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Summit of Mendota Heights

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Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Summit of Mendota Heights. We are thrilled to be onsite with you! 

Summit Condo Layout 

Here is a site map of the condo building. We'll refer to directional sides of the building to keep you apprised of project progress.

Monday, November 7th: Another week and another fresh start. We hope you had a great weekend. We've certainly been spoiled by Mother Nature!

Things are finished at Summit of Mendota Heights and we've certainly enjoyed being onsite and sprucing up the place. We hope you have a great rest of the year!

Thursday, November 3rd: Happy Thursday everyone! Who's on their 3rd cup of coffee from staying up to watch the Cubs win the World Series? What an exciting win in extra innings! Our Office Manager hails from Chicago so we're a bit biased and wouldn't be happies for the Cubs and Chicago! 

Jesse was onsite yesterday painting the textured area above the main entrance. It will take about 2 days to dry and then that's all folks! 

Monday, October 31st: We hope you all had a great weekend. Maybe you attended a Halloween party or two, cheered the Gophers to victory over Illinois, watched the Cubs beat Cleveland to bring the series to 3-2, or raked the last of fall's leaves.

Jesse was onsite on Saturday to paint most of the remaining front doors of the town homes. The last portion of the condo is the textured area above the front entrance, and this should be done in the next day or two. But other than that, let's call the project complete! Thank you all so much for having us and we've loved being onsite and meeting a lot of you in the process. We hope you have a great rest of the year! 

Also, big game for the Vikings tonight... Let's GO!!

Friday, October 28th: Happy Friday folks! The end is in sight as we're nearing completion at the condo building. It's been a pleasure working with and for you over the last month. We hope you have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, October 26th: Greetings residents of Summit. We hope you're having a good week thus far. Though this rain we're having is quite the "damper," the good news is we're nearing project completion. The crew is continuing their work on the porch ceilings and completing various paint touch ups across the building. 

Monday, October 24th: We hope you all had a great weekend! It was a sad Sunday for the Vikings, as they couldn't hold onto their undefeated stretch. Yet we're hopeful they'll pull off a win against the Bears next Monday. It sounds like Jay Cutler is back from injury so that bodes well for us! 

I'd say we're about 98% complete at the Condo building and are working through touch ups, doors, and other miscellaneous painting. 

Friday, October 21st: Happy Friday folks! The weekend is right around the corner and it looks like a good one! If you're a Gopher fan, it's Homecoming this weekend and they play Rutgers tomorrow at 11am. There's also a parade on campus tonight if you're in need of some plans- Ski-U-Mah! 

We're continuing to work on paint touch ups across the condo building as well as painting the porch ceilings. 

Wednesday, October 19th: Hello Summit residents! We've made it to mid-week and are within reach of the weekend! The crew is continuing their painting touch-ups and getting at some of the higher elevations by ladder. 

Summit condo touch ups

Ladder work on the rear elevations. 

Summit Condo touch ups 1

Roell Painting is going straight to the top.

Monday, October 17th: Good morning residents of Summit. We hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had this weekend! The crew is utilizing the taller ladders to reach the higher up areas today. We're hopeful to finish up this week and continue with touch ups and completing grout pockets throughout. 

Summit ladder work 1

No fear of heights for the Roell Painting crew.

Summit ladder work

Going way up to the top.

Thursday, October 13th: Hello Summit of Mendota Heights! As you may have noticed our lift is occupying the area near the parking garage to reach the east elevations. We ask that you all be mindful of the lift and refrain from going in and out of the garage. We'll be utilizing this area tomorrow as well and appreciate your cooperation on this! 

Summit condo east

Some ladder work on the east elevation.

Summit condo east 1

The lift gets us to higher ground.

Wednesday, October 12th: Good afternoon residents of Summit. Quite the chilly weather we're having today...fall is definitely here. With the rain, damp weather and cooler temperatures our crew is not on site today. They'll be back tomorrow, along with warmer weather and sunny skies. 

