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River Towers Condominiums - Minneapolis

River Towers Condominiums - Minneapolis

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Greetings residents of River Towers in Minneapolis and welcome to your project blog! 


We are back onsite!



Wednesday, May 1st: Hello and Happy May Day! 


Sending you all a virtual bouquet of flowers this 1st day of May!

We are moving along and painting on several floors --- prep, first coat, and second coat alike. Thanks!

River towers 6 1st coat part 2

Down the hallway we go!

River towers 6 1st coat

7th floor is getting a spiffed up!

Tuesday, April 30th: Good afternoon! 

We've got our cew scattered across several floors at River Towers are prepping and painting the changed wall color. We'll first be prepping areas, taping off, laying paper or plastic, and then applying 2 coats of the wall paint. We are looking forward to getting all floors of this tower complete and we can be out of your way. Again, we appreciate your patience and grace as we've made our way up, down and through your hallways the past few months! 

River tower 12 roll on the 2nd coat

Applying the 2nd coat on the 12th floor. 

River tower 12 2nd coat

Cutting in for the 2nd coat. 

Monday, April 29th: Hello and good afternoon! 

We seemed to have dodged a bullet with the forecasted snow, but that doesn't mean we're not ready for the consistent warmer weather and sunnier skies! 

The crew is applying the new and changed color to several hallway walls this week. They'll be tackling about 4 floors at a time with 16, 17, 18 and 23 starting today. Then they'll start on 11, 12, 14, and 15 tomorrow as well. 

River towers 17 refinish walls

 One crew member will cut in along the ceiling with a brush and...

 River tower 17 apply change order color

 another crew member will use a roller to roll on the paint.

River tower 17 1st coat

The first coat is applied on the 17th floor. 

Friday, April 26th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crews are wrapping on the 6th and 26th floors with some wall touch ups and door stain touch ups. Next week we'll move on to repaint the hallways with the new and updated color. We anticipate this to take about a week as there are several floors to be updated. 

We'll post more details of a schedule as we know them. Thanks and have a great weekend!

River tower 6 2nd coat

Rolling on the 2nd coat in the 6th floor hallway.

Wednesday, April 24th: Good afternoon! 

The crews are prepping and covering the residence doors in advance of sanding the walls. We'll be covering the doors with plastic, utilizing our dustless sanders, as well as using the Hepa Filters. Again, your patience and grace is appreciated as your hallway undergoes a major renovation!

River tower 6 cover doors

Plastic and tape to cover the residence door.  

River tower 6 dustless sander

 The dustless sander is in use!

River tower 6 hepa air scrubber

Our Hepa Scrubber reporting for duty!

 River tower 26 sanding

Sanding in what looks like Outer Space... don't worry it's just the 26th floor.

Tuesday, April 23rd: Hello residents of River Towers!

The crews are continuing to prep, mud and ready the walls for the top coat on the 6th and 26th floors. 

River tower 26 skim coat and prime

Patching and mudding on the 26th floor. 

River tower 6 skim coat

Tuesday brings more wall prep on the 6th floor. 

River tower wall prep 6 skim coat

Alfredo muds and smooths the hallway walls. 

Monday, April 22nd: Good afternoon and Happy Earth Day!

The modern environmental movement started in 1970, funneling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns on the front page. Here's a list of 50 Ways to Help the Planet --- it seems most are as easy as just remembering to do it, like using a reusable coffee mug and turning off the water while brushing teeth. #doyourpart

The crews are starting on the 6th and 26th floors today with wallpaper removal and some wall prep. 

River tower all comes down 6

The wallpaper comes down on the 6th floor.

River tower 26 wallpaper down

Beginning some wall prep on the 26th floor. 

Friday, April 19th: Good afternoon and TGIF! 

The crews are completing their final wall preparations before applying the 2nd coat of paint to the walls of the 24th and 25th floors. They'll be starting the 6th and 26th floors on Monday, 4/22 will wallpaper removal and prep. 

Thanks and have a great weekend --- it's going to be a gorgeous weekend!

River tower 25 prep between coats

Wall prep between coats of paint.

River tower 25 sand before 2nd coat

Sanding and readying the walls for the 2nd coat.

River tower 24 second coat

Brush and Ro(e)ll!

Thursday, April 18th: Good morning! 

