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Somerset 19 - Mendota Heights

Somerset 19 - Mendota Heights

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for your painting project at Somerset 19 in Mendota Heights! We are looking forward to working with and for you!


Wednesday, August 2nd: Hello and congrats we've made it mid-week!

The crew wrapped up your project this morning with the last few areas to paint post carpentry replacements. We'll complete a walk through in the near future and mark areas needed for touch ups as well. Thank you again for having us this summer! It has been our pleasure working with and for you!

Tuesday, August 1st: Good morning! Tonight is National Night Out. It is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and strengthening neighborhood camaraderie. This is all done in an effort to promote safer and more caring places to live. So check out what your neighborhood has planned and join in National Night Out!

The crew is onsite wrapping up the last areas for painting. There may be a few hours to completly wrap up tomorrow morning. 

Somerset jorge paint underside

Jorge paints the deck underside. 

Monday, July 31st: Good afternoon residents of Somerset 19! We hope you all had a great weekend! And just like that we're closing out July and heading into August- how the time flies! 

Today the crew is working on various carpentry repairs throughout the association. They'll be back tomorrow to paint and finish these areas and then your project will be complete. 

Friday, July 28th: Good morning and happy Friday!! 

The crew will continue to ultilize the lift for painting as well as on ladders. They'll be working on Saturday as well and hope to finish on Monday. Thanks!

Thursday, July 27th: Good afternoon residents of Somerset! 

The sun is shining and the crew is back at it! They're continuing to utilize the lift to prep and paint the upper areas of the buildings. 

Somerset fredy paints deck skirt

Fredy paints the deck skirt. 

Wednesday, July 26th: Hello and happy Wednesday! 

The crew is onsite today and painting in areas that were not affected by the pouring of rain. They're painting the tall ceilings under the front awnings today. They'll work on areas that are dry and not wet from rain. 

Somerset lift painting ceiling

Plastic and drop cloths are placed beneath the lift while they paint the ceilings. 

somerset ceiling of awning

We've got a 64 footer onsite and helping with the high-to-reach places!

Tuesday, July 25th: Good afternoon! We're only a month away from the 'Big MN Get-Together!' Which foods are you excited for? We're looking forward to the Bowl O-Dough - a bowl of safe-to-eat cookie dough that comes in 4 flavors. It's also been announced that Vanessa Carlton will open for the one and only Stevie Nicks on August 25th.

While you're busy dreaming of all the foods on a stick, the crew is working on prepping and painting across the buildings and also on the porches. 

Somerset lift work on porches

Prep work being done on the interior of one of the porches. 

Monday, July 24th: Good afternoon! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather! 

The crew is resuming their painting of designated areas, including soffits, siding, fascia, wood window trim, door frames, support pillars, screen frames, deck skirts, deck railings, rooftop railings, porch ceilings, and front door/frames. We anticipate the crew to work through the end of the week and wrap up on Saturday. 

Somerset 19 paint garage trim

Thursday, July 20th: Good morning! The crew is working on prep this morning and will resume painting this afternoon after the substrates have had some time to dry out. Stay tuned here on the blog - we'll be sure to keep you updated of any further delays. 

somerset prep work on rain delay

The rain will not stop the crew- prep work until everything dries out to paint. 

somerset prep work on siding

Prep work to cover the windows. 

Wednesday, July 19th: Good morning Somerset 19! The annual Aquatennial Celebration kicks off today with various events in Minneapolis. Some of which include a blood drive, a tennis classic, food trucks & lawn games, the Torchlight 5k, then followed by the Torchlight Parade. The Minnesota Aquatennial was started to celebrate the city's lakes, rivers, and streams and while the city still incorporates 'water-loving' events, it also includes events centered around Minneapolis culture, family, and fun. Here's the link to the official website with all the details for the 4-day celebration! 

The crews at Somerset have started painting in select areas and they will continue to complete the prep work as well. 

Somerset alvaro paint

Alvaro preps and cleans the soffits. 

Somerset cesar paint porch posts

Juan paints the porch pillar. 

Somerset continue prep

Cesar preps and covers the windows.

Tuesday, July 18th: Hello and good morning! 

A little rain won't stop the crew from continuing their prep work of scraping and caulking. 

Stay dry and don't forget those umbrellas!

Somerset 19 prep pillars

Alvaro scrapes and caulks one of the front pillars. 

Somerset scrape on pillars

Cesar reaches the top with help from a ladder. 

Somerset pillars scrape

Juan preps and scrapes the flaking paint from the column. 

Monday, July 17th: Good morning and happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather, even if it was a bit hot!

The crew has started prepping the buildings for painting. They're scraping, caulking seams, and priming areas. Once they've finished the prep work they'll begin painting.

Somerset prep and paint

Juan scrapes the window trim before painting. 

Friday, July 14th: Good morning residents of Somerset and happy Friday! 

The crew has started pressure washing your buildings. They'll continue through today and then be back on Saturday to finish up. The prepping and painting will begin on Monday, 7/17.

Thanks and have a great weekend! 

Thursday, July 13th: Good morning and welcome to your project blog! We are looking forward to being onsite with you all. 

This summer's project consists of painting on the rear elevations of the buildings. More specifically we'll be finishing the soffits, siding, fascia, wood window trim, door frames, support pillars, screen frames, deck skirts, deck railings, rooftop railings, porch ceilings, and front door/frames. 

We'll begin on Friday, 7/14 with pressure washing the exterior of the buildings. We kindly ask that you remove any small and/or personal items from the outside of your home/deck to allow for safe and unobstructed access for washing and painting. Additionally, we request that you please close your windows during this time. Note- it is not necessary to completely clear the contents of your deck. 

Once the substrates have had adequate time to dry, the crew will return to begin prepping and finishing the included areas. We anticipate this will begin on Monday, 7/17. 

In total, we anticipate the entire project to take approximately 3 weeks to complete, but that may be affected by weather. Please stay tuned, right here on the blog, for progress and project updates, pictures, and any changes to the schedule due to weather or otherwise that may come up.

Thanks so much and we'll see you on Friday! 

Isaac Vogel

Project Manager

Ph: 612-578- 2438

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