Tuesday, October 11th: Hello residents of Summit. Our apologies for the gap in project updates, our Office Manager was in Chicago for the weekend supporting her sisters run the marathon and is just back in the office today. 

The crew is continuing their work on the south side of the building. They're working mostly on the higher elevations as most of the lower areas are complete. In regards to some paint/color discrepancies on the front left side elevations, some areas will need a second coat and we are working to ensure we follow design placement and will also make sure it looks great! The repairs over the front entrance are still TBD, we are trying to source the textured panel and if we can't find a match, we'll use a spray texture to match. 

PLEASE NOTE: On Thursday 10/13 and Friday 10/14 we will be painting on the east side elevations above the parking garage and there will be restricted access to the garage from 8am-6pm those days. We ask that you please plan accordingly and limit your access to and from the garage. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation!

Summit rear elevations 1

Ladder work on the rear elevations. 

Summit window prep

Careful prep and tape work on the windows. 

Summit ladder work

Team work with the ladders @ Summit.

Thursday, October 6th: Good morning residents of Summit of Mendota Heights.

After painting nearly 150,000 sq.ft. of surface with little to no incident the last couple of months, we experienced a set back yesterday. Our apologies to the residents on the east side of the building. In our efforts to complete some of the hard to reach areas, the crew was utilizing an aerial lift (spec'd as the result of a pre-project meeting with our equipment vendor) and the lift's performance was compromised by a combination of factors. 

Consequently, the lift was stuck and it was necessary to have the United Rentals team assist in remedying the situation. Any and all damage to the landscaping will be repaired and you can expect our full cooperation every step of the way. Again, apologies for the commotion and inconvenience. 

Today our crew will continue to work off of ladders on the backside of the building. 

Wednesday, October 5th: Greetings Summit condo residents. We hope you're enjoying your week thus far. And the good news is we're half way there...Livin' on a prayer! Although no prayers needed here, the weekend is reliably just around the corner!

Our crew is utilizing ladders to caulk and prime areas on the back side of the building. 

Summit back side prep

Summit Condo back side

Tuesday, October 4th: The perfect stretch of weather had to end at some point. The crew is completing some caulking in designated areas albeit the weather and they hope to get to some painting done this afternoon if the rain clears out. 

Monday, October 3rd: And just like that it's October! We couldn't have had better weather this weekend and we hope you were able to enjoy it! The crew is completing some detail work on the front side of the building and utilizing the lift. They are also using ladders on the backside of the building doing some cleaning and prep work.

Summit back prep

Taping and prepping on the back side of building. 

As promised, we've posted one of the videos we took with our drone last Friday. 

Friday, September 30th: We made it to Friday! Work continues on the front elevations and they will also be prepping areas on the west side of the building. 

Nick and Dana were onsite today taking some pictures of the completed townhomes and also flying the new drone. We'll be uploading those videos stay tuned! We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

DJI 0072

Aerial shot from our drone. 

DJI 0079

We're liking the view from up here! 

summit front elevation left side

Completing work on front elevations.

Summit lift on front

They've reached such great heights!

Thursday, September 29th: It's almost Friday! A few updates for the condo building residents: the crew is continuing on the front side of the building and will finish it up in the next 1-2 days. They'll begin prepping the west side of the building tomorrow and if the weather cooperates should finish the west side on Monday. The south side, similarly to the north side will take about 1.5 weeks to complete. Hopefully this projected outline will aid in knowing when the crew will be at your unit. 

Wednesday, September 28th: Good morning Summit! Our crew is continuing their work on the front elevations of the building. They're painting the stucco, deck trim, and windown trim today. 

Tuesday, September 27th: Good afternoon residents of the Summit condo building. Our crew is continuing to work on the front elevations of the building. Once we've completed that area we'll move counterclockwise around the building and then finish along the garage side. 

Summit window coverings

Windows and brick edges are thoroughly prepped and covered. 