This warmer weather has us thinking outdoor activities--- and what better than Music In the Zoo. They've 'unleashed' lineup for this summer's concert series and tickets go onsale on April 20th. If you've never been, the zoo is a smaller and intimate setting with bench, stadium style seating. Check out the lineup here!

The crew is prepping and covering doors in advance of beginning to sand the walls. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we are doing our best to decrease the amount of debris created from this renovation portion of the project. Thanks!

River tower caulk on 25

Caulking the ceiling edges.  

River tower 25 primer

The primer goes up and then down. 

River tower cover doors for sanding 

 Prepping and covering the residence doors before we begin sanding. 

Wednesday, April 17th: Hello and good afternoon!

The crew has moved to the 24th and 25th floors. They are priming the walls and will then skim coat them to smooth the surface. Also, we'd like to note that they'll be sanding tomorrow - as in other floors, we appreciate your patience in this process as it is a renovation and some dust and particles are expected. We do our best to prevent this and eliminate as much as possible. Thanks! 

Tuesday, April 16th: It's amazing what a week can do! 

Thankfully, this week we are not prepping for a snow storm, but instead will be awarded sunshine and 70 degree weather this weekend! 

Weather 4 16


We have the crew applying the updated wall color on the 21st and 22nd floor. Stay tuned for further details on the scheduling of the remaining floors. Thanks!

River towers 21 wall color rolled on

 Up and down the hallway we go!

River tower 21 cut lines with new wall color

 With a steady hand, Alfredo cuts in with a brush. 

Monday, April 15th: Greetings and happy Monday!

We hope you had a great weekend! It certainly was an exciting final day of the Master's as Tiger made a comeback like none before and won his 5th Green Jacket. After overcoming a spinal fusion surgery, at 43 years old and trailing for the first 54 holes, he tapped in for a bogey on the 18th and victory was his! This is Tiger's 5th Master's win and is only surpassed by Jack Nicklaus with 6 wins. Congratulations to Tiger Woods! 

The crew is back onsite and on the 3rd floor. They're prepping and painting the 3rd floor walls in a 'test' color so the Color Committee and then Board can approve or not approve the change. We know that the 20, 21, and 22 floors are partially complete along with the 24 and 25 floors with only wallpaper removal completed. We'll await the decision to either move forward with the color change or proceed and originally stated in the proposal. Thanks! 

River towers prep on 3 to test new color

Covering the carpets and taping off all of the edges.  

River towers prep on 3rd to paint walls

 We've seen this view before--- lots of plastic, paper, and tape to prep for painting. 

River towers applying the test color

 Cutting in along the ceiling line.

River tower 3 apply new color

Brush and rolling down the 3rd floor.

Wednesday, April 10th: Good afternoon residents of River Towers! 

We have ourselves in a bit of a holding pattern as your Board is making decisions regarding your hallway wall colors. That said, the crew will return tomorrow to continue with their wallpaper removal and prep on the 24th and 25th floors. We'll then resume when we have colors dialed in and finalized. Thanks so much and stay safe if you're out and about driving in this 'annual' April snow storm!

Tuesday, April 9th: Good afternoon! 

Congratulations to Virgina as the NCAA 2019 Champion. They beat Texas tech in overtime and redeemed themselves after last year's (first record) loss to a 16 seed. We sure enjoyed all of the activity and raving of Minneapolis as the host of this year's Final Four! 

It only seems fitting that you can get a free ice cream cone today at Ben and Jerry's for 'Free Cone Day' on the eve of a Minnesota snow storm in April! We'll gladly take our spot in line for a tasty treat!

The crews have started their prep and wallpaper removal on the 24th and 25th floors. 

River towers 25 plastic and prep

 Working our way down the hallway --- prep is in progress.

RIver towers 24 wallpaper removal

2 person job for the wallpaper removal and scraping. 

River towers 24 wallpaper down and prep

24th floor wallpaper removal is complete.  

Thursday, April 4th: Good morning! 

Brief update for the remainder of the week- the crews have started with wallpaper removal and prep on the 21st and 22nd floors today. There has been some back and forth on potentially changing the wall color for the hallways. Thanks for your patience and grace as we start the prep and painting process on two more floors. Thanks! 

Wednesday, April 3rd: Good morning! 

