Reoll Painting
Talus Apartments - Plymouth

Talus Apartments - Plymouth

Project Complete - Walk Through pending

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Talus Apartments in Plymouth. We are looking forward to being onsite with you!

Talus PW Map

 Route Map: Prep and Painting



Thursday, June 27th: We've got ourselves a Rain Day, folks!

The storm is a brewing and the crew will resume their prep and painting as the weather allows. They're just about done with the added exterior areas - thanks! 

Storms a brewing

Tuesday, June 25th: Greetings! 

After yesterday's rain day, the crew is back onsite today and prepping and painting the leasing office and garages. They'll then paint the trim on these areas tomorrow. Thanks!

Talus spray garage top coat

 Alfredo sprays the siding.

Talus garages primer

 Tackling the garages today.

Talus top coat on office bldg

Applying the top coat to the leasing office.

Thursday, June 20th: Good morning! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint the  add-on areas, the office, building ends, and garage caps. We're anticipating to wrap up tomorrow or Monday! 

Talus office spray top coat

Tackling the leasing office building.

Talus office spray top

Spraying on the siding color.

Tuesday, June 18th: Greetings! 

After pressure washing, the crew started to apply primer to the add - on areas, including end of buildings, garages, and office. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together with these areas painted. 

Talus primer going up on end caps

Ladders up to apply the primer to the end of the building.

Talus primer on th eend buildings

The primer is just about sprayed on the building.

Monday, June 17th: Good afternoon! 

Here are a few photos from the pressure washing our crew did last Friday. We're awaiting color approval for the garages, building ends, and the Leasing Office. Thank you again for your cooperation as we completed your resident doors last week!

Talus wash single garage


Talus pressure wash garage ends

Washing the siding of the parking garage. 

Talus PW club house office

Washing the exterior of the Rental Office.

Friday, June 14th:  Hello and TGIF! Lots happening around the Twin Cities this weekend to check out --- looks like a beautiful weather weekend as well! The Stone Arch Festival is this weekend, Fri-Sun in Minneapolis along Main St. in Minneapolis and not far from there, Boom Island Festival is Sat-Sun. If you're looking to cheer on the Twinkies, they've got a home- game stretch through next Wednesday and they are crushing it!

The crew is wrapping on door painting today and in the next 1-2 days they'll be wrapping on your exteriors. We've also started to pressure wash the end of the building, garage, and office which we'll begin prepping and painting on as the surfaces dry. Thanks! 

Talus paint deck side boards

Painting the deck side boards.  

Talus prep and painting 05 on last sections

 Ladders up to paint a siding section. 

Talus 3905 door painting

 Tackling the remaining doors today.

Thursday, June 13th: Good afternoon!

Doors continue as well as prep and painting of the 3905 and 3945 Buildings--- hoping to wrap those in the next day or two!

Talus deck floors 3945

 Making our way down the last section at the 3945 Building.

Talus 3945 prep and scrape deck floors

 Scraping the deck boards before we apply the paint. 

 Talus 3945 roll on the deck paint

Rolling on the floor board paint.

Wednesday, June 12th: Greetings! 

We are back onsite after yesterday's rain and both crews are hopeful to wrap up the exterior painting in the next few days- which is very exciting! We just love the color scheme and how the buildings are progressing. They are prepping and painting along the final sections and the doors of the 3905 Building are being completed as well. 

Talus 3945 scrape last section

Scraping and prepping another deck stack.

Talus spray 3945 front section

Spraying the underside boards. 

Talus doors

A completed door looking sharp!

Monday, June 10th: Good afternoon!

The 3905 crew is prepping and painting long the east side of the building. The 3945 crew is prepping and painting along the northeast sides of the building. 

Doors of the 3905, 3rd floor will be wrapping up today and tomorrow. The 2nd and 1st floor door of the 3905 Building will begin on Wednesday, 6/12. Thanks! 

Friday, June 7th: Hello and TGIF! 

The exterior crews are cruising along the routes for both buildings - we appreciate in advance your cooperation to move patio furniture off of your decks as you see us nearning your stack of units, thanks! 

The 3945 residence doors will be wrapping up on Monday- they are on the 2nd and 1st floors.  Today we started the 3rd floor doors in the 3905 Building and will return Monday to complete that floor. The 2nd and 1st floors of the 3905 Building will begin on Wednesday, 6/12 and take 2-3 days to complete. Thanks! 