Friday, September 23rd: Happy Friday everyone! We hope you had a great week. Our crew is working on painting the siding area above the garage. 

Summit David

David uses the special Roell Painting touch to paint the condo siding. 

Roberto on lift

Roberto is strapped in and ready to paint. 

Thursday, September 22nd: Hello residents at Summit of Mendota Heights. We hope you all survived the crazy rain last night and are safe. As you could imagine, with all the rain, things are pretty wet and our crew isn't out at Summit today. When things dry up a bit, most likely tomorrow we'll be back in action. 

Tuesday, September 20th: Painting continues on the final townhouse. Touch-ups and front foor painting are also continuing for the townhomes on Aspen Way. For the condo building, painting is underway!

Summit and theyre off

And they're off.

Monday, September 19th: Good morning residents of Summit. With the bit of rain with had this morning, we're not sure if it will be dry enough to start painting the condo building today. So once it's dry enough, painting will get going. 

Summit of Mendota Heights 2016 Painting Order

Here is the site map for the project. Pressure washing will be the first step, followed by prep, and then painting. These steps will be followed for each subsequent building. Please refer above to the numbers we've designated to each building and respectively the route we will follow.

Summit 98

Here is our tentative finishing schedule. Please stay tuned for when your building is to be washed, prepped, and painted and look for further instuction if need be. 

Friday, September 16th: Happy Friday Summit of Mendota Heights! For the townhomes, the crew is finishing up the last 4 building and are doing some final touch ups and front doors. The condo building is continuing with washing. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Unknown 9

Unknown 10

Thursday, September 15th: We hope you're having a great week. The townhouses are coming along and almost complete. Buildings 26-28 should be finished by tomorrow and Building 29 has started today and will be finished by early next week. Jesse and a few guys are also making their way around to paint front doors and complete touch-ups. The condo building is being pressure washed and we will have a large lift onsite today to reach those higher up areas. 

IMG 2326

Team work on the home stretch. 

 Unknown 1

Pressure washing done right by the guys at Roell Painting.

Monday, September 12th:  Good morning residents at Summit! We hope you all had a great weekend. If you live in the condo building you may have seen blue notices taped at your mailboxes and elevators. Our crew will be out at your building tomorrow to pressure wash. We ask that you remove small items from your deck/patios i.e., windchimes and knick knacks so they're not blown around when spraying. Thanks so much for your cooperation and we're looking forward to getting started at the condo building. 

The town houses are moving right on schedule. The crew is continuing work on buildings through #27 and will start #28 tomorrow. Jesse, the job supervisor has also been making his way around to paint some front doors. It's better to paint the doors in the open position. So if you see some door-knocking that's what we're up to. 

Friday, September 9th: So maybe we spoke too soon. We've got another rain delay today...but the good news is that the weekend and next week's forecast is looking mighty fine! 

We hope you have a great weekend! 

Weather Forecast Sept 9th 16th

Thursday, September 8th: It's Thursday, the sun is shining, and our crew is back at it! What more could you ask for? As the weather unfortunately dictates our work schedule, we are making all efforts to stay on track and get the last several townhouses completed and then on to the condo building. You may have seen some blue tape on the 'completed' houses and this is to indicate touch ups that need to be done, areas missed, or overspray that needs to be cleaned up. Jesse, our site supervisor goes over each townhouse and 'tapes' areas needing attention. 


In this case, the blue tape indicates some overspray needing to be cleaned up. 

IMG 6249

Obed carefully sprays the siding. 

Wednesday, September 7th: Rain Delay

Tuesday, September 6th: Rain Delay

Friday, September 2nd: Happy Friday y'all! Our crews are right on track and we'll get the finishing schedule updated with dates for the last several buildings soon.

We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday! 

IMG 6252

Team work for the win.

Thursday, September 1st: I can't believe it's September already! Here's to the start of a great month ahead- regular season football begins, everything pumpkin spice, back to school, and cooler temps are in our future.