The crews are back in action and are prepping and covering the residence doors in advance of more rigorous wall prep, which can cause a fair amount of debris. As we've done on other floors, we're taking measures to reduce the dust and particles, dustless sanders, Hepa Filters, and using plastic to provide another barrier. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we essentially remodel your hallways! 

River tower 19 cover doors

As we're prepping and repairing the walls, we are mindful of the debris from this major construction and do our best to minimize it!

River tower 19 plastic cover

 Spotlights to better see wall imperfections and areas that need to be smoothed.

River tower 19 cover for sanding and wall prep

 No we're not trapping you inside your homes--- plastic to eliminate as much dust and debris migration as we can!

Tuesday, April 2nd: Hello and good afternoon!

We hope you all survived any crazy April Fool's jokes yesterday! Though don't be fooled, the rest of the week's forecast is looking pretty stellar!

The crews are continuing to prep the hallways, will begin to spray the ceilings, begin to mud the walls, and paint the service doors. 

River towers paint service doors

 Painting the service doors. 

River tower 19 caulk seams

 Caulking around the seams. 

River tower 19 spray ceiling

 Spraying the ceilings on the 19th floor. 

River tower 20 mud walls

Mudding the walls on the 20th Floor.

Monday, April 1st: Happy Monday and happy April 1st! 

Minneapolis is buzzing with 'Madness' as we're approaching the NCAA Final Four this weekend and final game on Monday, 4/8. Get all the details here, from free open viewing practices on Friday to free concerts at the Armory, and other need-to-know tid bits like the custom black-out curtains being installed so sunglasses aren't necessary! 

 The crews are prepping on the 19th and 20th floors this week. They'll begin with wallpaper removal, covering surfaces, spraying the ceiling, prepping the walls, painting the walls, and applying stain touch ups to the residence doors. 

River towers 19 wallpaper removal

 In completing wall paper removal, you never really know how difficult it will be. 

River towers 19 prep in prpogress

Floor 19 is prepped and ready for more thorough removal of wallpaper remnants and wall repairs. 

RIver tower 20 wall cvering as paper

With Earth Day in April, our crews are eco-conscious to repurpose the wallpaper as paper to cover the floors!

Friday, March 29th: Hello and TGIF!

We've made it to the weekend and it's already April on Monday! We're certainly ready for the warmer weather and snow to be only a memory. Have a great weekend folks!

The crews are wrapping up, cleaning up, and touching up the residence doors today. They'll then begin 2 more floors next week. 

River tower clean up 17

Clean up on aisle 17.

River tower touch ups with light

Phone Lights are on to check for imperfections. 

River towers 17 thorough clean up

Thorough from our prep to our clean up!

Thursday, March 28th: Good afternoon and happy twins opener! 

The crews are applying the 2nd coat of paint today and will then complete paint and door stain touch ups tomorrow. Thanks!

River towers 17 2nd coat

Making those crisp cut lines along the top. 

River tower 17 accent wall 2

Rolling on the River (Towers)!

Wednesday, March 27th: Hello residents of River Towers! 

It's going to be a beautiful day folks and we'll reach our first 60 degree day! Things are moving in the right and upward direction! 

The crews are thoroughly prepping and covering the doors on the 16th and 17th floors in advance of their sanding and wall prep today. 

To best minimize dust, the crews will be taping off the resident doors, utilizing Hepa filters - which will aid in filtering the air and collecting dust particles, as well as a dustless sander. 

River towers tape off doors 16 17

Taping and hanging plastic around the resident doors. 

River towers air purifier

 We've brought out a Hepa Filter onsite. 

River towers sander with vacuum

Dust Busters --- just missing a backpack attachment.

Ghostbusters 3 Working Title Rust City

 Who ya gonna call??? 

Tuesday, March 26th: Good morning! 

With the Twins home-opener on Thursday, we thought we'd share the latest and greatest of the foodie scene at Target Field. They've revamped Gate 34 to make it feel fresh and fun, while also being functional. They'll have rotating vendors with Spinning Wylde, Dearest Baker Macarons, Thumbs Cookies, and Breaking Bread Cafe among several food vedors --- cookies, cotton candy, and macarons what more could you want?! Go Twins!

The crews ar working as diligently as possible to both cover and minimize dust and debris as well as completing the necessary repairs and sanding to the walls. On deck is applying the primer, and in the hole is spraying the ceiling. 

We appreciate your grace as some dust is expected and as we do our best to minimize its effects. Thank you!