Thursday, June 6th: Hello residents of Talus Apartments! 

It's another beautiful day and the crews are moving along the route- 3945 is on the section 114-126 and 3904 is on the section 102-114. Thanks! 

Talus 45 prep along 126 124

 Prepping along the 124-126 section of the 3945 Building.

Talus 45 paint in 130 136

 Freshening up the decks on the 3945 Building.

 Talus its all rainbows

 Sometimes it's all rainbows and butterflies. 

Talus 05 prep on south side

 Prepping the decks stacks along the south side of 3905 Building.

Tuesday, June 4th: Good afternoon! 

The crews are moving along the route - as a reminder to those units along the 127-130 side of the 3945 Building as well as those along the 115-133 side of the 3905 Building to please move the furniture off of your deck so we can paint - thanks!

Talus 45 prepping side

 Prepping a section of 3945 Building. 

Talus 45 2nd coat to floors

 Applying the 2nd coat to the deck floor.

Talus 45 spray deck underside 

 Spraying the deck underside boards.  

Monday, June 3rd: Hello and good afternoon!

We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather! And it seems we're lucky enough to get that sunshine through the week! 

The 3945 crew is rounding the corner and working on the stacks 130-136. The 3905 crew is continuing down the first section of stacks 115-133. We've also started to paint resident doors in the 2945 Building on the 3rd floor. 

Talus 3905 paint fascia

 Moving down the first section of the 3905 Building. 

Talus 3945 prep a section

 Prepping another stack of the 3945 Building. 

Talus 3945prep paper and plastic

Paper, tape, and plastic oh my!

 Talus 3945 round the corner

The 3945 crew is rounding the corner to the 136 stack.

Friday, May 31st: Hello and TGIF!

It's another beautiful day and it seems the sunshine will extend into the weekend too!

Door Painting - Update

We'll be tackling the 3945- 3rd floor doors starting on Monday, 6/3. We'll be gaining access from your maintenance staff to paint the door in the open position. They'll remain open for 4-5 hours, including the dry time. We'll be sanding the doors, applying a cleaning solution, applying a primer coat, and finally 2 top coats--- this thorough application process is why we'll be needing the doors open for a few hours. Please direct any questions to the contacts at the bottom of this page- thanks! 

We'll be posting subsequent notices before painting on the remaining floors --- 3945 2nd and 1st floors followed by the 3905 Building. 

The crew on the 3905 Building is continuing to prep, prime, and paint along the first section of the building. Both crews are following the routes posted above as an fyi, thanks!

Talus paint siding

Painting a section of window bump outs. 

Talus 3905 paint window bump outs

Ladders up!

Thursday May 30th: Good afternoon!

The crews are onsite and tackling both the 3905 and 3945 Buildings. They are both working in sections --- prepping and covering, applying primer and then painting as well. 

Talus 3905 plastic exterior

 Covering the railings on the 3905 Building.

Talus 3905 prep

 Putting up paper and plastic along the 3905 Building.

Talus 3945 top trim

We're going to the top! 

Talus 3945 spray siding

 Alfredo sprays a section of siding.

Talus deck undersides

 Rolling on the paint to the deck underside. 

Wednesday, May 29th: Good morning! 

Today the 3945 crew is prepping and also spot priming select areas of the exterior while the 3905 Building will resume prep work tomorrow. We're delivering product to the 3945 Building today and then the 3905 Building tomorrow. Then 3945 Building will begin their painting tomorrow. 

We have two different crews onsite which will allow us to complete both buildings simultaneously. We're looking forward to seeing the updated color scheme on the exterior of the buildings. Also, the route for painting is the same as the pressure washing route --- see the above map. We'll do our best to update the progress of the crews, but you'll also be able to see their location and when you can anticipate them on your section. Thanks!

Talus 3945 paper tape and plastic

Laying down plastic on the deck floors. 

Talus 3945 prep and cover railings

1 down, 2 to go.

Talus 3945 prep decks for primer

One of the deck stacks is covered and prepped. 

Tuesday, May 28th: Hello and good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a meaningful Memorial Day! We enjoyed time away from work with family and friends. 