We were onsite yesterday with our rep Chris from Sherwin Williams to complete a Mill test, which tests the thickness of the applied paint to make sure it's within a range to pass for warranty. Check out the video to see the results!! 

Summit group shot

What a great crew @ Summit of Mendota heights! The background isn't so bad either.

Summit group shot jumping

¡Salta, Salta! 

Tuesday, August 30th: We hope your week is off to a great start. We've have strayed the slightest from the finishing schedule due to small rain delay, but we should be right back on track tomorrow with starting to paint Building #17. 

Summit prep

It's all in the prep. 

Friday, August 26th:  Happy Friday residents of Summit at Mendota Heights! We are cruising over here with multiple crew onsite to complete the project. You may have noticed updates to the finishing schedule above. We do our best to keep you fully apprised of changes and updates to the finishing schedule, so keep on checking the blog.

It seems as though Building #12 got skipped with washing so we'll be pressure washing there today and then painting on Monday. We've also moved ahead and started prep and paint for Building #13. We've added dates for Buildings #21-29 to be pressure washed and that will start Tuesday 8/30. The water trailer will be onsite next week and we'll make our way around to the last set of buildings by Thursday 9/1. 

Have a great weekend everyone! If you're a foodie and/or a Fair fan here's an article Andrew Zimmern put together of his top Minnesota Fair foods. He also commented he likes to attend each day to make sure he sees/eats it all! 

Summit louis and david

Louis and David prepping for paint. 

Tuesday, August 23rd:  The sun is shining and we're sticking to schedule with prep and painting for Building #8. Our crew is working precisely to make sure windows, trim areas, frames, posts, etc are prepped for the crispest finish. 

On a MN-proud side note: the Minnesota State Fair 2016 commences this Thursday, August 25th! Is anyone as excited about Pronto Pups and Cheese Curds as we are? I can just about smell the fried goodness now...linked for your mouth-watering pleasure is the New Foods for 2016 list. 

Summit prep Mauricio 8 23

Mauricio rolls out the plastic to fully cover windows before the painting can commence. 

Monday, August 22nd:  Morning residents of Summit! We hope you all had a great weekened. The cooler temps have moved out and we're back to running hot. As the week gets underway, we're pressure washing Buildings #17 & #18 today. Painting is also continuing for Buildings #5, #6, & #7. 

Summit Salvador washing

Salvador takes care to pressure wash railings to ensure the paint adheres properly. 

Summit Lucas painting

Lucas balances on the ladder to reach surfaces at Summit. 

Wednesday, August 17th: Our crew is working at Building #5 today and will begin prep and painting for Building #6 tomorrow. Please take note of the updated finishing schedule above.  As we move forward, know that these schedules are tentative and we'll do our best to keep you fully apprised of the progress of project. 

There have been a few inquiries about when front doors will be painted. When the time comes closer, we will post subsequent signage with all of the details. We'll be completing front door painting in groups and this will tentatively be done after Labor Day. Thank you for your interest in the project and we'll keep you updated with the latest here on the blog. 

Summit prep 8 17

Ladders and tape and dropcloths -Oh My. 

Tuesday, August 16th: We've started prep and painting for Building #5. Our crew works meticulously to make sure every area is apptly taped; this leads to a crisp painting finish. 

Summit of Mendota michelle tapes the front porch

Let's welcome, Michelle to the Roell Painting squad! And just like that, she looks like a pro taping the deck railings. 

Monday, August 15th: Good morning residents of Summit- we hope you all got out to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. As we've recently completed a few other projects, we'll be bringing on a larger crew at Summit to continue pressing forward with the pressure washing, prep, and painting the buildings throughout the property. Please see above for the most recent finishing schedule for Summit of Mendota Heights. The route will be the same, you just may notice we'll be at your building sooner to complete various aspects of the project. 