River towers prime and patch

Patching and priming the walls on the 16th floor.

River tower 16 primer

Priming our way down the 16th floor hallway.

Monday, March 25th: Hello and happy Monday!

Weather 3 25

In like a lion and out like a lamb - March has really turned a corner!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We have one week left of March and then we're onto (hopefully) more spring-like weather! Though we can't really complain with the temperatures this week getting into the 50s and 60s!

The crews at River Towers are starting prep, prime, paint process again on the 16th and 17th floors this week. They'll begin with wallpaper removal and wall repairs/prep. Thanks!

River tower 16 plastic prep

Palstic to over the residence doors while we prep and spray the ceiling.

River tower 17 pull wallpaper

Down comes the wallpaper.

River tower 17 wallpaper on floor

We love that the crew is utilizing the wallpaper to cover the floors. 

Friday, March 22nd: Good afternoon and TGIF!

It was a big afternoon for the MN Gophers as they beat Louisville 86 - 76! They'll play Michigan State tomorrow to advance to the Sweet 16. Bring it!

Bill Murray Gophers

Found this funny floating around Twitter

The crews are completing the residence door stain touch ups today and on Monday they'll begin the next two floors - 16 & 17. Thanks and have a great weekend AND Go Gophers!

Thursday, March 21st: Good morning!

It's a great day --- we are one step closer to the weekend, the high temperature is going to break the fifty degree mark, and the "Madness" has begun! It's that time of year folks, 68 teams have earned their entry into the tournament which starts today! Get your brackets completed before the 10 seed Gophers tip off at 11:15am (CT) versus the 7 seed Louisville Cardinals. By the time games are complete on Sunday, 16 teams will remain. Looking forward to showcasing Minneaplis as the Final Four comes to town Saturday, April 6th and then the Championship game on Monday, April 8th. 

The crews are tackling the 14th and 15th floors this week. They've covered areas, begun prep to the walls, sprayed the ceilings and are continuing their wall prep before applying the primer and top coats. 

River tower 15 prep from ceiling spraying

Plastic to cover and provide a barrier between the doors and the debris caused from sanding and prepping the walls. 

River tower 15 caulk seams

Caulking the seams between coats. 

Tuesday, March 12th: Good morning! 

Our crews are definitely have a good flow going - prepping and painting their way through your 10th & 11th floor hallways. As they've done on the previously completed floors, they are taking about a week to complete each floor and will then begin the prep and wallpaper removal of the next floors on Monday.

And speaking of flow, let's talk MN High School Hockey Hair. The State had it's tournament over the weekend and the teams certainly brought their best hair game - bleached cuts, beards, and the famed mullet. Take a look at this year's video for the grand 'flow-nale.'

2019 Hockey Hair Line-up

River tower 10 sanding

A little more sanding on the 10th floor to prep for primer and painting.

River tower 11 primer down

Primer going down...

River tower 11 primer

And up.

Monday, March 11th: Hello and good afternoon! 

The crew is completing touch ups to the doors on the 8th floor as well as starting their prep on the 10th and 11th floors. We'll being doing the same dance for these 2 floors - wallpaper removal, patch and prep walls, spary ceiling, prime and paint the walls and accent alcoves, and then touch ups to the doors.

Onsite with Isaac 3/11

River tower 8 touch up doors

Touching up the edges of the residence doors. 

River tower 10 wallpaper 1

 Tearing down the wallpaper in 3, 2, ...

River towers 10 take off wallpaper


Friday, March 8th: Hello and TGIF! 

Happy Friday and also Happy International Women's Day! We take this day and each day to thank the strong women and leaders in our lives - we are stronger together!

The crews completed the first coat of paint in the hallways yesterday and day are applying the 2nd coat. They'll begin wrapping up in the next day or two with touch ups and painting the areas that need touch ups on the doors as well. And then we'll move onto the next 2 floors : )

River tower ready for first coat 5

And she's ready for some paint!

River tower tape for first coat of walls

From yesterday: taping off edges before we apply the 1st coat.

Rover tower 2n coat

Getting those crisp cut lines!

River towers 2nd coat

Starting in on that 2nd coat. 

Thursday, March 7th: Good morning residents of River Towers!

sven over it

That face when you just can't take ANY MORE SNOW! Thanks Sven @ Kare11

Snow or not, the crews are continuing their wall prep on floors 5 & 8 at River Towers. Lots of sanding and smoothing to rid these walls of wallpaper residue and ready them for paint!