The exterior crew on the 3945 Building is beginning their prep and painting. They are starting along the south side near the parking lot.

Talus 3945 scrape on exterior

 Scraping the deck underside beams. 

Talus 3945 prep exterior

 Caulking along the deck underside seams. 

Tuesday, May 21st: Good afternoon residents of Talus!

The interior crew is wrapping up the lobby areas today and we've started to prep the exterior of the 3905 Building. With the impending afternoon and evening rain, our crew is only prepping select areas. We'll begin painting as the weather is favorable- thanks! 

Talus 3905 prep railings

Covering the balcony railings. 

Talus 3905 exterior prep plastic

One section of balconies are prepping and covered.

Monday, May 20th: Good afternoon! 

MN winter weather meme

We thought this was fitting as the season finale of Game of Thrones was last night we are unfortunately seeing unseasonable low temperatures!

The interior crew is taking care of the remaining lobby areas and will wrap up tomorrow. The exterior crew is in a holding pattern as the colors are being finalized and the weather cooperates. We need the temperature to be a bit warmer than this---shooting for this week to begin onthe 3945 Building. 

Talus lobbys getting completed marvin

One lobby at a time... crossing them off the list!

Talus marvin lobby areas rolling on

We just love how light and bright the hallways look! 

Talus lobby elevator areas

 Cutting in around the elevator doors. 

Friday, May 17th: Good afternoon and TGIF! 

Our exterior crew is wrapping up pressure washing of the 3905 Building and then the interior crews are prepping and painting in the 3905 and 3945 lobby and elevator areas. We are awaiting the color decision for your exterior and will begin once it's approved. 

Have a great weekend!

Talus PW exterior obed

Spraying the exterior surfaces to ready them for paint. 

Talus 05 pressure wash underside

The backside of 3905 gets pressure washed. 

Talus 3905 lobby

Checking another lobby off of the list. 

Thursday, May 16th: Good morning!

As a reminder, the crew is not painting doors this week. We have postponed the door painting and will post notices as we are ready to paint them. Thanks for your patience!

We are also starting the pressure washing the 3905 Building today, starting in the north east corner and moving clockwise around the building. 

The interior crew will be wrapping up their painting in lobby areas in th enext few days as well!

We've got a lot of moving pieces at your apartments and are thrilled to be a part of your transformation. 

Talus PW 3905 Obed

 3905 Building --- Pressure washing is in progress!

Talus lobby brush and roell

 The crew is tackling another lobby area.

 Talus stairwells marvin

Prepping in one of the stairwells. 

Talus lobby area cut around edges

Cutting in around the edges of the hallway. 

Wednesday, May 15th: Good afternoon!

What a beautiful day!! It's finally feeling more and more like summertime and we sure are ready! 

The pressure washing crew is finishing up the 3945 Building today and we'll start the 3905 Building tomorrow, 5/16. Please remove the contents from your deck for the pressure washing - thank you! 

Our interior crew is continuing to complete the entry and elevator lobby areas. 

As far as door painting goes, we are postponing the painting. We painted a 'test' door and the paint started to peel We are assessing out application methods and products used. We'll post notices in advance of the *new* painting dates--- just as we had done for this round. Thank you for your cooperation and patience! 

Talus PW 45 deck floors

3rd, 2nd, and 1st floors...down we go!

Talus PW exterior 45 building

Tackling the garage entrance side of the 3945 Building.

Talus PW 2nd floor

Completing the 2nd half of the 3945 Building.

Tuesday, May 14th: Hello! 

We'd like to clarify our pressure washing schedule- we will be pressure washing and prepping and painting the 3945 Building in its entirety before we pressure wash and then prep/paint the 3905 Building. We are sorry for any of the confusion caused. This means if you're in the 3905 Building, you may put your deck contents back onto your deck. We'll be providing notice for when you'll need to remove your items as we near that portion of the project. Thanks!

Talus PW exterior 3945

 Pressure Washing from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor. 

Talus PW 3945 upper

 Pressure washing and readying for painting. 

Talus PW 3945

 The 3945 Building gets a good washing!

 Talus marvin lobby area

Rolling on the paint in one of the elevator lobbies. 

Talus marvin elevator lobby

Cutting in around the elevator door.  

Monday, May 13th: Good afternoon! 

