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River's Edge - Minneapolis 2019

River's Edge - Minneapolis 2019

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the painting project at River's Edge in Minneapolis. We are looking foward to being onsite with you! 



Thursday, February 21st: Greetings!

Chalk up another tick mark on the Snow Storm vs. Minnesota game! And it looks like we'll be losing this battle as we're facing more snow this weekend! 

The crew has wrapped at River's Edge and we will return to complete a walk thorugh and our final touch ups. Thanks again for having us and we enjoyed being onsite and sprucing up your space! 

Monday, February 18th: Hello and happy Monday! 

weather 2 18

Here's a look at the week's forecast- some snow and warmer weather is on the way.

The crew is prepping and painting in the stairwell and on the 3rd floor. They are sanding and patching walls as well as covering floors, railings, and light fixtures. 

Rivers edge prep in stairwell

Tape & paper - repeat.

Rivers Edge prep and patch in stairs santiago

Santiago preps in the stairwell.

River edge alex sand the walls

Alex sands the walls on the 3rd floor. 

Friday, February 15th: Good morning and TGIF!

We've made it to the weekend! After another week of snow and cold - and the good news is the weekend looks to be pretty mild and only light snow, phew! 

All 'foodies' tune in - we have a week's worth of great food at discounted prices at many of the Twin Cities best and most popular restaurants - it's Restaurant Week! Check out the list for availability and reservations for prix fixe menus from 2/17- 2/22! 

The crew is underway and prepping and painting in the hallway and stairwell simultaneously. Again, please be mindful in those areas as there will be wet paint. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14th: Hello and welcome to your project blog! 

For your painting project we'll be prepping and painting select interior areas of your building. Among these areas to be completed are the vestibule walls, stairwell walls, hallway walls, laundry room walls, door frames, and common area doors (not the residence doors). 

We ask that you please exercise caution as your travel the hallways and stairwells as there will be wet paint. We'll  post actual 'wet paint' signs as well. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation. 

We are anticipating the project to take about 1.5-2 weeks to complete and you can follow the progress here on the blog. We'll provide frequent updates on the project- timeline of completion, which areas the crews are painting in, where they will move to next, and some progress photos as well! 

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We're looking forward to getting started tomorrow!

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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