River tower 8 sanding

Spotlights, masks, and sanding blocks - check, check, check.

River tower 8 sanding with mask

We didn't know Tom Hardy was shooting a new Dark Knight movie

River tower bane

Looks like Bane approves of the crews' sanding efforts!

River tower 5 sand walls

5th floor masks and smoothing the walls. 

Wednesday, March 6th: Hello and good morning! 

The crew on the 5th floor is spraying the ceiling today and will then begin with the wall painting. Your 8th floor crew is continuing with their wall prep- mudding and smoothing the surface. They'll then spray the ceilings and move onto the walls as well.

River tower 5 spray ceilings

Eyes on the prize!

River tower 5 ceilings

It's amazing how much paint can transform a blank-white canvas!

River tower 8 prep walls

Skim coating the walls before we apply the paint.

River tower 5 mud and prep walls

Scraping and smoothing the walls on the 8th Floor.

Tuesday, March 5th: Good afternoon folks!

It's a busy day for the crews at River Towers! We've begun our prep on the 5th and 8th floors. As on previous nesloors, we'll begin with wallpaper removal, which includes the glue and then sanding, smoothing, and patching the wall surfaces before we begin the painting process. Looking forward to crossing two more floors off the list this week!

River towers floor 5 prep

All is well on the 5th floor as wel begin our prep and wallpaper removal.

River tower 8 sand walls

Sanding and smoothing those hallway walls.

River tower 8 sand and prep walls

Spot lights in the hallway to identify imperfections of the wall surface.

Monday, March 4th: Hello and good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and are staying warm as we have bit of a chill moving through! 

The Parade of Homes started this Saturday and will run through March 31st. The homes are open to tour on Thursdays through Sundays from 12pm - 6pm. We're honored to be a part of new construction home #122 in Plymouth with Jyland Construction Management. Roell Painting is responsible for all of the trim, wall, and ceiling painting throughout the home. Grab a guide book from any Holiday gas station and check out this beautiful home!

The crews are wrapping up on floors 2 & 4 with touch ups and clean up. We'll start all over again tomorrow on the 5th and 8th floors! Thanks!

River tower 4 almost compete

Wrapping up on the 2nd and 4th floors.

River tower accents on 4

Touching up the doors on the 4th floor.

Friday, March 1st: Not only is it Friday, it's also the start of a new month!! We are so ready to welcome March and put the snow of February behind us... though it seems Mother Nature has a repeat agenda for March as well!


The crews are keeping on with floors 2 & 4 and will wrap up on Monday with touch ups and stain touch ups on the doors. Thanks and have a great weekend!

River tower 2 prep for 2nd coat

Prepping the walls between coats of paint on the 4th floor. 

Thursday, February 28th: This is it folks... tomorrow is a new month and hopefully the turn of some warmer weather! This month has been recorded as the 4th snowiest month in MN! Let's close this chapter and get on with spring already, right?!

The crews are continuing to prep the walls and areas around the elevator doors. Once they've been thoroughly prepped, sanded, and patched they'll apply the primer and then the top coats.

River towers sanding walls on 4

Sanding down the walls for a smooth surface for paint application.

River towers wall patching on 2

Primer is going up!

Tuesday, February 26th: Good afternoon! 

The crews are back onsite and so is another day of snow! Might as well go all out for the 'snowiest February' right?!

weather 2 26

This week's weather--- snow and then another deep freeze : /

The crews are prepping and painting on the 2nd and 4th floors - first with prepping and covering the areas, wallpaper removal, and patching the walls.

River tower 2 prep in progress

Tackling the wallpaper on the 2nd floor.

River tower 2 put down sheets of wallpaper for covering carpet

Reduce, REUSE, and Recycle at it's finest as the crew is multi purposing the wallpaper sheets.

River tower 4 cover and remove wallpaper

The paper is laid down in the 4th floor hallway and the crew is prepping the walls. 

Monday, February 18th: Hello and happy Monday!

We hope you all had a great weekend. The crew has wrapped on the 18th and 23rd floors. Stay tuned as we're getting our plan all squared away for the remaining floors. Thanks and have a great week!

Friday, February 15th: Good morning and TGIF!