Blue notices will be posted later today on the garage door frames of buildings to be pressure washed starting Wednesday 8/17 through next Tuesday 8/23. We'll start will building #9 and move through #20 over the course of the week. All of this information will be more specifically layed out on the notice, we just wanted to give a heads up on the blog as well. 

Summit of Mendota Marvin sprays roof trim

How great does that newly sprayed trim look against that blue-sky backdrop?! Nice work, Marvin. 


Friday, August 12th: Good Morning residents at Summit of Mendota Heights! We're continuing to pressure wash buildings #5 and #6. Also, our crew will be completing touch ups to Building #2 and then beginning painting on Building #3. 

We're in for a 'Gold Medal' weekend with cooler temps and sunny skies! Hope you can get out to enjoy it! 

Summit of Mendota powerwashing

One hand on the ladder and the other meticulously pressure that's some talent, Marvin. 


Tuesday, August 9th: Hello everyone! We hope you all had a relaxing weekend- maybe you saw the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony or watched some of your favorite events. So many races/matches/dives/swims and so little time!

Here at Summit of Mendota Heights things are coming along quite nicely. Building #1 is complete and #2 is set to be finished tomorrow. Thereafter, buildings #3 & #4 will follow suit with prep and painting.  


Summit of Mendota Building1complete

Folks, we've stuck the landing and scored ourselves a '10!'

Summit of Mendota Building2

Painting of Building #2 is underway @ Summit of Mendota Heights.

Summit of Mendota Building22

Our crew is hard at work to cross the finish line for Building #2 and pass the baton onto Building #3. 


Monday, August 1st: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!! Now that the pressure washing has been completed on the first four buildings, additional prep and painting is underway on Building #1. 

Eventhough there appears to be some rain in the forecast, we are anticipating that the crew will finish 2 buildings (4 units) this week. Once we settle into the project and get a sense of the finishing schedule we will provide you with a more detailed and comprehensive project plan and timeline. 

Summit of Mendota power washing

Ruben pressure washes every nook and cranny of one of the first four buildings designated for completion.

Summit of Mendota prep

Such meticulous prep work from five of our finest to ensure the crispest and cleanest finish around!!

Wednesday, July 27th: Perhaps you've found your way to this here blog by way of blue notices posted on your garage door frames. If that is the case, welcome! We are absolutely thrilled to be back onsite with you this year. It's always nice to get invited back after a successful project last year, and this year, the undertaking is a little bigger! 

The good news is that the seed of the project was planted last fall and many discussions have transpired leading up to this point. We work with a lot of associations and one thing we found particularly terrific about Summit of Mendota Heights is just how invested the community is into preserving the wonderful aesthetic of the property. We are honored to play a part in that and we look forward to spending the rest of our summer with you. 

We will do our very best to keep you fully apprised of the project and the best way to do that is to follow the project progress right here on the blog. We will be providing status updates, pictures, and ultimately a chronology of the project. We'll try to have some fun along the way too, while notifying you of the schedule and when the project will arrive at your specific doorstep. 

Thanks in advance for having us back and we look forward to doing great work again for you this year! 


Nick Roell

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments (23)

  • David Korte

    10 October 2016 at 15:27 | #

    Aloha Nick!

    Could you take a look at the pop out (Tan Bark) on the front east side of the building? It looks like to me it was not painted or just partially painted.

    Would like some updates when you have time.

    1. When in the process are the post tension caps going to be repaired?
    2. When is the Hardi board and stucco over the front entry going to be repaired?
    3. Where in the process is the repair for the grass damage/tree replacement in front and on the hill?

    We all appreciated your updates!

    Mahalo nui loa!



    • Nick Roell

      10 October 2016 at 15:44 | #

      Mahalo David! There were some areas that may need a second coat (due to incorrect color placement on the original paint out) and we are working through to ensure we are following the original design placement. We most certainly will make sure it looks great.