The crews are wrapping up on the interior areas of the 3945 and 3905 Buildings. And then we'll begin pressure washing the decks and exterior of the 3945 Building starting tomorrow, 5/14. We'll start at the SW corner of the Building, near unit 127 and make our way counter clockwise around the Building. 

Please remove all items from your decks for the pressure washing of the building and deck so our crew has unobstructed access. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! 

We anticipate the pressure washing to take about 4-6 working days to complete. We'll then move onto pressure washing the 3905 Building. 

In regards to door painting, we appreciate those who have contacted us to schedule appointments- thank you! And a friendly reminder if you haven't done so, to please make an appointment to have your door painted in the open position. After Saturday, we'll be assessing the remaining doors and compiling our final schedule. 

Friday, May 10th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crews are making their way down the floors of the 3905 Building as well as painting in select stairwells and lobby areas. 

We'll be painting residence doors starting next week Thursday, 5/16, Friday, 5/17, and Saturday 5/18.

Please make an appointment to have your door painted. We'll be onsite the days listed from 9am until 4pm. You can schedule an appointment here on the blog---scroll to bottom and 'leave a comment' with your Building, Unit, Date, and Time or you may call our office to schedule 763-559-5296 ex.1 or email Dana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We'll be painting your residence doors next week - Thursday, 5/16, Friday, 5/17, and Saturday 5/18. These will be the only days available and we'll need your cooperationg to paint them in the open position. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, May 8th: Good morning! 

Lots of buzz around the arrival and name announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. We congratulate them and also want to share that Dairy Queen has also announced, in celebration with the Royal couple, the name change of the 'Royal Blizzard' to the 'Royal Baby Blizzard' --- if you needed another reason to partake in a cool treat from DQ! 

In Talus Apartments news, the crews are continuing on the 1st floor of the 2945 Building as well as the 3rd and 2nd floors of the 3905 Building. Thanks! 

Talus 3rd floor hermes

The 3rd floor of the 3905 Building is underway!

Talus 3rd hermes

 Rolling on the 1st coat of the wall paint. 

Talus marvin 1st floor

 Clean and crisp tape lines in preparation for painting the walls. 

Talus prep on 1st marvin

 Taping around all of the edges. 

Tuesday, May 7th: Good afternoon! 

Quick update- the crews are making their way down the 1st floor hallway of the 3945 Building and then the 3rd and 2nd floors of the 3905 Building. 

The 1st floor of the 3905 Building will start on Thursday, 5/9. Thanks! 

Talus 2nd coat 2nd section 3905 2nd floor

2nd coat in the 2nd section of the 2nd floor (3905 Building).

Monday, May 6th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend!

We have the 3945 crew continuing on the 2nd floor and then starting on the 1st floor on Tuesday, 5/7. 

Today we are also starting in the 3905 Building on the 3rd and 2nd floors. Thanks! 

Talus 1st floor marvin walls

Sanding and wall prep on the 1st floor of 3945 Building. 

Talus 1st floor marvin

Making our way down the 1st floor of the 3945 Building. 

Talus prep on 3 3905

3rd floor of the 3905 Building - off to a great start today!

Wednesday, May 1st: Happy May Day!


Sending you all some fresh blooms on this first of May!

The crew is continuing to prep and paint their way down the 2nd floor hallway. Reminder, we'll be knocking on doors and starting to paint your resident doors tomorrow --- get in contact with us to set up a specific time to be home so we can paint your door in the open position. Thanks! 

Talus 2nd coat on 2nd section

 Getting ready to paint the 2nd coat to this section. 

Talus 2nd floor cleaning

 Paint one section, clean up, and move on to the next section.

Tuesday, April 30th: Greetings!

The crew is prepping and painting on the 2nd floor hallway. As they did on the 3rd floor, they'll be covering carpets, taping off baseboards, frames, etc. Initially they'll prep and paint the walls and door frames and will be painting the residence doors later this week. 

Please sign up for an appointment so we can paint your door in the open position. Scroll to the bottom and 'leave a comment' or call/email Dana This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 763-559-5296. Thank you!

Talus sanding doors 2nd

 Sanding one of the residence doors. 

Talus wall prep 3 2

 Wall prep on the 2nd floor has begun. 

Talus completed area door frame and wall

 A completed section of the 3rd floor with new frame and wall colors. 