We've made it to the weekend! After another week of snow and cold - and the good news is the weekend looks to be pretty mild and only light snow, phew! 

All 'foodies' tune in - we have a week's worth of great food at discounted prices at many of the Twin Cities best and most popular restaurants - it's Restaurant Week! Check out the list for availability and reservations for prix fixe menus from 2/17- 2/22! 

The crew is completing some touch ups and cleaning on 23 and they are completing the door staining touch ups on 18. They should be wrapped by the end of the day and will have some final touch ups remaining. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14th: Hello and Happy Valentine's Day!


We just couldn't resist a good Valentine pun!

The crew is getting the 2nd coat of paint applied to the walls on the 18th floor and will be applying the 1st coat on the 23rd floor. They'll be back onsite tomorrow to complete the walls on the 23rd and then complete the stain touch ups a well. Thanks! 

River tower 18 prep on the accent

Painting the residence door alcoves. 

River tower 23 1st coat

Cutting into the edges of the elevator doors. 

Wednesday, February 13th: Good morning River Towers! 

It looks like we're in the clear for the next few days regarding more snow accumulation - phew!

The crew working on the 18th floor has completed majority of their wall repairs and is now prepping and spraying the ceiling. The crew working on the 23rd floor is finishing their wall repairs and applying the primer to the walls. We are anticipating to wrap up tomorrow, aside from any remaining touch ups. 

River tower 18 sand walls

Spotlights are on to show any imperfections and wall repairs still needed.

River tower priming the walls on 23

Primer is going up on the 23rd floor. 

River tower sprimer on the walls on 23

Priming around wall items. 

River towers 18 ceiling

The ceiling on the 18th floor gets a fresh coat of paint. 

Monday, February 11th: Good morning residents of River Towers! 

It's seems Mother Nature has his the 'repeat' button as we head into another week of snow! And there's more on the way. Stay safe everyone!

weather 2 11

Keep those shovels at an arm's length!

The crew at River Towers is continuing on the 18th and 23rd floors. They're continuing to prep on the 18th floor with sanding and patching the walls and and they are beginning to prime the walls on the 23rd floor. 

River tower 18 prep is underway

Prep is underway on the 18th floor - sanding and smoothing the wall. 

River tower 18 prep work to the walls

Patching and smoothing the walls on the 18th floor. 

River tower 23 prime on the walls

The primer is going up on the 23rd floor. 

Friday, February 8th: Hello and TGIF! 

We've made it to Friday after a wild week of ice, snow, and now cold temperatures! Not sure how many Jimmy Fallon fans we have, but recently Kim Kardashian was on his show and she and Jimmy took turns guessing objects inside 'mystery boxes' using only their hands. Check it out- we got a pretty great laugh and hope you will too! 

Mystery Boxes on Jimmy Fallon

The crews are continuing to work on wallpaper and glue removal as well as wall prep. They'll then begin priming the walls before painting and working on the ceilings. 

River tower prep and plastic 18

Plastic and tape to cover the floors. 

River tower solution on walls

Spraying the walls with solution to remove the glue. 

River tower wall prep 18

Wall prep on 18.

Thursday, February 7th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is back in action with a seemless transition to the 18th and 23rd floors. We'll have crew working simultaneously on both floors. Today on both floors, the crews are beginning their prep work - covering areas with paper, plastic, and tape and then beginning to remove the wallpaper and carpet base. Once areas are prepped they'll begin with the alcoves and ceilings and then move to walls. 

River tower prep on 18 and 23

Cost effective measures onsite as the crew uses the sheets of old wallpaper to cover the carpet. 

River tower alfredo pull up the carpet base

Alfredo pulls the carpet base. 

River tower pulling carpet base prep

Carpet base is removed and rolled in advance of prep and painting.

River tower 18 and 23 remove paper

Removing wallpaper in the hallways. 

Wednesday, February 6th: Hello and good afternoon!

The crew has wrapped on the 12th floor and will continue to make their touch ups. We'll then be moving onto the 18th and 23rd floors tomorrow. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 5th: Good morning!

We hope you've all made your morning commutes safely- it's still a bit icy and the snow has started to fall. Be careful out there! 

The Patriots have done it again. It's the 6th Super Bowl win for the infamous duo Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. And if the actual football game isn't your thing, here's link to rewatch some of the 'best' commercials from that night. You can decide for yourself!