      Regarding your other questions:

      #1: Jesse hopes to tackle the grout pockets later this week. He is trying to determine the best day with no rain!
      #2: The repair over the front door is still TBD. We are working to source the textured panel still. If we are unable to find, we will have to spray a texture to match.
      #3: I submitted a copy of the quote from the landscaper to Maggie & the board for review. They were reviewing it to ensure they agreed to the scope. We were optimistic last week that we could get the repairs done this week but just waiting on review!

      We also plan on shutting down the entrance to the parking garage during the day on Thursday and Friday to tackle the east elevation!

      Thanks again for the comments. Our office manager, Dana, was off Friday and is off today to cheer on her sisters who were running the Chicago Marathon!


  • David Korte

    04 October 2016 at 09:46 | #

    Aloha Nick!

    Love the video from the drone! Very cool! If you take the drone up again would you please take a look at the cutters on the condo and see if any need cleaning?




  • Swan and Tracy

    21 September 2016 at 14:43 | #


    We live in #410 at the Summit and are wondering why only one of our balconies was cleaned, while the other was not. They both needed cleaning and touch up painting especially the guttering on the balcony that was not cleaned. Also, our exterior light on the uncleaned balcony is loose and coming off of its base. Also, what is being done re exterior defects on the building's surface? We had two water leaks into the interior of our unit last Fall and we are certain where at least one of them came from and also have noted poor grouting in the area of the second leak. Lastly, we are very concerned about your staff's expertise with the lift bucket as they have now been working with it for an hour and a half in terms of figuring out how to raise and lower it and move it from side to side. This has been an hour and a half of loud engine noise and black smoke exiting the engine of the lift bucket. Please have one of your supervisors give me a call to arrange a visit if possible, our number is 651 227 0466.
    Sue Swan and Jim Tracy


  • David Korte

    13 September 2016 at 13:48 | #


    Should condo residents have their windows and door closed during the power washing? How many days will the power washing take? What will be your hours of work? Are you washing with just water or is there an additive?



    • Dana

      13 September 2016 at 14:21 | #

      Mahalo David-
      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, we please ask that residents have their windows closed for pressure washing. We anticipate this will take us through the end of the week, given Mother Nature cooperates. Our hours are typically between 8am-7pm- but we usually try to end the day closer to 6pm, it just depends on weather factors.
      Thanks so much!


  • David Korte

    13 September 2016 at 13:45 | #


    Should condo residents have their windows and door closed during the power washing? How many days will the power washing take? What will be your hours of work?



  • David Korte

    10 September 2016 at 14:45 | #

    Please post letterr to condo owners on this site.


    • Dana

      12 September 2016 at 15:16 | #

      Good morning David-

      The blog has been updated with information regarding the pressure washing. This will begin tomorrow and we ask residents to kindly move smaller belongings from their decks/patios.
      Thanks so much!


    • Dana

      12 September 2016 at 15:16 | #

      Good morning David-

      The blog has been updated with information regarding the pressure washing. This will begin tomorrow and we ask residents to kindly move smaller belongings from their decks/patios.
      Thanks so much!


  • Carl Simmons

    08 September 2016 at 22:07 | #

    The back of our TH needs touching up. When you look at the back wall from our porch, you can see areas of the wall that look different. Some places might have been sprayed, and others rolled. The different look is probably because the paint is thinner and has less sheen. You have to be up close and look at the wall at a sharp angle to see the different shades. From our porch, it doesn't look very good.
    Carl Simmons 1315 Riverside Lane, Summit of Mendota Heights.


    • Dana

      09 September 2016 at 18:46 | #

      Good afternoon Carl-

      Jesse, our site supervisor stopped by this morning, but I don't think you were home. He assessed the building and agrees there is some variability in the painting. He'll have someone repaint the areas tomorrow.Thanks for bringing this to our attention and our apologies for the inconvenience.

      Have a great weekend!


  • David Korte

    07 September 2016 at 23:40 | #

    Aloha Roell Staff!