Monday, April 29th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is making their way down the 3rd floor hallway and will begin their prep and painting on the 2nd floor starting tomorrow, 4/30. 

We'll be posting notices today regarding residence door painting on the 3rd floor. The crews will be knocking on doors starting on Thursday, 5/2 --- if you are home and have the time, please open your door to be painted.

If you prefer to schedule a specific time to be home and have your door painted, please scroll to the bottom for the 'Leave a Comment' section and leave your unit and date/time requested - please schedule on the hour, i.e. #356, Thursday at 10am.

You can also call or email Dana at our office to schedule a time: 763-559-5296 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks! 

Also to note, we'll be painting the 2nd and 1st floors at a later date, with notice provided to those residence as well. 

Talus 3 before

A 'Before' look at the 3rd floor hallway.

Talus 3 after

A completed section of the 3rd floor hallway. 

Friday, April 26th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew is cruising right along and completing sections of the 3rd floor hallway- completing prep work and covering surfaces, sanding and smoothing the walls, painting the door frames and painting the hallway walls. We are loving the the updated color scheme of a brighter and lighter wall color with a dark grey accent for the door frames and doors. 

Talus 3 cover floors

 Prepping with plastic to cover the carpets. 

Talus 3 smooth walls

Sanding and smoothing the walls between coats.  

Talus 3 wall prepping

 Prepping in one of the resident alcoves. 

Talus door frames gray

Grizzle Gray to the rescue!

Wednesday, April 24th: Good afternoon residents of Talus! 

The full crew is off and running at the 3945 Building. We are starting on the 3rd floor and will make our way down to the 1st floor in the coming weeks. Initally we'll prep sections of the hallway - cover carpets, baseboards, wall fixtures, etc and then begin painting the door frames and walls. At a later part of the 3rd floor portion, we'll paint the residence doors and this will require participation from homeowners as we prefer to paint the doors in the open position. But we'll post subsequent notices regarding all of the specific details. Thanks! 

Talus 3 cutting in edges hallway

Cutting in along the ceiling lines.  

Talus 3 door frames

 Painting the door frames in 'Grizzle Gray.'

Tuesday, April 23rd: Good morning! 

We'll be awaiting color approval before we get rolling on your project at Talus! Thanks for patience and we're looking forward to working with you!

Monday, April 22nd: Hello! 

It seems there is some color-debate about what we'll be applying in your hallways on the walls and doors/frames. So today, we've applying some samples to residence alcove walls and doors on the 3rd floor of the 2945 Building. 

We'll be onsite in full force tomorrow to begin your project. As stated earlier, we'll be starting on the 3rd floor of the 3945 Building. Thanks so much for your patience as the details are being ironed out! 

Talus samples 2

 Paper, tape , and plastic to apply the color samples. 

Talus samples

 Looking forward to seeing the new space! It's already lighter and brighter!

Thursday, April 18th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to your project specific blog. Here, we'll be posting updates regarding project progress, scheduling updates, any changes to the schedule if they arise, and then photos as well. Check back as we'll be updating several times a week. 

Your painting project includes the prep and painting of several interior areas of the 3905/3945 Buildings. We'll be finishing your common area, residence, elevator, and laundry doors/frames. We will also be prepping and painting your entry vestibule, stairwell lobbies, and stairwell walls. Included also are the 1st/2nd/3rd floor corridor and laundry room walls. 

The crew will be starting on the 3rd floor of the 3945 Building on Monday, 4/22. As we get going on the project and can gauge the crews' pace we'll post an estimated schedule of time to complete each floor. 

The painting of your resident doors will take place near the end of the project, as we'll need cooperation from each homeowner to paint the doors in the open position. We'll be providing further notice will specific information regarding the doors as that part of the project approaches. 

Thanks so much and we're looking forward to getting things underway on Monday! 

Russ Lis

Project Manager

Ph: 763-559-5296

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments (29)

  • Nancy Lopez

    16 May 2019 at 12:12 | #

    3905 Unit 323 Door Painting Friday, May 17th @ 9 am. Please confirm. Thanks!


    • Dana

      16 May 2019 at 13:48 | #

      Hi Nancy- We're going to postpone the door painting- we applied a sample and the paint started peeling- not what we want to see! We'll reassess on our end and then get back to the doors. We'll again provide notices and allow the residents to schedule a time. Thanks!