The crew on the 12th floor is continuing their prep and painting. They are completing some touch up work today and will either wrap up bu days end or tomorrow. Thanks!

River tower 12 cut in on ceiling lines

Cutting in at the ceiling line for that crisp finish. 

River tower 12 alcove accent

Painting the 2nd coat on the accent alcoves. 

River tower 12 prep walls 1

Completed some wall prep in between coats of paint. 

Friday, February 1st: Hello and TGIF! 

Is it crazy to say that since we're already into February, and maybe it seems there is some light at the end of this (winter) tunnel. 

The crew is busy at work on the 12th floor with prep work and beginning to prime and paint the walls. They are spraying the ceiing and will begin painting the alcove accent walls. On Monday they'll begin painting the walls. 

We hope you all have a great weekend! 

River tower 12 paint on alcove edges

Rolling on the River (Towers).

River tower 12 prep elevator bay

Continuing the prep on the elevator door and frame. 

River tower 12 brush and roll

Rolling it on! 

Wednesday, January 30th: Good morning from River Towers! 

Though it's arctic cold outside, the crew carries on inside on the 12th floor! We're thankful for reliable heat and also reliable crews! 

We are prepping and covering areas with paper, tape, and plastic as well as removing the wallpaper on the 12th floor.

River tower 12 prep and cover

All project begin the same... lots of prep!

River tower 12 prep walls

Patching, filling, and smoothing the canvas... or wall rather!

RIver tower 12 alfredo spray solution

Alfredo sprays the walls with a soluction to aid in wallpaper removal.

Thursday, January 24th: Greetings residents of River Towers!

Today the 7th floor crew is cruisng with their sanding and finishing of the hallway and the 9th floor crew


Progress update onsite with Isaac at River Towers. 

Tuesday, January 22nd: Hello residents of River Towers! 

Florida weather condiditons

Floridians have got to learn a few tricks of the (winter) trade from us Minnesotans!

The crews have more or less wrapped on the 7th and 9th floors. The 7th floor crew is completing the prep and painting on a few remaining areas and the 9th floor crew will need to complete a few touch ups pertaining to the door finish. 

We'll keep everyone posted as to scheduling of future floors. Thanks! 

Monday, January 21st: Good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and stayed warm! Unfortunately, I think we'll need to keep those hats, mittens, and scarves at an arm's length for the rest of this week! 

weather 1 21

With record low temperatures, Hockey Day MN embraced the true spirit of the 'Bold North' and played games through the weekend. And the exciting news is that Minneapolis will be hosting the 2020 Hockey Day MN

The crew on the 9th floor is taking care of some remaining wall touch ups and door stain touch ups. They'll be finishing their clean up as well and be on their way at the end of the day. We'll update the status of the 7th floor as the crew lets us know. Thanks! 

River tower 9 door stain 1

 Alfredo touches up the stain on one of the residence doors. 

River tower 9 wall touch ups

Touch ups are in progress on the 9th floor. 

Friday, January 18th: TGIF everyone! 

Work continues at River Towers as the crew turns the corner now that the wallpaper has been removed. Priming is just getting underway on the 9th floor, and in order to yield the best outcome and neutralize any adverse effect the wallpaper residue may have on the on the finish coats, we are priming with a Sherwin Williams primer, specifically engineered for spaces like common area hallways where bleed through/chemical reactions can be neutralized while also limiting odors. While there will be some noticeable odor resulting from the work being completed, as a contractor that has completed hundreds of these projects, we understand the necessity of finding the right balance of ensuring a great finish while taking the necessary and practical steps to minimizing the disruption to your daily lives. Thanks for your cooperation!

We also want to take a moment to extend a huge “thank you” to one Maxwel Brown for his fearless traffic direction as the seemingly nonstop wave of contractors descend upon River Towers!

River tower Maxwel

We'll be awaiting Youtube's '2019 Top Dancing Cops' video compilation.  

River tower 9 prep for 2nd coat

Prep work on the walls between coats of paint to get that smooth finish. 

River tower hermes priming walls

Mid-prime, Hermes give a wave! Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 17th: Good afternoon! 

Weather 1 17

Buckle up MN... we're getting into the deep freeze!

The crews on the 7th and 9th floors are continuing to prep and patch the walls and the 9th floor crew is beginning to prime some areas as well. 

