 4th floor and working in your corridors. We'll start by completing prep work - making repairs to the walls as needed as well as covering the floors, taping edges, and covering light fixtures, etc. Once fully prepped, we'll begin painting. 

Stay tuned for some progress photos as we receive them from the crew!

Riverfront flats patch and prep

At the start of any project, our crews are thorough with their prep!

Riverfront flats patch wall

Patching and smoothing the wall surfaces. 

Riverfront flats tape off handrails

Taping off the handrails and baseboads. 

Thursday, March 7th: Greetings residents of Riverfront Flats and welcome to your project blog! 

We'll be getting your project started on Monday, 3/11. For this spring's (can we say that yet?) project we'll be prepping and painting designated areas of your building, including corridor walls, residence alcoves, entrance foyer, elevator lobbies, vestibules, stairways, trash rooms, and the garage trash rooms. 

We'll begin our work on the 4th floor corridor and then make our way down to the remaining floors. The stairwells will also be prepped and painted simultaneous of the corridor painting. The entry lobby areas and vestibules will be painted near the end of the project. 

We are anticipating the project to take about 4 weeks to complete. Once the crew begins and has a feel of their pace on the 4th floor, we'll make note of any scheduling updates here on the blog. Stay tuned here as well for frequent progress updates as well as photos of the project. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns - our contact info is at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

We are looking forward to getting started next week and hope you all have a great rest of this week! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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