      • Nancy Lopez

        16 May 2019 at 14:18 | #

        Sounds good, thank you!


  • Craig Martenson

    14 May 2019 at 19:17 | #

    I'm in building 3905 apt #120.
    Can I schedule it for Friday May17th at 9:00AM?


    • Dana

      14 May 2019 at 20:50 | #

      Hi Craig- You're are set for Friday 5/17 at 9am- thanks for signing up!


  • Porfirio Huerta

    14 May 2019 at 14:20 | #

    3945 Lancaster Ln N #130
    May, 18th 12:30PM Saturday Thank You!


    • Dana

      14 May 2019 at 14:41 | #

      Good morning Porfirio- We prefer to paint on the hour, would 12pm or 1pm be a better time for you? Thanks!


      • Porfirio Huerta

        14 May 2019 at 14:54 | #

        12pm works just fine.


        • Dana

          14 May 2019 at 18:12 | #

          Yes, you're all set!


  • Edgar Michel

    14 May 2019 at 13:07 | #

    Good Morning I would like to schedule on Thursday 16th anytime after 8am building 3905 unit # 321.
    Thank you


    • Dana

      14 May 2019 at 14:37 | #

      Hi Edgar- I'll add you to the 9am time slot on Thursday. Thanks for signing up!


  • Elijah Combay

    14 May 2019 at 01:20 | #

    I live in 3905 APT 231 I would like the 12 noon slot on May 18th 2019. Thanks


    • Dana

      14 May 2019 at 14:36 | #

      Hi Elijah- You're all set for Saturday at 12pm- thank you!


  • Brian Fernandez

    14 May 2019 at 00:13 | #

    3905 Unit 233. Door Painting Saturday, May 18th @ 9 am. Thanks!


    • Dana

      14 May 2019 at 14:26 | #

      Brian- You're all set for Saturday 5/8 at 9am. Thanks for signing up!


  • Yajaira ruiz

    13 May 2019 at 22:24 | #

    confirm date saturday 18 may at 12 building 3905 apt 315


    • Dana

      14 May 2019 at 14:24 | #

      Good morning, Yes you are set for Saturday 5/18 at 12pm. Thanks!


  • Keith R Kosek

    13 May 2019 at 21:50 | #

    Hi Dana, I would like to schedule my door painting.
    Building 3945, Apt 112
    Thursday May 16th. 12:00 PM
    Thank you.


    • Dana

      13 May 2019 at 21:53 | #

      Hi Keith,
      You're all set for Thursday at 12pm- thanks for signing up!


  • Daniel Smith

    12 May 2019 at 17:39 | #

    Building 3905, Apt. 219. Saturday, May 18th at 11am


    • Dana

      13 May 2019 at 14:14 | #

      Morning Daniel- You are set for Saturday at 11am to have your door painted. Thanks for signing up!


  • Atractiva Lepe Contreras

    12 May 2019 at 16:12 | #

    Talus Apartments on Plymouth building 3945 Lancaster LN N Apt 101. You can come and paint my door on Saturday May 18th at 10:00 am. Thank You.


    • Dana

      13 May 2019 at 14:12 | #

      Good morning Atractiva, You're all set for door painting on Saturday at 10am- thank you!


  • Paula Crandall

    11 May 2019 at 12:14 | #

    Building 3945, Apt 122 Paint my apartment door on Saturday, May 18 at 9:00am


    • Dana

      13 May 2019 at 14:09 | #

      Morning Paula- you're all set for Saturday at 9am. Thank you for signing up!


  • Ajaya Shrestha

    11 May 2019 at 02:23 | #

    Talus Apartments
    3945 Lancaster lane n apt 329
    Plymouth MN 55441

    May 16 9am
    Please email me at the above address for confirmation so that I will be prepared.


    • Dana

      13 May 2019 at 14:06 | #

      Morning Ajaya- You're all set for Thursday, 5/16 at 9am. Thanks!


  • Cristina Paduret

    10 May 2019 at 23:10 | #

    Thursday at 11am


    • Dana

      13 May 2019 at 14:05 | #

      Morning Cristina, Just let me know if you're in the 3945 or 3905 Building as well as your unit # and then you're all set. Thanks!


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