    I’m on the Maintenance Committee for The Summit. As the crews are approaching the time when they will be painting the condo building I wanted to make you aware of a concern. We have had condo units that have water intrusion from the outstanding causing damage in units #311, #410 and #403. I’m asking that your crews closely inspect and repair all the caulking and grout on the condo building during the painting project.


    David Korte


    • Nick Roell

      08 September 2016 at 12:43 | #

      Mahalo to you! Thanks for the note. We definitely plan on caulking a fair amount of cracked or missing joints in the building. We didn't allow any time for grouting/ tuckpointing of stone though but we will do our best to analyze the area to see if we can help find the source of intrusion. Do you think you or another member of the maintenance or HOA board could provide us with an overview layout of the condo so we know where those three units are in the building? That will help narrow our focus! We are excited to get going on the condo building soon and keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!


      • David Korte

        08 September 2016 at 19:25 | #

        Aloha Nick!

        I will email the information to show you where those condo units are in the building. I would also be happy to meet with you when you are on site.

        I understand your crew doesn’t have time to repair grouting/tuckpointing but I was hoping they would report areas that may need work so we can arrange to have the repairs done. We’d like to take advantage of the good view your crew will have, as it’s virtually impossible to see the same thing from the ground.

        Mahalo nui loa!


  • Carl Simmons

    07 September 2016 at 21:56 | #

    Painters got paint on deck railing on BACK of our townhouse. Sure that someone will come back and stain over the paint. When do you think they will finish staining the front railings,.
    1315 Riverside Lane.


    • Nick Roell

      07 September 2016 at 22:08 | #

      Greetings Carl-

      Thanks for making us aware of this issue Carl. Our job supervisor will be onsite in the morning checking to ensure that the substrates are all dry enough to receive paint and he will swing by to ensure that this is handled. Luckily, we just finished the decks last year so we have the color dialed in if we have to re-stain anything. Thanks so much for reaching out and our apologies for the inconvenience!


  • David Korte

    18 August 2016 at 15:33 | #

    I noticed AllStar Construction repairing stone on the twin homes. Are they going to repair the stone on the condo building now or when they paint the condo?

    The assocation has plastic protectors to go on the bottom of the mail box posts for the twin homes. These will protect them form the weed trimmers. We have been waiting for the post to be stained before installing them. When will the mail box posts be stained?


    • Nick Roell

      18 August 2016 at 15:47 | #

      Morning David-

      Thanks for the inquiry! The list of stone repairs was provided to us by the HOA and those repairs were isolated to the twin homes. At this time, we are only scheduled to repair the grout pockets when we get the larger equipment and ladders onsite to complete the condo association. I will mention this to Maggie, Steve & Bill however.

      Regarding the mailboxes, we likely won't start those for a couple weeks yet as we are having the crews focus on the twinhome painting. Do you want someone in our offices to reach out to you directly when this is to be scheduled?


      • David Korte

        18 August 2016 at 16:01 | #

        Nick I sent you a email response. I like this blog and your companys open communication!



  • Dana

    18 August 2016 at 13:17 | #

    Colleen, thanks for the message. Our job supervisor Jesse is performing regular quality inspections and he will of course assess these areas as part of his inspection. You are correct that these should be scraped of all loose/flaking paint and Jesse will ensure this is the case.
    With that being said, because of their proximity to the ground and their increased exposure to water, coating failure will happen at a more accelerated rate than the vast majority of the surface areas on your home.
    Hope this helps and we certainly encourage your ongoing feedback.


  • Colleen O'Connor

    18 August 2016 at 01:42 | #

    Thank you for the updates. I have some concerns about the bottom of the garage doors not being scraped before they have been painted. As a Board member, I have been watching this process and I am concerned that within a year, these doors are going to peel. I have pointed this out to our Board President and I am hoping that this will be looked at. Thanks


  • David Korte

    02 August 2016 at 14:50 | #

    Thank you for the update.!


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