River towers 7 saul patch walls

Saul makes his way down the wallway - patching and smoothing the walls. 

River tower 9 prime walls

Priming is in progress on the 9th floor. 

River towers hermes alex patch walls

Alex patches a section of the wall. 

Wednesday, January 16th: Hello River Towers residents! 

The crews are off and running at River Towers in the B Tower. They'll be covering areas with paper and taping off edges as well as removing the wallpaper and prepping the walls. 

River Towers crew

Meet one of your crews: Elmer, Samuel, Alfredo, and Antonio (left to right).

River towers prep and cover floors

Prepping and covering areas prior to removing wallpaper and and prepping the walls. 

River tower wallpaper off

1, 2, 3, we're peeling off the wallpaper. Note- it's not always that easy!

Tuesday, January 15th: Good morning! 

It's a new year and we are back onsite at River Towers to continue prepping and painting in your hallways. Up next are floors 7 and 9 in the B Building. We'll have two crews, one on each floor and they'll be following the same sequence as the test hallway- wallpaper removal and wall prep, prime and paint ceilings, prime and paint walls, and then prime and paint door frames. 

Please be mindful as we get going that there will be some airborn dust as we are removing the wallpaper in the hallways. Any time we perform a wallpaper removal project, extensive wall prep is required. We’ll do our best to limit this, but just wanted to let you know it comes with the territory of projects of this nature. We also ask you to exercise caution when in the hallway as there will be wet paint. Thanks!

 Thursday, December 20th: Good morning residents of River Towers! 

The holiday clock is ticking and Christmas is right around the corner. Our team will be back onsite to day to touch upd the residence alcove areas on the 3rd floor of the B building. If you're a resident on this floor, we hope you're enjoying the brightness the lighter colored paint is bringing to the space. As we understand it, you'll be getting new carpet in the early part of 2019 and we are ready to complete the rest of the B Building in the new year as well! 

We hope you have a great rest of the year and we hope to see you soon in the new year!

Wednesday, December 12th: Good afternoon!

And just like that the crew has completed this section of hallway. Today they finished up their painting of the walls and door frames and have also completed a thorough clean up. It has been our pleasure working for you and we hope to see you soon! 

Have a great rest of the week! 

River noe touches up the frame

Alfredo touches up around the elevator door frames. 

River anbtonio cleans up

The shop-vac and no clean up match! 

River all cleaned up

She's a beaut!

Tuesday, December 11th: Good afternoon residents of River Towers! 

The crew is continuing with their prep of the walls and ceilings today. Once prepped, they'll begin to prime the walls, ceiling, and door frames. Then, depending on the time they may start to apply the top coat today as well. 


River tower sand walls for primer

Sanding and smoothing the walls. 

River tpwers hallway prep walls for primer

Removing the dust with a good, old fashioned broom. 

Monday, December 10th: Hello and good afternoon! 

The crew is onsite and your project is underway! Every project begins with thorough and proper prep. We are starting with removing the wallpaper. The crew is scraping, sanding, and smoothing the wall surfaces to ready them for painting. 

They've completed the wallpaper removal, sanding, and patching of the walls. They'll begin priming the ceiling and walls tomorrow and potentially applying the top coat too. Thanks!

River tower remove wallpaper in hallway

Smoothing out the surface.

River tower remove wallpaper

Antonio scrapes a section of the hallway wall. 

River tower prep and cover floors

Tape, paper, and plastic = prep, prep, and more prep.

Thursday, December 6th:

Project Beginning on Monday, 12/10

Hello and welcome to your project blog! We'll be getting your project started on Monday, December 10th. We'll be completing the prep and painting on a designated hallway of your building with applying samples to get an idea of colors and schemes to see how your community likes it. 

We are projecting the project to take about a week to complete. Please be mindful as we get going that there will be some airborn dust as we are removing the wallpaper in the hallways. Any time we perform a wallpaper removal project, extensive wall prep is required and in the video, there are some images of what you can expect the workspace to be like while work is being performed. We’ll do our best to limit this, but just wanted to let you know it comes with the territory of projects of this nature. We also ask you to exercise caution when in the hallway as there will be wet paint. Thanks!

You can follow the progress of the project here on the blog as we'll post daily updates of progress and well and some pictures!

Thanks so much for having us and we are looking forward to getting started on Monday. 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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